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Norkkah started when a friend of his had shown him Youtube and thus he started making AMVs(Anime Music

Norkkah "Noah"



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 Videos).  Norkkah had always loved making AMVs and he trys to find time to make more. His first AMV was The Way Vegeta Is, song he used was the Way I'm by Eminem. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RQ7JnLOISs). Norkkah's most popular video is Goku's Fatality (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AStuQyB3MmI). Norkkah's latest AMV was Jiraiya and Asuma Meant to Live in which he used Meant To Live by Switchfoot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbFxqvfcN7I).  After awhile Norkkah started to realize everyone had a "productions" labeled on their AMVs, so he tried to find a name other then Norkkah Productions or Nork the Dork Productions, so he came up with Psycho Ninja Productions. The first video to feature Psycho Ninja Productions was Psycho Saiyans (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwflD5sr2MY). Later Norkkah and JK3SZ (who had B.A.D.S. Productions on his videos) did work together which led to a group to be called Bad Ninja Productions.

Norkkah's first voice over project never got on the internet which was a voice over of an amv JK3SZ had on his  computer. Norkkah then tried his hand in a series called Dragon Ball Z Opera which never got to Youtube but did make it to Dailymotion on the account of Bad_Ninjas_Productions (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x55evp_dbz-opera-episode-1_fun?search_algo=2#.UQ1w9r8Uje9). Norkkah did this project with JK3SZ and HJ4KL (Mavent64). 

Later in his voice over career, one of his close friends, dogface701, recruited him to join a Death Note Abridged series that got (what seems to be) canceled. In that series Norkkah played as Moogi and extras. After doing work with dogface701, JK3SZ, and some others for awhile, JK3SZ and Norkkah decided to make a Beyblade Abridged on the account of TheBladeSharks, which has two episodes out and the thord is in the middle of the scripting phase. During the years of absence between BBA episode 1 and episode 2, Norkkah thought of doing a Kiba  Abridged series by himself and it made it past the episode 1 script and intro phases but only got a few voices recorded which led to not getting published. Norkkah then started a GunXSword Abridged but quit doing that after finishing the first episode, he found someone else had used some jokes he had in his episode in other GXSA sereis so Norkkah decided not to publish it on Youtube so that no one would accuse him of copying others.

Norkkah after episode 2 of BBA came out, Norkkah reunited with HJ4KL, which he had changed his name to Mavent64, as well as joined with JK3SZ on a project called Avatar the Last Airbender Abridged. this series got to episode 2 and the cast and crew are undecided on continuing or not. After awhile Stclair444 (Mavent64's friend in school), wanted to try his hand in voice acting so Norkkah, Mavent64, and JK3SZ decided to do their first big project, Code Geass Abridged, their first project with a big cast. The cast included Norkkah, Mavent64, JK3SZ, Stclair444, NintendoWiiS100, SakuraYuki112Jr, Spiritkitten, xxmysteryxxx, Dylavox, dogface701, marikoxmia, and LuCkY DuCk. After the first two episode of CGA got published Norkkah got into various projects with Stclair444 and JK3SZ, which some are a Cardfight Vanguard Abridged and a Naruto Shippuden Fandub with

JK3SZ. After awhile Norkkah and JK3SZ as well as Stclair444 decided to make a Death Note Abridged of their


First photo Norkkah edited.

own which made it to episode two and is in the scripting phase. Norkkah also joined JK3SZ, Gothic0Gaara, Spiritkitten, as well as another female voice actress for a Gundam Wing Abridged. They are currently looking for the last two members to join so they can start GWA.

Norkkah edited most of his works such as Beyblade Abridged. Norkkah is also the editor for Code Geass Abridged. Norkkah is the editor of DNA as well. Norkkah helped with the cast and script for Naruto Shippuden Fandub as well as the editor, it hasn't uploaded its first episode yet (starts on episode 77 so that it can catch up easier to the official English Dub and hopefully catch up to the Japanese Dub).

Norkkah found a podcast called Konoha Corner, in which one of the founders, Gothic0Gaara, became friends with Norkkah. When Norkkah mentioned the Naruto Shippuden Fandub to Gothic0Gaara, Gothic0Gaara offered a partnership to do a Hitman Reborn Fandub with him, after some contemplation Norkkah said yes to the offer and became the co-director for the manga dubbing and the director and editor for the anime fandub. Norkkha joined JK3SZ once again along with Stclair444 and Dylavox to do the Episode Of Bardock Fandub as Chilled and the editor. Norkkah also heard of MasendanX was doing a DBZ re-dub and has plans to audition. Norkkah also auditioned for JK3SZ's Tales of Symphonia The Animation Fandub and got some roles in their as well but is not the editor. Norkkah has a secret project he is ding but hasn't revealed yet but will later as soon as its ready. Norkkah also had planned a radioplay based on the time period of the Three Kingdoms in  China called A Soldier's Tale and is still looking for auditions. (http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/showthread.php?82390-Dynasty-Warriors-Tale-of-Soldiers-Radio-Play-*SHU-CHARACTER-AUDITIONS-OPEN*&highlight=) for Shu Characters, (http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/showthread.php?82421-Dynasty-Warriors-Tale-of-Soldiers-Radio-Play-*WEI-CHARACTER-AUDITIONS-OPEN*&highlight=) for Wei Characters, (http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/showthread.php?82424-Dynasty-Warriors-Tale-of-Soldiers-Radio-Play-*WU-CHARACTER-AUDITIONS-OPEN*&highlight=) for Wu Characters, and (http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/showthread.php?82441-Dynasty-Warriors-Tale-of-Soldiers-Radio-Play-*LU-BU-CHARACTERS-AUDITIONS-OPEN*&highlight=) for Lu Bu's Forces Characters. Norkkah has plans to go to AnimeStLouis, if he goes it would be his first anime convention and also hopes to be able to cosplay as well but is undecided on who he is going to cosplay. Norkkah has a nickname known to others on Facebook and Skype as "Noah."

Abridged Series Projects[]

File:Lip Syncing (Fixed)-1359840104

Norkkah's first Video Lip Syncing with JK3SZ providing voices.

  • Death Note Abridged
  • Beyblade Abridged
  • Code Geass Abridged
  • Naruto Shippuden Fandub
  • Cardfight Vanguard Abridged

Guest Appearences[]

None yet.