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Pokémón: The Abridged Parody

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2009-Early 2012


Season 1: 14


Pokémón: The Abridged Movie(in progress)


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Pokémón: The Abridged Parody, is a series based on the popular TV anime Pokemon created and maintained by Midgettoe2000 and daRKiERAWR. This series is an abridged parody due to the fact that while the episodes tend to follow the same plot arc, the adventures, personalities, and continuity of Pokémón: The Abridged Parody are their own.


This project started in 9th grade when the creators met. Finding a shared interest in both comedy and LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh abridged , they decided that they wanted to create their own abridged series. Shortly after they could be found in daRKiERAWR's basement recording audio and stringing poor quality clips of Pokemon together in Windows Movie Maker trying to make it funny. The result....was unreleasable. If you go and watch episode two you will see why. THAT was good by comparison. Over the years the condition of the video was highly improved, better video production softwares were had, and Midgettoe's editing skills fourished. Three years later episodes are still being made and and they are now in the process of making an abridged parody of Pokemon: The First Movie. While other Pokemon abridged were able to find a fanbase on YouTube, Pokémón: The Abridged Parody came to a dead halt when two of Midgettoe's accounts were taken down on grounds of copyright. It found its home at blip.tv and that's where it will stay. Much to their dismay. But maybe one day, Pokémón: The Abridged Parody will overcome the limitations and become one of the better known abridged series. Because god knows they think it's hilarious. And it's not going away.

List of Episodes[]

Episodes were previously hosted at Midgettoe Productions on Blip.com, but became unavailable as of November 7, 2013 when the channel was removed for conflict with the Blip.tv Terms of Service.

Pokemon Abridged Episode 1
Pokemon Abridged Episode 2
Pokemon Abridged Episode 3
Pokemon Abridged Episode 4. Pewter City Pwnage
Pokemon Abridged Episode 5. The Sluts Of Cerulean
Pokemon Abridged Episode 6. School Of Hard Knockers
Pokemon Abridged Episode 7. Rejectopolis
Pokemon Abridged Episode 8. Through The Fire And The Flamers
Pokemon Abridged Episode 9. Chefs And Shells
Pokemon Abridged Episode 10. Another One Licks The Licks The Lightning
Pokemon Abridged Episode 11. Ocean's Eleven
Pokemon Abridged Episode 12. Death At A Funeral
Pokemon Abridged Episode 13. Life's A Beach
Pokemon Abridged. Episode 14. Flight Of The Butterfree


Main Characters[]

Ash Ketchum: Last sane person on planet...therefore making him an asshole.
Brock Hefner: Giggalo with superpowers.
Misty: Obsessed over Ash. Debated to be a man.
Pikachu: Hates Ash. Hates Brock. Hates Misty. Hates life. Just. Wants. To. Bust. Nut.
Jesse: Ginger. And lesbian...sometimes
James: Femme.
Meowth: Chewbacca.
Narrator: British.
Budget Guy: Penny pincher. Duh.
Nerd: Doo doo doo doo do doo doo doo
Pokedex: He...doesn't talk much...
Gary Oak: *snort*
Professor Oak: Not as scenile as the rest of the world may want to think. But he has his moments.
Delia Ketchum: Drug abusing sex criminal.
Giovanni: Head of the Disney corporation.
Tracy: Sample Text

Minor Characters[]

Bondo: Rapist.
Nurse Joy: The plot of Natural Born Killers.
Officer Jenny: Trigger happy.
Daisy: Sex.
Violet: Sex.
Lily: Sex.
Damien: British AND annoying.
Niko Bellic: He has a sword.
Little Bondo: Smaller rape.


Pidgeotto: Wants to be raped.
Chef(Squirtle): Hello there children
Golem/Smeagle/Raptor Jesus(Charmander): Gullible/Douchbag/Gullible douchbag
Bulbasaur: He's a grass-type. He is worthless and everyone knows it.
Butterfree: Black.

Plot Synopsis[]

This will be very long and VERY overly complicated. Midgettoe and darKiERAWR sat there pondering "How can we completely fuck the continuity today?"

Oh and they swear A LOT.[]