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Pokemon Orange
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Written By

Zan12071986 & 911ape


2 episodes (Completed)

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YouTube channel


Dec 29, 2013 - Nov 21, 2014

Pokemon Orange is an abridged series of Pokemon Origins made by Zan12071986 and 911ape. It first started as just a one-shot, but was later decided to be completed after many delays in their other projected Persona 4 The Animation Abridged.


  • Zan12071986 - Editor/Writer
  • 911ape - Writer and Voices for Red, Professor Oak, Brock, Charmander/Charizard, Onix, Male Trainer, and Old Man
  • Alifluro - Assistant, Nurse Joy, Lass, Secretary, and Mew
  • Margarita Naegi(RiskyCalico) - Green and Team Rocket Grunt
  • RockTheGolem - Giovanni, Lance, and Mewtwo
  • wakiwood - Youngster


  • Twitch Voices Including guests:

911ape, Alifluro, Margarita Naegi, Anni, Arietta, Emma Andstuff, Mika_Rin, Minybeats, Rhonos, and SixFootBlue[]


  • Maari
  • SilverThePuppy


  • At the Start of the show Red was hypnotised by Professor Oak, to capture all the pokemon in the world.
  • Both ending songs were sung by 911ape