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Nisekoi Abridged is an abridged series created by quarantine419. It is based on the anime Nisekoi, which is an adaptation of a story with the same name by manga artist Naoshi Komi. It was the first Nisekoi Abridged Series to publish a full episode in the world (March 30th, 2014 was the original upload date).

During its relatively short run, Nisekoi Abridged has been taken off of YouTube twice... once from the creator's personal account, then from the series' home channel.


Nisekoi Abridged has had a few guest appearances by personal acquaintances of quarantine419, filling minor roles (such as the teacher in Episode 1)

  • Name under "Characters" identifies a major character.
Cast Member Characters
quarantine419 Raku Ichijo, Demon Raku, Kosaki Onodera, Shü Maiko (Episode 1), Raku Ichijo's Father, extras.
sydsnap Chitoge Kirisaki (1-3), extras.
redasatomato Chitoge Kirisaki (4 - present)
LoliWithAnExcaliborg Shü Maiko, Adelt Kirisaki, extras.
sturanb Teacher, extras.
annibr Ruri Miyamoto (episode 2), Kosaki Onodera's Mother.
Driatan17 Ruri Miyamoto (Episode 3 onwards), Marika Tachibana, extras.
sachie Seishirō Tsugumi
Skoringo Claude


Episode 1 - "Long Shot"[]

The episode was originally titled "I made a promise, once?", but quarantine419 changed the name to "Long Shot"; stating that "depending on how well it's received, Episode 1 might be the only episode of the series." The episode's description states "It's a long shot that anyone will enjoy this."

Edits and Revisions[]

Episode 1 focuses on a majority of the first episode of the Nisekoi anime. The script was written by quarantine419, and peer reviewed by a personal acquaintance of his.

The original episode was uncensored, and certain elements had to be "rushed" due to time constraints. Before its removal, "Nisekoi Abridged 1" had received over 570 views, 45 likes, and 1 dislike.

After receiving feedback on the episode from peers, and following the episode's removal from YouTube by Sony Music Japan International; quarantine419 went back to the episode, and corrected audio levels, added censorship bleeps, corrected scenes that had errors, properly finished scenes that were "rushed", and made minor tweaks to the episode.

The finalized version was uploaded to quarantine419's personal YouTube channel for 10 hours, and on the suggestion of LoliWithAnExcaliborg, the episode was uploaded to a brand new channel for the series, RakuAmnesia, and the series was rebranded "NK:TAS". The series was renamed to "Nisekoi Abridged" from "NK:TAS" in October of 2014.

The episode was removed by Sony Music Japan International once again on May 7th, 2014. By that point, Episode 1 had accumulated 970 views, 53 likes, 3 dislikes, and had been viewed in roughly 51 countries.

Unlike the previous removal, quarantine419 stated that he would submit a counter-claim, and fight for the series.

Episode 1 was reinstated on May 22nd, 2014 and was made private by quarantine419 until early June 2014.

Episode 2 - "Christmas Roofies"[]

quarantine419 announced on Twitter that, due to scheduling conflicts, the episode titled "Popularity Issues" would no longer be Episode 2, but would instead become Episode 3. A new Episode was scripted, and has a planned release date of Mid to Late December, 2014. quarantine419 has stated that he wants to have the episode out before the new year, but has stated that he has shifted his goal to release Episode 2 before Christmas.

The episode was officially released on December 20th, 2014. