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Pokemon Abridged
Created by little0nix
Cast ??
Run 2007-
Episodes 40
Link littleonixHD@gmail.com

Pokemon abridged (Little0nix) version is the same as the real plot is. It is about Ash Ketchum going on a adventure to be a pokemon master. The series focuses most of the episodes with movie refrences, explicit humor, and commenting on the "messed up" world of Pokemon. Like always Ash meets Misty (Flatchest) and Brock (Onix). Team rocket usaually say motto's reffering to sex. Basically, this series is the most adult version of a Pokemon abridged series. Every ten episodes is a special episode that strays from the original format (ie: episode 10 is a musical; episode 30 plays in reverse)


little0nix started abridging episodes in October of 2007. As of June 6, 2011, there are 40 total episodes. little0nix also created a spinoff radio show, called "Good Morning Pallet Town", hosted by his Ash character from his abridged series. little0nix voices all the main and minor characters and has guest stars provide additional voices when needed. Each episodes takes roughly 10 hours to complete (from scripting to voice recording to Visual Effects) little0nix lives in Los Angelos, CA USA


Ash Ketchum- Is a crude and omnisexual teen. Getting his Pikachu by threating Prof. Oak. He at first wanted to kill Pikachu. "Catching a Spearow to attack it". He refers to Misty as Flat chest. Since episode 4, he has giving a tip of the day, usally a horribly uneducational tip. As Brock says he has a enormus onix or penis. He wins his gym battles by bcheating and playing dirty. Ash cares not for his 'weak' pokemon.