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CaptnAwesomee (S1)
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2006 - Present


Series One: 14 (+1 Hidden Episode)
Series Two: 14
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Pokéman: The Abridged First Movie
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Pokéman Abridged (sometimes referred to as Pokemons the Abridged Series or Pokeman the Abridged Series) is a parody of the Pokemon Anime made by CaptnAwesomee and PhilosAbridged (Late June, 2009). Like many parodies it exploits the anime by exaggerating personalities of many characters and pointing out seemingly ridiculous events in the plot. As an abridged series all the episodes are cut down in length from around 20 minutes to 7 to 10 minutes (10 to 15 minutes for S2), also many episodes are left out and only episodes of significance are shown, such as the introduction of characters, Ash catching a Pokemon or one of Ash's gym battles where he wins a badge. All episodes share the same name as its corresponding episode in the original anime and often the name of the episode is made fun of during that episode, such as in "Pokemon Emergency" at the Pokemon Centre Ash tells Nurse Joy to hurry up because the episode was called 'Emergency'. It is one of the more popular of all of the "Pokemon abridged series", behind only MasterWGS's Pokemon abridged and 1KidsEntertainment 's Pokemon 'Bridged. What probably makes this series the most unique amongst all the "Pokemon abridged series" is that Pokemon in this series speak in their original Pokemon language rather than in English, and translations are given as subtitles and all human characters appear to understand what the Pokemon are saying. Also instead of there being a separate narrator like in the original series, characters give their own first person narrative, usually Ash or Misty. Many elements of humor shown are taken from or inspired by LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged such as numerous characters have similar roles to those in Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, such as Ash being egocentric and selfish like Yugi, Misty being picked on like Bakura, Brock's voice changing like Tristan's and actually momentarily resembling Tristan and Kaiba's.


Main Characters[]

Ash Ketchum[]

A ten year old who has just started becoming a Pokemon Trainer and dreams of becoming a Pokemon master, so that he can leave his parents to enslave little wild animals in balls. Like many abridged series protagonists he is only concerned with maintaining his status as the central character, and doesn't actually care about his friends he does however care for Pikachu and his other Pokemon, as shown in "Here comes the Squirtle Squad" he he complains that he could of left his friends behind with the Squirtle Squad if he had his Pikachu, though he tries hard to hide this. He's also portrayed as being quite dull, and often relies on 'Dexter' his Pokedex for answers. Dexter seemingly has a mind and unique personality of its own and often times provides Ash with answers and solutions to his problems which are usually ridiculous, unhelpful, useless or even harmful. Ash however always believes Dexter based solely on the fact that it is a computer and therefore always right, to the extent where he is willing to hug a Beedrill or stick his finger into a Krabby's pincer simply because Dexter told him to do so. In "Tower of Terror" when Ash tries to ask Dexter for information on Haunter, he apparently isn't there and his answering machine asks him to leave a message. As revealed in "Pokemon, I choose you" Ash is dyslexic, as he misreads the episode title as "Pokemon, Choose I you". Ash has a habit of making very stupid, childish Pokemon puns such as asking Misty if she didn't "have the balls" while holding up two Pokeballs, or where he makes a joke to Pikachu saying that to get a Pokemon on a bus you "Pok - 'em - on". Ash's Pokemon often appear to be faulty and break, as he states in "Challenge of the Samurai" where his Metapod 'breaks' when evolving into a Butterfree "Why do my Pokemon always break?". He also showed explicitly sexual behavior in "Challenge of the Samurai" to his Butterfree, 'licking it' in intimidating places. It is implied in some episodes that Ash is gay, especially in the episode opening for "Here comes the Squirtle Squad" where he says "Okay, now I'm officially gay, despite this he appears to have an extremely perverted nature possessing a porn collection which his mother gave to him and consistently pervs on Misty (which is a habit shared by Pikachu). In "Tower of Terror" where Haunter (or Casper as Ash calls him) pulls Ash and Pikachu's ghosts out, he whines that being 'killed by some falling chandelier beside a faithful rat' isn't the way to die and would rather die of cancer or global warming. He however later remarks being a ghost isn't so bad as he no longer needed to go to the bathroom. In the same episode Ash states he once saw his mom fooling around with a Mr. Mime and suspects he might be a half breed.

