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Pokemon The 'Bridged Series (also known simply as Pokemon 'Bridged or P:TBS) is a retired abridged series of the Pokémon anime.

Initially created by 1KidsEntertainment and XJerry64x, the first episode was released on YouTube on March 5, 2012. Beginning with the second episode, Nowacking joined the series as a voice actor and writer. The series was then produced under the group Elite3.

The series was widely successful, accumulating over 25 million views across 29 episodes, in addition to several "minisodes" and specials. It surpassed the earlier Pokemon The Abridged Series as the most successful abridged series of the original Pokémon Indigo League.

The series was abruptly canceled on December 21, 2018 after Elite3 shut down.[1]


Prior to creating Pokemon 'Bridged, 1KidsEntertainment (Mike) had already created a somewhat successful Death Note abridged series.[2] Sometime in 2009, Mike had interest in creating an abridged series of the Pokémon anime. xJerry64x was also interested.[3]

The first episode of Pokemon 'Bridged released on March 5, 2010, created by 1Kids and xJerry64x. The episode additionally featured cameos from Master WGS and Chromegloss55.

Starting with episode 2, Nowacking joined production. Nowacking initially voiced Officer Jenny and Jessie, but also replaced Jerry as the voice of Misty.

The series abruptly ended on December 21, 2018 after Elite3 shut down following drama.[4]

Style and Characterization[]

The writing style is largely random humor, with numerous jokes and branches of dialogue seeming to be nonsensical. Very few outside references are made, with the few being either very subtle or hidden, (one exception being a very blatant jab at Ray William Johnson).

Prior to Nowacking joining the team, the series had a more conventional style of humor, with less randomness, and more focus on the subject material.


  • Ash Ketchum aka Assface/Ash Ketchup (1Kids): In this version, a complete failure of a Pokemon trainer. He seems to get lucky whenever he battles with Misty around. A running gag is him doing absolutely nothing and either winning a battle or catching a Pokemon and that he is sexist (as seen in episode 2 when he traded his newly received female Pikachu to an male one). Unlike the OG character, he also nicknamed his Caterpie "Mewtwo", even thought he thought that was Mewtwo itself (keep in mind that in the redub he killed it). His Pokemon include Pikachu, Butterfree, Pidgeotto, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Primeape.
  • Misty (Nowacking - Ep. 2 till present, including the Ep. 1 Redub): In this version, has an entirely obvious crush on Ash, yet always seems adept at seeing Ash lose. At first, she seems to not have control of her mind, but is later seen as the only one with common sense. Unlike the original, she is a fire Pokemon lover, and is away from home for being a disappointment to a water Pokemon family. Her Pokemon include Staryu, Starmie, Psyduck, and Togepi (Ep.15 only).
  • Brock (xJerry64x): In this version, has a more insane view of breeding. Was described as "So creepy, that even the underground association of breeding wouldn't accept him into their ranks." He also seems to have a crush on Ash, several other females, and pokemon. So he is a bisexual pokephiliaic. His Pokemon include Geodude, Onix, and Vulpix. He also thinks that pokemon cauth via gameshark have no soul.
  • Pikachu: In this version, Pikachu can actually speak. Pikachu is also a pyromaniac, how he starts some of the fires are a complete mystery, though one can assume a simple mixture of an electric spark and gasoline is the usual method. It is noted that his voice sounds very similiar to Takahata101's Nappa, despite that Takahata actually voices his evolution - Raichu, Pikachu also thinks everything cuter than him (like Mikey's Eevee) must be destroyed
  • Delia Ketchum: Ash's mother, seems to have a hatred for her son and a (Mostly physical) love for Professor Oak. In the Orange Islands special, it is strongly implied that May is her and Professor Oak's daughter.
  • Professor Oak: Likes to tell everyone about how everything was done with "husks of corn" back in his days. He's not subtle about his relationship with Ash's mom, but Ash still hasn't figured it out. He also once founded a nudist colony.
  • Officer Jenny: A highly corrupt and incompetent police officer, she is also a noted child predator with a preference for pre-pubescent boys which is made evident in Ep. 2 after drugging Ash and taking him to numerous places on a sexual escapade, and then later rejecting Brock's advances (who was 15) due to him being 'too old'. As of Ep. 17, she claims to be working on this problem, though she would later go on to relapse into her old ways in future episodes.
  • Nurse Joy: An ubiquitous character like Jenny, she is an airhead who is more likely to accidentally kill the Pokemon in her care than heal them. She's also something of a businesswomen, demanding payment for her services in healing Pokemon, and even started up a side-business of selling Pokemon corpses, so it's a 'win-win' situation whether they live or die. She gets pissed when she isn't paid.
  • Tracey: Enjoys sketching people naked. He is seen as a cameo in some episodes as a cameo for a few frames. He used to live in a nudist colony until winter struck and all of them died, with the exception of Tracey.
  • Jessie, James and Meowth: (TBA)


  • 1KidsEntertainment - Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Meowth (Episode 21 onwards), Professor Oak (Episodes 1 to 3), James, Pokedex, various bit characters.
  • Nowacking - Misty, Jessie, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, various bit characters.
  • XJerry64x - Brock, Narrator, Gary, Meowth (until Episode 19), Delia Ketchum, Sisties, Professor Oak (Episode 14 onwards), characters with "Falsettosis", various bit characters.

