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PalletTownChampions is a YouTube channel with the hypest videos this side of that one you took with Gwen Stefani backstage at the No Doubt concert you went to when you were like 16. You remember that? That was sick dude.

Created by Dizzasta (formerly with numbers at the end of his name) and Egaddmario, the duo expanded their group to include HyperactiveCatOnNip, pandoraherself, xbubblemunkyx, and Robotfan987 (who refuses to remove his numbers, the prick). The group has made popular abridged series of Fairy Tail and Pokemon, as well as other videos that are also watchable. They have a gaming channel because of course they do called Pallet Town Gaming, where they frequently post video game related content which is what a gaming channel is for.

Fairy Tail Abridged Parody[]

The most popular Fairy Tail parody series on YouTube, Fairy Tail Abridged Parody was birthed by Dizzasta, Egaddmario, and Robotfan987 in 2012 and continues to capture the hearts of literally dozens of people each day. It features absurd voice overs and a wonderful amount of dick jokes. It remains the only Fairy Tail Abridged featuring a Boston-accented Natsu. It is also responsible for the hashtag "#getundermydick".


Fairy Tail Abridged Parody - Episode 1-0