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Ouran: The Vaguely Abridged Series
Ouran TVAS
Created by manitoug15
Run 12/23/2008 - 2011
Episodes 26
Link https://www.youtube.com/user/G15Manitou

(Note: Original Channel has been permanently terminated. This link is for the back up channel, but the backup channel has no episodes, only certain side videos to the series, as well as other projects.) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDF93113A6DDBA8F4 (A link to the channel playlist for re-uploaded episodes, though the first part of the original first episode edit has been taken down.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3Cwd8B86TU (A link to the Redux of Episode 1.)


Ouran: The Vaguely Abridged Series is scripted and voiced by manitoug15 and jellibette, and edited by manitoug15. It is based more on the anime itself rather than the Funimation dub because manitoug15 was able to download raw video files of the episodes before the dub was licensed, and had subbed episodes before that. Up until episode 12 the series was produced in Windows Movie Maker, which provided very limited facilities and restricted many jokes. When the software was upgraded to Final Cut Express, visual humour became easier and smoother.

In December 2010, the account on which the series was hosted, manitoug15, was terminated, after Youtube received "multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including: 株式会社バップ (Translated as: VAP Inc)

株式会社バップ (Translated as: VAP Inc)

株式会社バップ (Translated as: VAP Inc) "

(Note: Said account has been reinstated, but some episodes are not present on the channel and must be found elsewhere.) (Secondary Note: As of around February 18, 2011, the account has been suspended again by an extra company or two.)


  • Manitoug15- Tamaki, Honey, Kaoru/Twin 2, Renge, Kanako, Benio, Lord Victor Daftwager, Shirou, narrator
  • Jellibette- Haruhi, Kyouya, Hikaru/Twin 1, Mori, Umehito Nekozawa, Hinako, Chizuru

Both creators are girls, so they use a pitch change to achieve the deeper tone for the boys. Haruhi is jellibette's natural voice, and Renge is manitoug15's. There is some irony that manitoug15 voices Renge, who is originally Kyouya's fangirl, given that he is jellibette's favourite host.
They also are both British and cant hold unstereotypically exaggerated American accents, so they decided not to bother trying to copy the official VAs' voices.

There have also been several guest stars on the show:

Episode 7- HealerSayain, MzMadHatter, Jfave6794 & ODibbyO played members of the subscriber army
Episode 11- batdiva101 played Kirimi
Episode 14- woohooo357 played the members of The Newspaper Club
Episode 15 & 16- TruthOrDeal (recently renamed deal0rtruth) played Misuzu & Arai


Haruhi Fujioka[]

The supposed heroine of the series. Her status is yet to be accepted by either one of the creators. The main joke concerning her is her lack of personality, her androgynous appearance, her ambiguous sexuality and her financial status (dirt poor). Jellibette voices her because she was the best at carrying off Haruhi's incessant sarcasm and cynicism, plus her natural pitch was lower than manitoug15.

Tamaki Suoh[]

Manitoug15's favourite character of the series, abridged and original. He has delusions of grandeur and believes himself to be not just king of the host club, but of the world. He is also bulimic, a paedophile, bipolar (as Haruhi noted in the first episode) and the main butt of every gay joke the creators can think of. There is the plot hole of him being in love with Haruhi even though he is gay, but Jellibette rationalises this as Tamaki still not quite believing Haruhi is a girl, despite adequate evidence. He is married to Kyouya, the full story to be explained in Episode 24.

Kyouya Ootori[]

Jellibette's favourite character (not when voicing or editing). This was the most difficult voice of all the hosts so far because the creators felt that jellibette sounded like a butler after the pitch change. The idea for the monotone came when jellibette got bored of her lines and it sounded slightly better. Manitoug15 may have been the voice of Kyouya had jellibette not threatened her. He carries somewhat of a grudge (which remains throughout the series and other's by the same creator's) over being called a homo side character and he is constantly mystified as to why he is considered to be the female (Mummy) in his relationship with Tamaki. He is able to end episodes when he wants to, which the creators exploit (referring to it themselves in episode 14).

Twins (Hikaru & Kaoru)[]

Hikaru is voiced by jellibette and Kaoru by manitoug15. They are the most accepting of their homosexual nature, reflecting to an extent the original series. (However, it is a recurring joke throughout the series that Hikaru changes his nature every episode or so.) They are often written in the script as Twin 1 (jellibette) and Twin 2 (manitoug15) unless it is clear who is speaking.


His voice was designed to be annoying and unclear. The creators do not have much to say for him as of yet. The one great thing about him is that he is secretly a psychopath.


There is nothing to say about him. There is an ongoing bet between the creators that they will be able to go the whole series with him only grunting, which jellibette provides. (Which they appeared to have broken, as he speaks once in the series before the last episode, and in the last episode he has a guest star voice.) He is Honey's bitch, and knows it. In the trailer he was voiced by manitoug15 due to the fact it was easier than getting jellibette's voice through 3 machines, as had been done for the other characters.


Manitoug15's natural voice. She is the resident fat joke who was originally Kyouya's fangirl. Since Kyouya broke her heart she is no longer picky about who gives her attention. She has become one of the show's writers, hence holds power over the fourth wall, not unlike Kyouya, however she was suspended from the show in episode 13 for abusing her power in making Kyouya wear a caterpillar suit. She likes to change characters, as she does in the original, but her ideas are slightly more extreme in the abridged series.