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03/13/2016 - Present.



This article is about the upcoming abridged series created by VegetaSasuke0 known as Ookami Kakushi The Abridged Series.


The series started out as a simple script, originally planned for release as part of the Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon (#TIBA) contest by TeamFourStar, in plans to revive VegetaSasuke0's parody career, but was shortly shelved due to personal life drama & time constraints. VegetaSasuke0 had seen the Ookami Kakushi anime roughly around 2013, figuring that he was a fan of Ryukishi07's previous work such as Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (or simply known as Higurashi When They Cry), & Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, that he would enjoy this series as well, only to come to the realization that the anime was bad. Not only did he find the anime to be bad, but he found it to be worse than School Days (which he also did an abridged series of), prompting him to stay away from anime for quite some time, only to keep getting drawn back in by this series so that he could parody it in some way, shape, or form.


  • VegetaSasuke0 - Script Writer, Editor, Hiroshi Kuzumi, Sakaki Shunichiro, & Extras.
  • SoulReaperHikuru - Script Supervisor, Masaki Kuzumi, Issei Tsumuhana, Homeroom Teacher, & Extras.
  • Glaringshare (HeavenStare) - Kaori Mana.
  • RawrKittyPanda (Trina Deuhart) - Isuzu Tsumuhana, Mana Kuzumi, & Kaname Asagiri.
  • Bitch Brows - Nemuru Kushinada/Kannon Hakuorou.


Character Name Character Picture Character Description Appearance
Hiroshi Kuzumi
Hiroshi Kuzumi Character Profile Picture
Hiroshi is a very plain, but very serious & curious character who wishes to learn the secrets of the new town he has become a part of. Episode 01
Masaki Kuzumi
Masaki Kuzumi Character Profile Picture
The father of Hiroshi & Mana Kuzumi, Masaki has split personality, as he believes by day he is legendary thief Lupin the third, while at night (or rather when he is not up to his thieving ways) he is legendary horror writer Stephen King. Episode 01
Mana Kuzumi
Mana Kuzumi Character Profile Picture
Mana is the sister of the main character Kuzumi, who is also very weak, yet can show off quite a bit of attitude to anyone, similar to a tsundare. Episode 01
Isuzu Tsumuhana
Isuzu Tsumihana Character Profile Picture
Isuzu is a very cheery, happy go lucky, cutesy character who has a strong attraction for the main character Hiroshi. Episode 01
Issei Tsumuhana
Issei Tsumihana Character Profile Picture
Issei is the loving brother of Isuzu, a popular guy, but as a member of the village, acts rather strange, he also has a tendency to change the pitch of his voice. Episode 01
Kaname Asagiri
Kaname Asagiri Character Profile Picture
Kaname is somewhat of a bookworm, in the sense that she really likes learning about the history of the village & it's lore, some consider her to be a bit too nosy. Episode 01
Nemuru Kushinada
Nemuru Kushinada Character Profile Picture
Nemuru is a very mysterious & dark character, she doesn't talk very much but has a very quiet voice, she can also show off a bit of her own fierce attitude. Episode 01
Kannon Hakuorou
Kannon Hakuorou Character Profile Picture
Believed to be Nemuru Kushinada's alter ego, Kannon is a deity that reaps the souls of those who have strayed from the right path. Episode 01
Kaori Mana
Kaori Mana Character Profile Picture
Kaori is a very physically weak, yet very kind hearted & mature adult woman who gives her time to anyone in the village who asks. TBA
Sakaki Shunichiro
Sakaki Shunichiro Character Profile Picture
Sakaki is a mysterious man who is looking for answers about the village. TBA
Homeroom Teacher
Ookami Kakushi Teacher Character Profile Picture
The homeroom teacher of the main characters, this character is inspired by DashieXP. Episode 01

Episode List & Other Information[]

Episode List[]

Thumbnail Episode Original Air Date
Ookami Kakushi TAS Episode 1 Thumbnail
Episode 01 12/15/2017
Episode 02 TBA


Ookami Kakushi The Abridged Series is a fan based Parody. Ookami Kakushi (game, anime, & manga) is owned & licensed by Konami, AIC (Anime International Company) & Sentai Filmworks. It is also directed by Ryukishi07 & Nobuhiro Takamoto. Ookami Kakushi was written by Konami, Ryō Masaki, & Touko Machida. This is a non-profit fan based parody, & all rights belong to the original copyright holders. Please support the official release.


  • This is the first abridged series of Ookami Kakushi since the source material's original release.
  • This is also apparently the first project of Ookami Kakushi to be dubbed in English since the source material's original Japanese release.

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