Screenshot Name Obtained During Location
Ash01 Kakarot Pokéman Abridged: 1x01|Pokémon, Choose I You! With Ash
Ash02 Pidgeotto Pokéman Abridged: 1x03|Ash (Actually) Catches a Pokémon On Hand
Ash03 Bulbasaur Pokéman Abridged: 1x08|Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village On Hand
Ash04 Charmander Pokéman Abridged: 1x09|Charmander - The Stray Pokémon On Hand
Ash05 Squirtle Pokéman Abridged: 1x010|Here Comes the Squirtle Quad On Hand
Ash06 Krabby Pokéman Abridged: 1x11|Mystery at the Lighthouse Oaks Lab
Ash07 Flying Bull (x30) Pokéman Abridged: 2x07|The Legend of Dratini Oaks Lab
Screenshot Name Released During Location
Ash08 Pie Pokéman Abridged: 1x02|Ash (Actually) Catches a Pokémon With its SexBuddy

Ash's Pikachu: "Kakarot"[]

A fat yellow electric rat that was an unfinished and dangerous experiment of Professor Oak, used to set off nuclear reactions, as Professor Oak had too many Pokemon he started handing them out on the street leaving Ash with none except for Pikachu, Professor Oak saw no reason not to let a ten year old boy handle such a dangerous experiment so let Ash have it. Speaking in his own Pikachu language he at first appears to be seemingly adorable, until its revealed what it is he actually says. Continuously portrayed as having a pedophilic nature as well as being a drug addict. Pikachu is consistently seduced by Misty and tries on numerous occasions to molest her, he seemingly did not know Misty was a girl until he saw her sunbathing in a bikini in "Challenge of the Samurai". He apparently is also a drug addict as in "Challenge of the Samurai" when Ash told Pikachu his Metapod was full of drugs he became really excited, when Metapod cracks open evolving into Butterfree, he says "Yay! The drugs are going to come out". In "Showdown at Pewter City" during Ash's battle with Brock Ash tells Pikachu to turn Super Saiyan when being strangled by Onix where Pikachu then unleashes a massive thundershock. This Dragon Ball Z reference is taken further in "Electric Shock Showdown" where it's revealed that Pikachu's name is Kakarot and that Lieutenant Surge's Raichu is his older brother Raditz.


Brock's sexual nature is taken to the extreme, and he is often portrayed as being a dim witted moron, comparable as a Tristan figure form Yugioh abridged, that and also given the fact that he has undergone several voice changes over the course of the series, most notably in the episode "Charmander the Stray Pokemon" where his voice resembles Tristan's and Kaiba's from Yugioh abridged. Most of the characters appear to be oblivious to his extremely perverted nature, he has stated that he desires to become a Pokemon Breeder as all he wants to ever do is to breed. In "Abra and the Psychic Showdown" which was episode 13 Ash and Misty had noticed the unlucky number and had worn their lucky underwear but found both had been stolen by Brock. The fact that his eyes are depicted to always appear naturally closed is played upon many times, jokes are made that he's blind, vision impaired or actually lacking eyes altogether and needing an eye operation. This is shared among all members of his family. Misty has suggested that he is gay and simply acts as he does to cover up this fact. During the episode "Showdown at Pewter City" a hobo who helped Ash defeat Brock eventually evolved into his father. In "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village" when Brock fell off a bridge and was washed down stream before being rescued by Melanie, he thought she nursed him back to health over a few days, when infact he had only been gone a few hours. In "Charmander the Stray Pokemon" Brock and the others are confused at why the episode is all jumbled up, starting at the end so in response to Ash's 'brain hurting' he tries to give Ash brain surgery, when Misty asks if he's a doctor Brock says his mother told him he could be whatever he wanted. In "Tower of Terror" it is implied that he tried to hit on Misty all the while Ash's ghost watches, until Ash interrupts by picking Misty up into the air, all the while this happens Brock decides to just keep talking. In the non-canon alternative ending to Ash dropping Misty Brock fails to catch her when she falls and she 'splats' on the ground. Brock also goes on about his favorite internet show 'Mrs. Ketchum and the Mime'

