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This a listing of main characters from None Piece by PurpleEyesWTF.

Monkey Dee Luffy[]

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Luffy in Episode 1 of None Piece

Monkey Dee Luffy is a 45 year old man who looks like he's 16, due to the fact that he is made of rubber, and it is very difficult to get wrinkles when you're made of rubber. He has a noticeable lisp in his speech, and his accent is somewhat of a cross between Sean Connery and Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants. He first appeared in episode 1 when he burst out of a barrel, taking everyone by surprise. He was sent to jail at some point before for making internet parodies, and enjoys killing people for no apparent reason. His father was a test tube and his mother was a rubber band. Luffy enjoys watching videos of baby seals, particularly one which he has christened "Mr. Fuzzy-Flippers". He also seems to have difficulty recalling his past -- when he was trying to explain to Zoro about his hat, Zoro said that all he did was describe the plots of Arthur: Field of Dreams and Lethal Weapon 2. Every night, Luffy has a recurring dream where he opens up a Cracker Jack box and the kid on the front is the prize inside; he then wakes up in a cold sweat until he pisses himself back to sleep. He seems to be the only one who can hear the narrator's voice; at one point, when the narrator was speaking, he said "There! Right there, damn, there it is again! HOW ARE YOU NOT HEARING THIS!?" He also hates ninjas unlike the original One Piece character. He was the co-star in the unreleased film "Man in a Box 2".


Coby: He doesn't seem to care about Coby at all, saying that he doesn't care what his name is and repeatedly calling him "Cody". He showed a distinct lack of interest when Zoro told him that Coby was in danger. He also forgot Coby on an island, leaving him at the mercy of the Marines.

Zoro: Luffy and Zoro get along fairly well. They both enjoy sandwiches, killing people, and animal crackers.

Nami: He didn't like Nami very much when they met, on account of the fact that she forced him to "marry" her and took him on an apparently awful honeymoon. For a short period after that, he would threaten to kill himself whenever she showed up. Since then, they've become better friends.

Usopp: Luffy likes Usopp, saying that he's "an excellent tactician and marksman". He knew Usopp's father, Yasopp, though he didn't bother trying to recall what he was like when Usopp asked, due to his inability to properly remember his past.

Sanji: Luffy's relationship with Sanji is unknown.

Zolo Zoro[]

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"Zolo" in Episode 4 of None Piece

Zoro became a swordsman and bounty hunter after he saw his master committed seppuku. He later became involved in military conflicts (depicted by the tanks on his background). Many years later, Zoro was then shown tied up by Helmeppo.

Zoro loves pancakes, beer, sandwiches, killing people, and wants to "make sweet sugary love" to Aunt Jemimah (the woman on the syrup bottle). He enjoys going to strip clubs and seems to think that that is what true happiness is. Zoro believes that sarcasm is a smell. He laughed at himself when he said "butthole", indicating that he's rather immature. He referred to animal crackers as "snack food of the gods" and became furious when Rika said "They can't be that good." Zoro doesn't know what a vagina is. He is the second character to notice the narrator. He was the camera man in "Man in a Box 2".


Coby: He cares about Coby more than Luffy, acting concerned when Coby was being threatened by Helmeppo, yet he forgot Coby when it was time to leave.

Luffy: Zoro gets along with Luffy fairly well. They both enjoy sandwiches, killing people, and animal crackers.

Nami: He doesn't like Nami very much. When he was dragging Luffy along in a cage, Nami showed up after he had gone two miles and gave him the key only then. When she insulted his intelligence, he said "Hey, fuck you too Nami!", which also happens to be a pun on the company name "Toonami". Nami set him on fire in episode 7 and ignored his pleas for backup, instead watching funny cat videos with Usopp.

Usopp: Zoro seems to be indifferent towards Usopp. He asks Luffy why they should help him, saying "What's he done for us?" He also called him out for doing more exposition than the narrator.


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Nami in Episode 7 of None Piece.

