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NakamaLogo Timeskip'D TeamNakama's One Piece Abridged

Created by

OmegaOptimusSupreme, Sabien & Zombifaction

Edited by




Original Run

December 22, 2010 - Current



TeamNakama's One Piece Abridged is the title of a parody of the hit manga and anime series by Eiichiro Oda. TeamNakama was created because of a lack of continuing enjoyable One Piece abridged series. such as One Piece Abridged & One Piece TAS, ironically it almost befell the same fate.

TeamNakama is centered more around the series story line, as opposed to the completely off the wall comedy most tend to use for One Piece Abridged (None Piece). It has been said that when you abridge One Piece you should "Go crazy and abridge the hell out of it." We disagree to a point. None Piece is fucking hilarious though (Author's Note).

The Time Skip'D portion of TeamNakama's One Piece Abridged is still the same series just a way to separate the original idea with the revival.


TeamNakama was the brainchild of OmegaOptimusSupreme and Sabien in 2010. Created because of the lack of continuing One Piece Abridged series as well as to show off their love for the series. While still in the idea stage Zombifaction joined duo as a writer and guest voice actor. After a few weeks of spit balling Zombifaction took over Sabien's writing for for episode one. After a year of rewrites and editing Fishdragon took on the role of video editor fro TeamNakama. With Fishdragon editing they set a date for the first episode to premiere the same day that One Piece was coming back form the 2 year time skip. After the first episode was released TeamNakama was working on episode 2 for a few months before personal issues caused Fishdragon to bow out as editor. Zombifaction tried to take over the role and released a few small videos from friends of the group as well as Zombifaction only real release, "Always Sunny in One Piece", which was really just a test of lip flaps. After its release TeamNakama seemingly died. But what seemed to be an indefinite hiatus, was only just the end of a chapter.

Time Skip'D[]

In late 2012 Fishdragon got in contact with Zombifaction saying "I want to abridge One Piece again." From that simple phrase sprang TeamNakama's One Piece Abridged (Time Skip'D). So instead of going through the entire first half of One Piece they decided to just jump to the time skip. That said they are planning to go back and abridge the previous arcs they missed, eventually. The entire cast has agreed to reprise their roles in hopes of doing justice to the original purpose of the group.


Episode Title Summary Link
1 A Barrel of Monkey When a young cabin boy named Koby meets an insane sociopath floating in a barrel his life will change forever. TeamNakama's One Piece Abridged Episode 1
2 TBA In Production-Writing Early 2013


Voice Actor Role
OmegaOptimusSupreme Zoro, Franky, Near Sighted Larry
MuklukTheAvenger Koby
Sabien Monkey D. Luffy, Brook
Aussieroth Chopper
RhapsodyDusk Nami
The3rd23790 Narrartor
Zombifaction Sanji, Usopp
RaventailBlacktalon Nico Robin

Running Jokes[]

  • Helmeppo's name was changed to Helamapepapo and when a voice actor said his name, no matter who, they had to raise their pitch and attitude. (Original script for Episode 2)