Screenshot Name Obtained During Location
Brock01 Onix Pokéman Abridged: 1x05|Showdown in Pewter City On Hand
Brock02 Geodude Pokéman Abridged: 1x05|Showdown in Pewter City On Hand
Brock03 Zubat Pokéman Abridged: 1x06|Clafairy and the Moon Stone On Hand
Brock04 Vulpix Pokéman Abridged: 2x01|Pokéman Fashion-Flash In Misty's Hands


Like her original counterpart Misty has severe anger management issues, oddly balanced by her fear of many things particularly bugs. Ash knowing this taunts her using his Caterpie and Metapod. Just like her original counterpart she is obsessed about her bike and never lets Ash forget that he broke it and owes her another one. She is stated by her sisters to not be a girl but a sheboy, which Ash states explains her aggression. She is also a consistent sexual target for Pikachu. Due to Captnawesome being male her voice is extremely high pitched and sounds like it's being strangled (similarly to Téa of Yugioh abridged). She is on the receiving end of almost all the jokes from other characters and is constantly picked on, especially about her ugliness, usually by Ash, in "Charmander the Stray Pokemon" when she complains about being woken up from her beauty sleep Brock tells her that no sleep will make her beautiful. In "Water Flowers of Cerulean City" where Misty tries to lure them away from the city as it had emos and goths, pulling a face to demonstrate Brock and Ash comment that it was just disturbing causing Ash to suggest replacing Misty with a sock-puppet. In "Challenge of the Samurai" where the samurai holds her at sword point, she saw her life flash pat her eyes and said it was really boring. On one occasion while she was bored she repetitively said her name over and over again, when Brock asked what she was doing, she said she was showing how she would act if she were a Pokemon, in the same episode Brock has started calling her 'Foggy'. Apparently when Misty freaks out her words become extremely fast high pitched and incomprehensible. In "Tower of Terror" when Misty and Brock find Ash and Pikachu unconscious Misty resolves to kicking him continuously to wake him up. Misty also loves to 'Touch' Vulpix or Ninetales, intially in "Pokemon Fashion-Flash" she grabbed the Vulpix despite several warnings and deservedly got flamethrowered in the face, not learning from her mistake the first time she touches it again with the same result, she would have touched it a third time had Brock not threatened to cut her hair. This habit of hers causes problems when she stole a Ninetales in "Electric Soldier Porygon!" and when Brock Obtains his own Vulpix, and also watches 'Mrs. Ketchum and the Mime'

Screenshot Name Obtained During Location
Misty01 Staryu Before Pokéman Abridged: 1x01|Pokémon, Choose I You! On Hand
Misty02 Starmie Before Pokéman Abridged: 1x01|Pokémon, Choose I You! On Hand
Misty03 Goldeen Before Pokéman Abridged: 1x01|Pokémon, Choose I You! On Hand
Misty04 Psyduck Before Pokéman Abridged: 1x01|Pokémon, Choose I You! On Hand
Misty05 Ninetales Pokéman Abridged: 2x03|Electric Soldier Porygon At Her Gym
Misty06 Dratini Pokéman Abridged: 2x07|The Legend of Dratini At Her Gym
Misty07 ChuChu Pokéman Abridged: 2x08|Pikachut's Goodbye At Her Gym

Team Rocket[]

Just like their original counterparts the trio of Pokemon thieves Jessie, James and Meowth persistently try to kidnap Pikachu, failing every time. Their motto is given variations in different episodes, such as in one episode when Jessie and James usually say their names, Jessie gives her ridiculously long full name, which stutters James, so far only the first time they recite the motto in "Pokemon Emergency" it is exactly the same as in the original anime. James has an exaggerated British accent. The heroes apparently expect Team Rocket to show up in every episode, and at one time they commented that they were late. In "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village" when Jessie states their plans to separate the twerps was successful, Meowth stated she must have been dreaming.

