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Softcore Strip Tease Filler
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 1/22/2009
Length 9:07
Created by manitoug15 and jellibette
Written by manitoug15 and jellibette
Mixed by manitoug15
Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW9h1bg-ki0
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My Fair Host
Attack of the Otaku


Tamaki laments the loss of the plot and tries to make his own, but none of his attempts stick. The twins point out that if Tamaki does not pay attention to the filler Haruhi will no longer be a part of the host club and without their technically female character they will have to resort to constantly showing homo freeze frames (something which Tamaki despises). Tamaki hence decides that they need to disguise Haruhi's gender so nobody else will know. With Tamaki's perfect idea of giving her a sex change having been rejected, the rest of the hosts come up with a plan and keep it to themselves after Haruhi kicks Tamaki in the teacups for impersonating her. As part of the real plan, Haruhi is sent to have her physical in private, when a pervert comes in to molest her, closely followed by the host club, who kick him out and set the hounds on him.

Tamaki calls his fellow hosts Homo Side Characters, which is something he will live to regret.


  • This is the first episode that was under 10 minutes long.
  • Jellibette sings several of her lines in this episode, nobody knows why.
  • Manitoug15 and jellibette remember coming up with a really funny name for this episode, but they have no idea what the name was.
  • Tamaki's preview of the next episode was recorded just before the video was finally saved.
  • All medical personnel were voiced by manitoug15.


  • The opening song was played by manitoug15.
  • Haruhi strips to The Full Monty


  • Manitoug15 and jellibette saw Avenue Q together, hence the schadenfreude reference.