Nami is the navigator of the Luffy's crew. She first appeared in episode 1 without a speaking role, and showed up later in episode 3. She "married" Luffy and took him on a honeymoon, which she called the "best honeymoon ever". She likes watching funny cat videos and taunting Zoro. In episode 5, she was shown to be looking at a "nude pic of Tara Strong". She also apparently only joined because of Luffy's rubber penis. She also played the main love interest in "Man in a Box 2".


Luffy: She gets along well with Luffy, since they both like killing people (she shot Cabaji in episode 4, while Luffy shot off Buggy's head). In episode 6 it's revealed she joined Luffy's crew because he has a rubber penis. 

Zoro: She enjoys taunting Zoro in ways such as insulting his intelligence, withholding certain keys, and setting him on fire.

Usopp: She seems to get along will with Usopp; they have the shared interest of funny cat videos.


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Usopp in Episode 6 of None Piece.

Usopp is a British man with a nose that is six inches long and wears a hairnet. He is also known as the Butt-Tickler, due to the fact that he tickles the villagers' butts while they sleep. He isn't very smart, shown by the fact that he forgot to warn the villagers about the pirates and he didn't realize that said pirates were at the other port. He likes cat videos. His father ran out on him when he was young. He got the crew their boat. He was also the editor of "Man in a Box 2".


Luffy: He and Luffy like each other. Luffy knew his father, but refused to tell Usopp anything because he's terrible at recalling his past.

Zoro: Usopp's relationship with Zoro is yet to be explored.

Nami: Usopp gets along well with Nami, since they both like funny cat videos.


Sanji is a chef on the Baratie who was introduced on Episode 9. He was first shown defecating on his customer's plate. Meanwhile, another customer supported him by cheering him and after the act, he was called by his boss. His boss calls him a retard and cut his leg after finding out that Sanji slept on his leg. His boss claims that Sanji's retardation is spreading on him.

At the ending of Episode 9, it is unknown whether he joined the crew or not. It might be suggested that he joined after his boss went crazy and exploded after shouting "Ho Ho Ho" many times.

​Supporting Characters[]



Coby in episode 1 of None Piece.

Coby was a chore boy for the Alvida pirates until he met Luffy during a heist. He joined him due to not wanting to be taken by the Marines. He later helped save Zoro from Captain Morgan though was left behind by Luffy and Zoro. He is portrayed as a coward and always worried though will tell Luffy off at times and cares for people. He is around 6 years old and constantly called "Cody".


Alvida: He seems to be terrified of her but not much else is said about their relationship.

Luffy: He overall has a neutral look on Luffy, deciding to join him though he was somewhat forced to. He tried to help Luffy as much as he can and called him out for certain things like his abnormally low placed ears.

Zoro: Coby was at first very scared of Zoro but realized that he wasn't all that bad and helped Luffy save him.


Johnny is a mescaline addict who brought Yosuke with him during his introduction. A crazed man, he reportedly feeds "testicle sandwiches" to Yosuke for 12 days straight after he stabbed Yosuke, much for Zoro's disappointment. Zoro then decided to take them both to the Baratie for actual food.


Yosuke traveled with Johnny during his introduction. He was frequently fellated after Johnny stabbed him, with the latter being addicted to peyote for 12 days. After Zoro got mad at Johnny for all he has done, he takes them both to the Baratie for food.


Jesus is a powerful swordsman who appeared on Second Christmas while Sanji's group fight Don Kringle and his group. He exacted his revenge on this date after he ordered the Fart Salad. He seems to know Zoro well as he asked how the latter has been just before he charged.

Don Kringle[]

Don Kringle is Santa Claus's twin brother who lived in the West Pole (believed to be the CN Tower in Canada) and robs the Baratie every Second Christmas. He has a henchman named Anthony who always introduces himself before saying anything. He was quickly defeated by Luffy after Zoro and Jesus dueled.


Anthony is Don Kringle's henchman with two special abilities which executions both failed. One is his headgear trying to become a crystal ball but broke afterwards. Another of his special abilities is being able to generate flames on his body that burn the wooden deck of the Baratie. After he knocked himself unconscious by exploding off the mast of the Baratie, Luffy calls him a "Flame-Retard-Ant", a pun on "flame retardant" or fire extinguisher.