Screenshot Name Obtained During Location
TeamR01 Meowth Before Pokéman Abridged: 1x02|Pokémon Emergency With Team Rocket
TeamR02 Ekans Before Pokéman Abridged: 1x02|Pokémon Emergency On Hand
TeamR03 Koffing Before Pokéman Abridged: 1x02|Pokémon Emergency On Hand

Minor Characters[]

Nurse Joy[]

A whole family of sisters and clones all with the name of Nurse Joy who are all incompetent Pokemon nurses. Despite being "Nurse" Joy she states that she is a doctor, when Ash questions this she calls him sexist, which Ash responds by saying she had 'penis envy'. When Ash first sees another Nurse Joy he's confused and tries to recall where he'd seen the outfit before, thinking his mom's closet. When Nurse Joy tells Ash to be good cause she's watching Ash, he secretly said he was going to start watching her.

Officer Jenny[]

A large family of police officers all near identical in appearance. She has a tendency to randomly suspect and wrongly accuse people of crimes. Ash seems to be on a consistent receiving end. Officer Jenny also has a tendency to fail to fulfill her duties, especially in "Here comes the Squirtle Squad" the Officer Jenny in that region waited as late as possible before finally showing up.

Professor Oak[]

The Pallot Town Pokemon Professor who originally had too many Pokemon so started handing them out on the streets, leaving Ash with none except for Pikachu, an unfinished experiment who he used to set off nuclear reactions, he however had no qualms about letting a ten year old handle it. He did not want Ash to touch "his balls" and later when Ash gets shocked tells him that was karma for touching his balls. In "Pokemon Emergency" he calls Ash beginning with a prank call of pretending to be a man who thought Ash had taken his dog and threatening to kill him if he had touched it. Ash confusedly responds by telling him dogs don't exist in the world he lives in. He had apparently bet his pension that Ash had caught a Pokemon by the time he reached Viridian City (which he hadn't). Ash describes him as a dirty old man as when Ash commented on being broke, Misty showed up, leading Professor Oak to say he "knew what services Ash had been spending his money on".

Delia Ketchum[]

Ash's mother. Ash once saw his mother fooling around with a Mr. Mime and suspects he might be a half breed.

Gary Oak[]

Ash's rival.

One Time (But Referenced) Characters[]


B-10 Mitsu Rookie-Style. Calls Ash by his Japanese name Satoshi and likes to threaten people with his katana.

Town Hobo (Flint)[]

A creepy old man who is Pewter City's hobo. He evolved into Brock's Dad at the end of the episode "Showdown at Pewter City"


Clefairy Abducted Him

Lilly, Violet and Daisy[]

Leaders of the Cerulean Gym and Misty's sister. They say that Misty isn't a girl but a 'sheboy'.


Ahh, The Little Creatures of the Forrest


Charmander's former owner who abandoned him. He speaks in an extremely strong Australian Accent acting like Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter and enjoys wreaking classic stories like "The Boy who Cried Wolf"


An extremely British Scientist who lives by himself in a lighthouse and enjoys dressing up as a Kabuto. His life's work has been dedicated to tracking a Dragonite, he was so desperate to catch sight of it he stole its mp3 player and played its music through his lighthouse speakers (which actually worked). His work was wreaked when Team Rocket fired a few rockets at the Dragonite through rocket launchers and scared it away, ruining his whole life's work.

Lt. Surge[]

Leader of the Vermillion Gym. He Wants In Misty's Pants


Lt. Surge's Raichu and Kakarot (Ash's Pikachu's) Brother

Old Man (Sabrina's Father)[]

And Old man who needs to Pee

S.A.R.S. Assistant[]

He likes Pineapples.


shes HOTT and had her Vulpix Stolen by Brock

Town Tranny[]

Goes to Suzies Shop


Leader of the Celadon. Owner of a Perfume Shop

Professor Zettai[]

Works in a Power Plant studying a new LifeForm he Made, Porygon Zero

Janine (Aya)[]

Leader of the Fuchsia Gym (Generation II)


Leader of the Fuchsia Gym (Generation I)


Bob was giving away Miley Cyrus Tickets


Runs the Safari Zone

Recurring Jokes[]

Sexual Innuendos[]

Throughout both series, Sexual Innuendos are announced quite plainly in ways such as "That was a weird sexual innuendo, but I'll pay you back some day." and "I'm enjoying all these Sexual Innuendos; Yay!"

