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Pokédubs was a parody redub series based on the original series of the Pokémon anime. It was a joint project between Chromegloss55 & EdricODoom.


Pokédubs was a parody redub series based on the original series of the Pokémon anime. However it takes a lot of influence from the Pirates of the Carribean film franchise, with the Pikachu himself being a parody of Jack Sparrow, the main protagonist in the films. The series breaks many "abridged" conventions, by not being very canon to the source material, and giving nearly all the main characters personalities that aren't based off the real series.

In 2022, the official Pokédubs YouTube channel was closed, and although the reasons are unknown, many believe that Chromegloss55 might have been the reason for the channel's deletion (if not him, then it was rumored to have been hacked due to inactivity and lack of channel upkeep.


  • EdricODoom - Captain Jack Sparrowchu, Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak, Meowth, & Seymour the Scientist.
  • Chromegloss55 - James, Brock, Professor Oak, Narrator, & Giovanni.
  • BethnZolo4eva - Misty.
  • KonohaNinjaFel - Delia Ketchum, Nurse Joy.
  • MsDBZBabe - Officer Jenny.
  • Pandoraherself - Jessie.


Appearances were sourced from the upcoming next two episodes as well as existing four episodes.

Jack Sparrowchu[]

One of the main protagonists in the series, Captain Jack Sparrowchu (Created by EdricODoom) is Ash's Pikachu (whom he dubs "Pie-kachu", a mispronunciation of "Pikachu"), who is a parody of Jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Carribean. Little is known about where he comes from or what his aims are at this point.

Ash Ketchum[]

Ash is the main character in the series, a good-hearted dimwit, whose goal at the beginning of the series is to get the eight gym badges and become a "Pokémon Master". After heading over to Oak's lab, he gets his first Pokémon, but it isn't what he expects.

  • Voiced by: EdricODoom
  • Appears in Episodes: 1-4


Nothing is yet known about how Brock will be portrayed in the series.


Little is known about Misty's character at this stage.

  • Voiced by: BethnZolo4eva
  • Appears in Episodes: 2-4


Little is known about Jessie at this stage.

  • Voiced by: Pandoraherself
  • Appears in Episodes: 2-4


James is played in a fairly similar way to the actual series.

  • Voiced by: Chromegloss55
  • Appears in Episodes: 2-4


Meowth is Jessie and James' self-proclaimed leader, who speaks with a strange French/Spanish/Russian accent. As the accenst tend to vary. Even at this early stage Sparrowchu and Meowth seem to have a rivalry.

  • Voiced by: EdricODoom
  • Appears in Episodes: 2-4

Professor Oak[]

Oak is the "kindly" Pokémon professor who is actually a bit of a jerk.

  • Voiced by: Chromegloss55
  • Appears in Episodes: 1-2

Gary Oak[]

Gary Oak is yet to make an appearance in the series.

  • Voiced by: EdricODoom
  • Appears in Episodes: N/A

Davy Jones[]

Chromegloss had stated that Davy Jones was to be featured at some point in the series, though due to the abrupt cancellation of the series, he did not make said appearance.

  • Voiced by: ???
  • Appears in Episodes: N/A


Episode Release Date
Episode 01 - Ash gets his first... pirate! Meet Jack Sparrowchu 10/02/2009
Episode 02 - Team Rocket's First Fail 11/07/2009
Episode 03 -  The borrrrrrrring road to Pewter City N/A
Episode 04 (Part 01) - Sparrowchu versus Brock Barbossa N/A
Episode 04 (Part 02) N/A (Never Release)

Abrupt Ending[]

The series ended with a cliffhanger with episode 4 supposed to be a 2 part episode, with a 5th episode scripted, Chrome & Edric had a disagreement which led to both of them going their separate ways. The episode 5 script is still in circulation & if you look hard enough, or just ask VegetaSasuke0 for an early draft, you could see where the series was heading.


The series was edited with MAGIX Music Maker 14 & Corel Video studio.


  • The Pokédubs cast had a cameo in 1KidsEntertainment's Pokémon The 'Bridged Series.

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