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The Clone Wars
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 3/2/2009
Length 7:12
Created by manitoug15 and jellibette
Written by manitoug15 and jellibette
Mixed by manitoug15
Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyIECCW89xg
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Attack of the Otaku
The Case of the Missing Plot


The twins fight over who is gayer and hence who deserves to have the manliest host as his partner. In an attempt to get Haruhi to be theirs they drug her over lunchtime, but they fail. In the end Haruhi punches them both and tells them to stop their thoroughly unproductive bickering. However, she is proved wrong when it turns out that Kaoru turned her straight.

The twins fight and Nekozawa is introduced briefly. Nekozawa is a scientologist and also straight.
Haruhi is turned straight.


Haruhis high moments were all improvised. If you listen carefully you can hear manitoug15 laughing quietly in the background.


  • When the twins look at each other the music from Dramatic Prairie Dog plays.