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GeneralZ03's One Piece TAS otherwise known as OPTAS started September 22, 2009. It began with the episode special, "The Kidd and Law Show" which was a compilation of episodes 402 and 403 with that parts with Kidd and Law in them. Then on October 30, 2009 the first official episode of OPTAS was upload to Youtube. The first episode was episode 402 of the original series. The reason for this was because all previous One Piece Abridged started for episode one of the original series and stopped a few episodes later. GeneralZ03 thought that was boring and decided to start at a point where all the characters had been established. Also due to how it took 4kids forever with the beginning episodes and how much the were overplayed. Also now that Funimation has been redubbing the series they have started with episode one. GeneralZ03 thought it was time for a change. Some were not happy about this and others were, it was about 50/50 reaction. However this worked out in the end due to two other One Piece Abridged Series. Each episode is about 6 to 7 minutes long, and so far there has been 5 episodes one special and one episode add on. GeneralZ03 does all the voices work with the exception of Boa Hancock. Also he does the script writing and editing. Currently he uses IMovie to edit and is trying to figure out how to use Final Cut. In April Youtube and Toei Animation began removing OPTAS videos. General Z03 soon took down the other videos before the his account was suspended. However they are now being upload on a new account Called Grand Line Studios.

Other One Piece Abridges[]

There are three One Piece Abridges that are Currently running. There is Faux-Nami Productions which started in the middle of the series around the Foxy Pirates arc. Then there is XxReaper7xX's series which started at the beginning. And then there is GeneralZ03's series that is closer to the current story. Each series indirectly seem to be covering the story of One Piece. Each series is completely different and unique but in the end help get the story across.


Luffy-The main character, Luffy doesn't act like his anime counterpart. He is less like a shonen character and more like an average Joe type of guy. His voice sounds closest to GeneralZ03s but is a little higher.

All Characters Below Are Subject to Change When They Get More Screen Time

Zoro-Zoro has yet to be useful due to his injuries and is some what walked all over in the series. Not having been incorporated in to the series yet he loves to murder. His voice is rough and tough.

Nami-Not much personality has been put into Nami yet but when the episode that has to do with checking in on the crew comes around more will be revealed. Nami sounds like Tea from Littlekuriboh's YGOTAS.(But honestly what girl character doesn't sound like that from an abridged series)

Usopp-He seems to have a more important role in the series seeing as how he has had more screen time than most of the other characters.In the original series he is basically useless and the same goes for the abridged version. His voice sounds like a parrot.

Sanji-Is a very big pervert in the series more than his anime counterpart. He even goes as far to say he's going to rape(jokingly of course) Nami quickly changing rape to protect while they fight Kuma. He sounds as close to the funimation dub Sanji as possible.

Chopper-Is in the same boat as Nami when it comes to character development not much is known yet.

Robin-Is British/English in series for unknown reasons. But she is indifferent to the crew sometimes.

Franky-Franky has some Popeye characteristics due to his large forearms and the fact that in the abridged series he runs on spinach because of it. His voice is a mix of Sani and Zoro's voices.

Brooke-His character is based on Achmed the Dead Terrorist since he is also a skeleton. He is constantly talking about the 72 Virgins he will receive in heaven.

Guest Appearances

KelleeX0X0 as Boa Hancock


Episode 1-It's The Pilot And We're Already Dead

The crew gets more than they can handle with Kumabots up the wazoo

Episode 2-We're Still Getting Our Asses Kicked.

The crew is still getting there asses kicked.

Episode 3-The Show Must Go On

The crew gets picked off one by one till only Luffy is left.

Episode 3-Plus

An extra to the episode which is the memories of Luffy getting his crew mates.

Episode 4-Feminism At It's Fullest

Luffy lands on Amazon Lily an island of nonsense and women.

Episode 5-Best Day Ever

Luffy looks for a boat to go find his useless crew and ends up in a heap of trouble. Guest voice of KelleeX0X0 as Boa Hancock.

Episode 6- The Trial of Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy goes to court for some old unpaid parking tickets. Guest voice of KelleeX0X0 as Boa Hancock.

OPTAS Specials

The Kidd and Law Show

Kidd and Law Face against Kuma Schwarzenegger.

One Piece TAS-Blooper Special-Ep 1

A show case of KelleeX0X0 blooper takes.

Recurring Jokes[]

-Characters saying "Well I'll be damned"

-Brooke talking about his 72 virgins

-Zoro being useless

-4kids jokes from the series like Sanji's lollipop and Luffy singing the 4kids theme song while running away from Boa Hancock

-Shots at Luffy's sexuality since in the original series Luffy isn't really tempted by women and is absent minded when it comes to them due to his shonen characteristics

-All the Kumbots have different Personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a gay german guy and the original Kuma is Optimus Prime or Kuma Prime

-Usopp's made up diseases

-The Marines are trying to take over the show by getting rid of the Strawhats

-Luffy having some what of a drug addiction

-Every time Boa Hancock turns someone to stone she says a bad stone pun


The opening from episodes 1-4 started with a disclaimer and then GeneralZ03 saying, "It's the age of pirates and they all have one goal in mind finding the legendary One Piece, however there is one pirate in particular who has the burning passion to do it, these are the abridged tale of him and his crew", followed by the song We Are the first One Piece opening. This however was taken out due to the fact it was about a minute long and GeneralZ03 thought that the views probably skipped over it so he took it out. Now the opening starts with the disclaimer and the Remix version of We Are.


The ending is usually a quick word from GeneralZ03 and then one last joke. In episode 3 in was a memorial to Zoro who was the first that Kuma had gotten rid of. In episodes 4 and 5 was original jokes. When episode 1 gets its reboot after the Ace and Blackbeard Special it will have one as well.