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The Order of A.D.D[]

Link: http://www.youtube.com/OrderofADD

Due to new projects and scheduling conflicts their Ranma 1/2 Abridged has been put on hiatus.

The Order of A.D.D consists of Shibien13 , Redbeast13, Ranma2387, Ilovetoparty1, Kidkash612, SuperHyperConsoleBoy, BEZthePEZ, and Cazbuster. It should be noted that some of the members having A.D.D. Member such as BEZthePEZ, Bubblebibbit, Fullmetalraz, and Cazbuster didn't join until after the first movie, with the female voices being done by the current members at the time. BEZthePEZ and Bubblebibbit both made their first appearence in episode one, Fullmetalraz first appeared in a camio in episode three and was given his first Ranma 1/2 character in episode four, Cazbuster first appeared in episode four. Kidkash612 quit the Order for personal reasons February 2011.



  • Shibien13: He is the leader of the Order of A.D.D.
    • Job (with the show)- Shibien13 is in charge with keeping the show on a steady plot and to make sure the episode flows well.
    • Hobbies- Writing, reading, anime, video games and martial arts.
    • Activities- Martial arts and writing.
    • Fun Fact- Shibien13 is a big fan of Rurouni Kenshin, even having his own reverse blade sword.
  • Redbeast13: He is second in command and editor of the Order of A.D.D.
    • Job (with the show)- Redbeast13 does all of the editing, and is in charge with the voicing.
    • Hobbies- Editing and computer graphics, anime, video games and martial arts.
    • Activities- Martial arts and editing.
    • Fun Fact- If not forced to stop, he will edit late into the night. His current record is going up to 5:30 in the morning. He also wears red EVERY DAY so that people can tell him apart from his identical twin, Shibien13.
  • Ranma2387: The main voice actor and anime referencer in the Order of A.D.D.
    • Job (with the show)- Ranma2387 is in charge with advising them about any anime references.
    • Hobbies- Anime, video games and reading.
    • Activities- Is on a varsity baseball team with Ilovetoparty1.
  • Fun Fact- Ranma2387 is currently the biggest Otaku anyone on the team knows.
  • Ilovetoparty1: The main writer and advisor in the Order of A.D.D.
    • Job (with the show)- Ilovetoparty1 is in charge with a lot of the writing, and editing the jokes and voices in the Order of A.D.D.
    • Hobbies- Movies, baseball, partying (obviously), and video games.
    • Activities- Is on varsity baseball team with Ranma2387.
    • Fun Fact- Ilovetoparty1 is a humongous movie junkie and is currently trying to accomplish watching every academy award best picture film. he has currently watched 60 out of 81 best picture films.
  • Kidkash612: Former member of the Order of A.D.D.
  • SuperHyperConsoleBoy: The main video gamer of the Order of A.D.D.
    • Job (with the show)- Finds video game references and sounds for the show and has a wide variety of voices they can use.
    • Hobbies- Watching movies and playing video games.
    • Activities- Collects video games/consoles.
    • Fun Fact- He was the one who first introduced Shibien13 and Redbeast13 to the Abridged Series (who in turn showed it the rest of the team above).
  • BEZthePEZ: Random thinker of the Order of A.D.D.
    • Job (with the show)- He helps think of ideas or lines and can help with random thoughts.
    • Hobbies- Watching movies and playing video games.
    • Activities- He has a few movie reviews on his page and will continue to post more.
    • Fun Fact- Bioshock is his favorite video game and he is currently going to college for video game design.


There series is "Ranma 1/2 The Abridged Series" and they have a three part movie, one special, and seven episodes out already. When starting with the three part movie, they had no female voice actors so they did all the female roles themselves. After starting the series their popularity drastically increased. They have made a few changes between the time of the movie to the series. Ryoga's voice actor stays the same, but uses a different voice, they use voice modifiers for the animal curses now, Ilovetoparty1 is now the voice for P-Chan, and they have gotten actual girls to play the female roles (with the exception of Akane). The opening song to the series is Stronger by Kanye West, which has received much approval. The ending theme is 2 Song. Fullmetalraz has made camios in a few episodes but has been announced to have been given an actual role.


Many members serve certain needs. Shibien13 is the Leader and manages the account and helps decide on finial calls. Redbeast13 is the one who does the editing. Ilovetoparty1 is the Master (or head) Scripter and previews the work once completed. Ranma2387 is their Anime Expert and knows the Ranma series best, meaning that he can give jokes and information about upcoming events, or help them avoid episodes that are just plain stupid. SuperHyperConsoleBoy comes up with video game references, such as the BOOM from Gears of War used in episode four.


Aside from their Ranma 1/2 Abridged videos, they have also posted other videos. They have uploaded a 300 trailer of Rurouni Kenshin, a video of the Order of A.D.D going paintballing, an April Fools video of a Live Action Ranma 1/2 Movie, and a video of Shibien13, Redbeast13, and Ranma2387 taking a trip to Anime Boston 2010. It has been confirmed that Redbeast13 is working on a full length video of the opening due to the many requests he has gotten. The Order has recently posted a R.I.P video dedicated to onemanga.com being shut down due to copyright claims. The video has received much reaction from fans. They have also posted a video thanking their fans for over 300 subscribers. The video is done with Ranma's head on the Spartans from 300 as the attack iHop. They have also released a video talking about their new backup channel, theorderofadd. Recently Kidkash left the Order so the roles of Akane and Soun open. SuperHyperConsoleBoy took up the role of Soun and PygmyPuffPie was given the role of Akane. PygmyPuffPie's improvised audition was so funny that those at the Order decided to upload the audition edited with a video. This video also introduced PygmyPuffPie's "pedo voice" which would be used for the shop keeper in the school.


  • When working on the Ranma 1/2 Movie, Redbeast13 used iMovie but since the start of the series he has been using Final Cut Pro.
  • In the movie, Shibien13 voiced the entire Kuno family.
  • SuperHyperConsoleBoy's first name was Marrioman99, but had it changed.
  • Shibien13 and Redbeast13 work together on their own Rurouni Kenshin X Abridged Series, which most of the Order members have cameoed in.
  • Fullmetalraz and Bubblebibbit work together on their own series, Tenchi Muyo Abridged by The Lighthawk Force and Fullmetal Brotherhood Abridged by the Fullmetal Force.
  • Fullmetalraz, before becoming a member, and Bullidom12 camioed in an early episode as Ed and Al from FMABA to give Ryoga directions.
Order of A.D.D