Ash's Badges[]

The Fact that Ash hasn't earned ANY badges fairly so far out of the 6 he has collected, It is referred to quite often.

The Pokeballs Joke[]

The Pokeballs are made fun of numerous times as a pun, people keep saying things as 'touching my balls' particularly Ash.

Ash's Dark Place[]

Ash has a Dark Place which makes his voice sound like Sabrina/Mewtwo's Voice. This is only referred to a few times, and once, to Mewtwo about sounding like Ash in his Dark Place.

Ash's Bijor![]

Ash casually yells 'BIJOR!' when a major attack is being performed or when he throws a PokeBall at a new Pokeman. He also says it when he is started in a few episodes, making this his catchphrase.

Brock's Blindness[]

Due Brock's eyes being depicted as naturally closed he is often referred to as being blind or not having eyes at all, to great humorous effect.

Misty always being picked on[]

Misty serves as a similar roll to Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged and is always on the receiving end of every joke. People consistently pick on her (even Pikachu), no one seems to care about her and people consistently make fun of her usually about her ugliness or questions about her gender since she acts so tomboyishly.

Misty's Flat Chest[]

Misty is Flay.. This is referred to a lot... a lot a lot. What more can I say? Maybe its because of her Tail.

Misty and Vulpix[]

Misty Loves Vulpix's so much that she just wants to touch them! No matter what happens to he in congruence. She is also known to have stolen a Ninetailes and replaced it with a Magikarp in "Electric Soldier Porygon" Causing a Bug in the Trasport System.

Brock's TotFuble[]

TotFuble, or "Totally F**kable" in full is used whenever Brock sees attractive Women and wants to express his love for them in the most inappropriate of ways.

Brock and Foggy[]

Brock began a habit of calling Misty, 'Foogy', "Since Fog sounds just like Mist" he initially did this as payback for Misty suggesting his sex jokes were in fact a ploy to hide up his homosexuality.

Brock and Skuts[]

Brock Hates Skuts (A Skank and a Slut in One!) and when he sees one he'll yell "OH SKUT!" or something of that Nature.

Brock's Hott![]

Hott! (with two 'T's) is something Brock Says after a Sexual Innuendo or a Slightly Hot woman passes. He doesn't seem to be shy about expressing himself. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

Team Rocket Motto[]

The motto changed every now an then, sometimes using Jessie's Full Name; Jessica-Susan-Meredith-Sophia-Saiyam-Rory-Lynch-Raij the Third! and Sometimes changes in Pace or Words to become extra rhyme filled, or not rhyming at all.

Reoccurring TV Shows[]

Bill Nye[]

Bill Nye is referenced when Water and Electricity boundaries are Avoided.

Mosesmas Specials[]

Mosesmas is both a Public Holiday and TV show that Brock Watches. All Brock Describes it; Its Promoting the true savior is a Boobilicious Jynx riding in a sleigh Reindeer on Jetpacks. During the In-between Area of Hanukkah and Christmas; Mosesmas Specials Air on the TV. Mosesmas is on the 23rd December, 2 days before Christmas.

Mrs. Ketchum and the Mime[]

DVD Cover

Seasons 1-3 (3 Disc Set)

Mrs. Ketchum and the Mime is a Pornographic Internet TV show that Both Brock and Misty watch on Occasion.

It seems to have an Intransitive power over Brock, and Misty has no idea what is going on in it, but likes the Pretty Colors! More Information About Mrs. Ketchum and the Mime can be found here:[More About Mrs. Ketchum and the Mime]

The Show is describe as this:
The Widely Awaited 7th Season Returns for 'Mrs. Ketchum and the Mime!' along with the COMPLETE Series 1-3 DVD Pack.
Get Excited. Get Off. Get the Balls.

Want more Séxual Healing with Delia? Well you've come to the right place... or ON the right place. Join Delia and Mimey as they Venture through the Anatomy in the wildest and most exotic ways possible.
What else would you do when your Ten Year Old is out of town? Exactly...

