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Tally Ho!
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 12/23/2008
Length Part 1: 8:01. Part 2: 4:41
Created by manitoug15 and jellibette
Written by manitoug15 and jellibette
Mixed by manitoug15
Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vxCuN-5OlM&feature=PlayList&p=6FEA3E4A78567F5C&index=1
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My Fair Host


Haurhi meets the host club, who are all under the impression that she is a boy, except for Kyouya, who has already planned for her to be exploited by becoming a member of the club by locking her in the club room and pointing out the vase that she is going to knock over. Tamaki creeps her out so much that she knocks over a vase worth 8 million jillion maninililion shubabedobabion yen. To pay this off Tamaki makes Haruhi the host club's bitch.

Haruhi sets about running errands and brings the hosts back strange items they have never seen before, such as heroin coffee. After some plot holes are quickly glossed over, Haruhi is given a makeover because she is hurting the beautiful people's eyes. After being beautified, Tamaki declares her to be fabulicious and puts her to work as a host. While working she invokes the wrath of Ayanokoji who hires goons to kill Haruhi on her way home. Haruhi makes her realise that she has too much time on her hands, so she creates a disturbance which gets her thrown out of the abridged series. Kyouya then insists that they get on with the point of the episode and so everyone finds out that Haruhi is a girl, which distresses Tamaki and ruins the show for a second season.


I Just Wish I Was Queer - The Bloodhound Gang


"We look back on this episode, and we hate it, but we did learn something very important from it: DO NOT RECORD WITH ANY OTHER MACHINES ON IN THE BACKGROUND." - manitoug15 and jellibette.

According to Manitoug15 and Jellibettes, the title of the episode had no special meaning or significance.

Most sound effects and background conversations were taken from the original audio, including Haruhi's exasperated sigh at the beginning.

The value of the vase was made to be indeterminable because it was always impossible to estimate Haruhi's remaining debt.

In this episode, the name of the girl, who is called Ayanokoji, is referred to only as that jealous girl because neither creator could remember her name.


  • The Obscure Star Wars Reference arises from the fact that the girls hair kinda looks like Princess Leia's.
  • The theme when the twins take Haruhi for her makeover is the intro to Queer Eye.