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This is a One Piece abridged series created by Rurrlock-God of Power, it debuted on YouTube on July 16th, 2012. It parodies the hit manga/anime series by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece, following the same basic synopsis and character development of the series...except abridged to the max.


Rurrlock was introduced to abridged series by a friend, who followed LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged series. Soon afterwards, Rurrlock decided he wanted to have a go at it. He choose One Piece as his focus, due to being a huge fan of the series, as well as there not being a definitive One Piece Abridged as of yet, with None Piece coming closest.

After watching numerous One Piece abridged series, Rurrlock gathered ideas along with his younger brother, Gunnerkid2, and began work on it.

They have confirmed they will do the Captain Morgan, Buggy the Clown and Captain Kuro Arcs.

List of Episodes[]


  • Rurrlock-God of Power - Luffy, Alvida, Zoro
  • Gunnerkid2 - Coby


  • Rurrlock watched every One Piece Abridged series he could find for inspiration, and to make sure his jokes haven't already been used.
  • Is the first abridged series where Luffy pronounces his attacks Gomu-Gomu No instead of Gum-Gum.
  • The joke regarding the narrator's mispronouncning of Eiichiro Oda was based on Rurrlock's inability to say the name after the first couple of takes (He can say it properly now).
  • Due to Gunnerkid2's autism, he found it difficult saying long sentences properly or in the right way in the first episode. So Rurrlock done all the voices first, including Coby's, and then when finished, Gunnerkid2 would copy the dialouge in his own voice. But once settling into the role, Gunnerkid2 recorded all of his lines for 'Luffy watches One Piece Film Z Trailer' in one take.
  • Originally, Gunnerkid2 was also going to voice Alvida, but that role was eventually filled by Rurrlock.
  • Rurrlock's favourite line in the series so far is 'Coby, when an anime hero loses his shirt, s*** is about to go down!'