The Dawn of Philos[]

Philos Abridged[]

Early July of 2009, a Second Series was announced; And a first episode was released on Philos' Channel. The Episode was Titled "Pokéman Fashion Flash" and had no Sound FX or Backing Tracks. To cut down on copyright laws, Philos only used the Backing Tracks from the original Pokemon Series; Making his work pass the copyright and stand strong when reported. Philos Finished the second episode of Pokéman Abridged, and Re-Dubbed the First, to make them all sound the same quality for future use. The Original Episode has since been reported and Philos didn't bother to fight back; making the original cut very rare.

Shogakukan Co. Ltd. / ShoPro[]

Shogakukan Production Co. Ltd. (Now more commonly known as ShoPro) has been trying to shutdown Philos ever since his account was up. But Philos Kept on making each episodes, and countering the complaints until he was shut down... Again And Again... And Again. But with the Copyright laws on his side, he kept coming back; But Being shutdown did effect his flow of Episodes, The most Notable during the May - July and August - Present terminations. Philos claims to be getting his account restored soon. NOTICE: As of January 1st, 2011 Philos has had his account restored; And on that day he posted Series One; Episode Four (Remastered)

The Re-Mastering of S1[]

Philos decided to Re-Master the old blocky versions of S1; This lead to the older audiences to be drawn closer to S2, and for Philos to be more Widely accepted. Only the first Two episodes of S1 were re-released in full HD, Video and Audio. The First Movie was also released in Full HD; But not only would YouTube not allow it in one part [RunTime Approx. 30mins] Part Ones Audio is Low, and no Higher Quality version of it is Available (To Philos and CaptnAwesomee's Knowledge) But every other episode is in the Highest Quality possible, along with the last parts of the First Movie.

Voice Differences in S1/S2[]

The Oh-So-Obvious Voice Difference from S1 and S2 have been deemed "On Purpose".
Philos can near-perfectly replicate CaptnAwesomee's Voice, But Chooses to add his own Impression on each character to add a little bit of himself in them. Ash is now Slightly Grainier, Misty is now Slightly Higher and Brock is now Slightly Deeper. Philos doesn't think this effects the series flow and calls it "Puberty for each character... Yes. Even For Brock." But may do one episode as a complete flashback and put on CaptnAwesomee's Version of the Cast.

The Extended Soundtrack[]

Philos' Original theme for S2; Titled "Following the Legacy" was meant to run all through of S2, leaving a new theme for the Unannounced S3. Philos' Friend, Megami33/Megami36 from SMA Was set to sing "Message in the Winds" for S3's Theme, But After the embarrassing error of MisSpelling "CaptnAwesomee" As "CapnAwesome" he Stopped the Intro from Further Airing and Released the Second Intro, A Half-Mix of Megami's "Message in the Winds"

Philos Also Announced an Album, titled "Recycled Images" Up for download containing all the Parody and Dub-Songs off the Episodes, Including "Message In the Winds (Extended Half-Mix)" which is the extended four min version of the theme. The Album is set to have 11 Tracks on them. Only five of these 11 have been released, But the album is planned to be remastered and completely Uncensored! (A Clean version will also be available for those who wanted it.)

The Comeback of CaptnAweosomee[]

Philos & CaptnAwesomee[]

CaptnAwesomee Contacted Philos telling him that he is happy with what he has continued, and enjoys watching Series Two; And Thus, has inspired him to Finnish what he had cut half-way through. He and Philos Agreed that Mr. Awesomee would Finish the Battle with Sabrina and Philos' Mind-Twisting Second Episode, which also had Ash finishing the Battle with Sabrina, was Confirmed to be a Dream which Ash Had during the fuming of the Celadon Gym, When it caught fire; And the Official Story was in "Series One [Hidden] / Episode 15"

1x15 [The Hidden Episode][]

The 15th Episode of Pokéman Abridged Series One was released Early-July, 2010. This Brought fans back in the dozens having the Subscriber amount double Philos'. CaptnAwesomee Said he was going to "...Finish the battle with Sabrina and maybe one more episode, then leave the rest to Philos before I go back to School" But As Usual, ShoPro has shut the episode down and a 16th Episode of Series One has yet to be released and it seems Philos, Who also heavily struggles with copyright, has been named, by some and CaptnAwesomee himself, The New CaptnAwesomee: PhilosAwesomee.