Guest Voice Actors[]

  • MasterWGS - cameo (ep. 1 original)
  • Chromegloss55 - cameo (ep. 1 original, ep. 2)
  • Flyingbandicoot - cameo (ep. 2)
  • EdricODoom - Pokedubs' Jack Sparrowchu and Ash (ep. 2)
  • LordMoonstone - Seymour (ep. 5), cameo (ep. 9)
  • Takahata101 - Flint (ep. 6), Lt. Surge & Raichu (ep. 11), Frank (ep. 19)
  • KaiserNeko - Damian (ep. 8), Erika (ep. 12), Mark (ep. 19)
  • ShadyVox - Chansey (ep. 9)
  • Xthedarkone - The tranny (ep. 9), Gentleman (ep. 17)
  • LittleKuriboh - One of Erika's assistants (ep. 12), A.J. (ep. 13)
  • PurpleEyesWTF - One of Erika's assistants (ep. 12), Doctor Janitor (ep. 22)
  • Hbi2k - Pokemon League official (ep. 13)
  • Faulerro - Primape (ep. 14)
  • Airrest - grunt #2 (ep. 15)
  • Innagadadavida - electric company worker (ep. 16)
  • Remix (WeeklyTubeShow) - electric company worker (ep. 16)
  • Tomamoto - Koga (ep. 18)
  • EileMonty - Aya (ep. 18)
  • Lanipator - Mitch (ep. 19)
  • Stephan Krosecz - Angry Guy and Deaf Guy (ep. 19)
  • Shudo Ranmaro - Texas (ep.21)


  • Writing - 1KidsEntertainment, Nowacking, xJerry64x
  • Editing - 1KidsEntertainment
  • Chromegloss55 - Background music remixes, Animation in ep. 17
  • Neoridgeback - Socky Animation
  • Katya_Noctis - Badge Artwork (ep. 13), Postcard (ep. 17)
  • Stephan Krosecz - Elite3 Logo (ep. 19)

Episode List[]


Air Date
Episode 1 - Pilot

Episode 1 Redub

Mar 5, 2010

Mar 5, 2011

Episode 2 - Much Better

Episode 2 Redub

Jun 19, 2010

Mar 5, 2014

Episode 3 - Body Odor

Episode 3 Redub

Aug 27, 2010

Aug 31, 2015

Episode 4 - Pidgeotto, The Savior Oct 31, 2010
Episode 5 - No Nov 16, 2010
Episode 6 - Guidance Dec 30, 2010
Episode 7 - Suckkemmup Jan 22, 2011
Episode 8 - Sticky Feb 25, 2011
Episode 9 - Heterophobia Jun 11, 2011
Episode 10 - The Bond Aug 28, 2011
Episode 11 - Worst Kind Sep 22, 2011
Episode 12 - Ladies Nov 20, 2011
Episode 13 - Losers Jan 28, 2012
Episode 14 - History Mar 29, 2012
Episode 15 - Reunited Apr 6, 2012
Episode 16 - Irresponsibility Sep 28, 2012
Episode 17 - Responsibility Mar 2, 2013
Episode 18 - Tra nsparent Jun 9, 2013
Episode 19 - Family Feb 8, 2014
Episode 20 - Enemyship (Season Finale) Aug 26, 2014
Episode 21 - Blind (Season 2) Apr 22, 2015
Episode 22 - Help Jun 17, 2015
Episode 23 - Peace Nov 3, 2015
Episode 24 - Thief Dec 23, 2015
Episode 25 - Kabuto Mar 30, 2016
Episode 25.5 - Birth Apr 29, 2016
Episode 26 - Blaze Sep 2, 2016
Episode 27 - Nice Feb 10, 2017
Episode 28 - Redundundancycy Oct 9, 2017
Episode 29 - Release Aug 2, 2018


In September of 2013 a three-part Pokemon 'Bridged Special was released based around the Orange Islands arc in which Tracy temporarily takes the place of Brock. The Special Episode included MasakoX, Megami33, and PurpleEyesWTF as guest voice actors, and Tracy's "sketch" of Prof. Oak was made by Horoko.

Episodes Air Date
Special Episode 1/3 - Arrival Sep 8, 2013
Special Episode 2/3 - Rude Sep 9, 2013
Special Episode 3/3 - Return Sep 10, 2013

Extra Episodes[]

Common Themes[]


  • In 2018 an user named Nagareboshi, dubbed the first episode of this into polish, however, he voiced ALL the characters himself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0vz0lxa7GI
  • Blaine calls his Magmar "My p*nis", this is due to the fact that his Japanese name is Boober (which, despite the memes, got his name from boost and burn), to which Ash mentions he should be called "my butt" as it looks like one, and as breasts are often considered "chest butts" by many
  • Gary often jokes about smelling people (specially Ash), this is an nod to his Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Fire Red/Leaf Green counterpart - Blue, saying to the player that he will "smell him later"
  • Pikachu (excluding team rocket's Meowth) talking may be an nod to the pokemon manga about an vulgar stupid Clefairy, in which some pokemon DO actually talk human

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