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1/1/11 New Video up Now! You know it baby. - Philos

Phillip Oasis[]

Pokéman Abridged on Twitter
Writter, Editor & Voice Actor:' June 2009 - Present

I Write, Edit and Voice Act for Pokéman Abridged. Dont get me confused with CaptnAwesomee,
I am Series Two onwards.

Im The Best Thing Since Free Internet... Wait...
Hey, My Name is Phil Oasis and I Make Parodies for fun, The Most Enjoyable Parodies that I Make Has to be Pokéman Abridged
My Name is Phil Oasis and I Make Parodies for fun, The Most Enjoyable Parodies that I Make Has to be "Pokéman Abridged S2 - Following The Legacy of CaptnAwesomee"

Series 1 & 2 Cast:
Ash - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Misty - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Jessie - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
James - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Meowth - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Brock - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Deliah - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Professor Oak - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Gary - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Officer Jenny - CaptnAwesomee
Nurse Joy - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Town Hobo (Flint) - CaptnAwesomee
Lt. Surge - CaptnAwesomee
Sabrina - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Erika - Philos
Koga - Philos
Jannie - Philos
Blaine - Philos

Movie Cast:
Mewtwo - CaptnAwesomee / Philos
Giovanni - Philos
The Black Rose - Philos

I Am Tied to Pokémon or Pokéman In No Way And Only Make These Parodies For Fun

To CaptnAwesomee, for being Awesomee
To Philos, for being Approved By CaptnAwesomee

I Am Tied to Pokémon or Pokéman In No Way And Only Make These Parodies For Fun.

Ever wondered how it really went down in the Pokéman Series? Well Heres The Result! Following the Original Journeys of Ash, Misty and Brock but in a more realistic sense of Adventure.

==Philos Abridged==
Early July of 2009, a Second Series was announced; And a first episode was released on Philos' Channel. The Episode was Titled "Pokéman Fashion Flash" and had no Sound FX or Backing Tracks. To cut down on copyright laws, Philos only used the Backing Tracks from the original Pokemon Series; Making his work pass the copyright and stand strong when reported. Philos Finished the second episode of Pokéman Abridged, and Re-Dubbed the First, to make them all sound the same quality for future use. The Original Episode has since been reported and Philos didnt bother to fight back; Making the original cut very rare.

==Shogakukan Co. Ltd. / ShoPro==
Shogakukan Production Co. Ltd. (Now more commonly known as ShoPro) has been trying to shutdown Philos ever since his account was up. But Philos Kept on making each episodes, and countering the complaints until he was shut down... Again And Again... And Again. But with the Copyright laws on his side, he kept coming back; But Being shutdown did effect his flow of Episodes, The most Notable during the May - July and August - Present terminations. Philos claims to be getting his account restored soon. NOTICE: As of January 1st, 2011 Philos has had his account restored.

==The Re-Mastering of S1==
Philos decided to Re-Master the old blocky versions of S1; This lead to the older audiences to be drawn closer to S2, and for Philos to be more Widely accepted. Only the first Two episodes of S1 were re-released in full HD, Video and Audio. The First Movie was also released in Full HD; But not only would YouTube not allow it in one part [RunTime Approx. 30mins] Part Ones Audio is Low, and no Higher Quality version of it is Available (To Philos and CaptnAwesomee's Knowledge) But every other episode is in the Highest Quality possible, along with the last parts of the First Movie.

==Voice Differences in S1/S2==
The Oh-So-Obvious Voice Difference from S1 and S2 have been deemed "On Purpose".

Philos can near-perfectly replicate CaptnAwesomee's Voice, But Chooses to add his own Impression on each character to add a little bit of himself in them. Ash is now Slightly Grainier, Misty is now Slightly Higher and Brock is now Slightly Deeper. Philos doesn't think this effects the series flow and calls it "Puberty for each character... Yes. Even For Brock." But may do one episode as a complete flashback and put on CaptnAwesomee's Version of the Cast.

==The Extended Soundtrack==
Philos' Original theme for S2; Titled "Following the Legacy" was meant to run all through of S2, leaving a new theme for the Unannounced S3. Philos' Friend, Megami33/Megami36 from SMA Was set to sing "Message in the Winds" for S3's Theme, But After the embarrassing error of MissSpelling "CaptnAwesomee" As "CapnAwesome" he Stopped the Intro from Further Airing and Released the Second Intro, A Half-Mix of Megami's "Message in the Winds"

Philos Also Announced an Album, titled "Recycled Images" Up for download containing all the Parody and Dub-Songs off the Episodes, Including "Message In the Winds (Extended Half-Mix)" which is the extended 4min version of the theme. The Album is set to have 11 Tracks on them. Only 5 of these 11 have been released, But the album is planned to be remastered and completely Uncensored! (A Clean version will also be available for those who wanted it.)

==Philos' Links==
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Pokéman Abridged on Facebook