Series One By CaptnAwesomee[]

1x01: Pokémon, Choose I You!
1x02: Pokémon Emergency
1x03: Ash (Actually) Catches a Pokémon!
1x04: Challenge of the Samuri
1x05: Showdown in Pewter City
1x06: Clafairy and the Moon Stone
1x07: The Water Flowers of Cerulean City
1x08: Bulbasaur and the Hidden Leaf-Village
1x09: Charmander - The Stray Pokémon
1x10: Here Comes the Squirtle Squad
1x11: Mystery at the Lighthouse
1x12: Electric Shock Showdown
1x13: Abra and the Psychic Showdown
1x14: The Tower of Terror

Series One [Hidden] By CaptnAwesomee[]

1x15: Haunter versus Kadabra... (For Real!)

Series Two By PhilosAbridged[]

2x01: Pokéman Fashion-Flash
2x02: The Sweet Sent-Sation of Versing a Cheating Bitch Face!
2x03: Electric Soldier Porygon­­­­
2x04: Bye, Bye, Butterfree
2x05: There's Beauty on the Beach, Can You Dig It?
2x06: The Ninja Poké-Showdown
2x07: The Legend of Dratini
2x08: Pikachu's Goodbye
2x09: N/A
2x10: N/A
2x11: N/A
2x12: N/A
2x13: N/A
2x14: N/A


Pokéman: The Abridged First Movie[]

Pokeman FIRST

By CaptnAwesomee

The Abridged First Movie was Originally Released as the series Close with the genius of the trailer next to nothing like the movie. Pure Gold. The movie was later released late July in full HD (apart from Part 1, which was SD) by PhilosAbridged; Much to the Excitement of the Fans.

Pokéman: Mewtwo Returns! Abridged[]

By [[PhilosAbridged

Pokeman SECOND


The Second Movie was Mistakenly Announced for December 25th, 2010 and then December 31st, 2010 which is crazy since it is the last episode for Series Two. This mistake was made when the Facebook Fan Page announced the Series Closed by 25th Dec. But when they reached the 25th, they were only Half-Way through the series due to being Shutdown and Yearly Exams for Philos.


Series One[]

1x01 - Pokéman Rap
1x02 - Pokéman: The First Abridged Movie (Trailer)
1x03 - The Best of Comedy

Series Two[]

2x01 - We're in the Air (Music Video)
2x02 - TiK ToK (Music Video)
2x03 - Wanna Catch 'Em All? (Music Video)
2x04 - Mrs. Ketchum and the Mime Minisode #1
2x05 - Pokéman Rap GS
2x06 - Pokéman: Mewtwo Returns! Abridged (Trailer)


Recycled Images[]

The First album from Philos so far. The Title "Recycled Images" Comes from the Single cover for "We're in the Air" Philos Used the Same Pictures with a different background, Hence, Recycled Images. No Release Date has been Set Yet.

Recycled Images Cover SEXY
Recycled Images Cover CLEAN

Label: With a Dark Pallet
Genre: Dark Comedy
Rating: M15+ (Course Laungage, Adult Themes)

01. We're In The Air
02. TiK ToK (That F**king Abra)
03. Misty's Girlfriend
04. Wanna Catch 'Em All?
05. N/A
06. N/A
07. N/A
08. N/A
09. N/A
10. N/A
11. Message In The Winds (Extended Half-Mix)


This is apparently the second and hidden album to be released. Only a few things have been revealed such as the Label of Music, the Genre and how many Tracks are planned to be on the Album, But this might Change.

Label: With a Dark Pallet
Genre: Dark Comedy
Rating: M15+ (Course Laungage, Adult Themes)



01. N/A
02. N/A
03. N/A
04. N/A
05. N/A
06. N/A
07. N/A
08. N/A
09. N/A