Pika Cheeks
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Began Abridging:

February 2017




Pika Cheeks is an abridger from Melbourne, Australia.

Main Projects[edit | edit source]

Collaborative Projects[edit | edit source]

Abridging Style[edit | edit source]

The style he is known for in his abridged videos is the heavy uses of references, music, visual gags and character-based jokes. Before doing abridgments he was known for doing "Anime Crack" videos, which is a genre of a video where one is to get an anime and add sound effects, music, and visuals from different media to make a different scene. He incorporates what he learned from them into the writing, cutting and visual gags of his abridgments. His writing/humor is heavily character-based and relies on on-going gags. The writing may seem direct and shallow but there is some nuance and subtley in the writing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is often mistaken as a black person due to his Amagi Brilliant Park Abridged for some reason.
  • Contrary to what is written and made fun of in Amagi Brilliant Park Abridged, he really likes and respects both Kanye West and Linkin Park
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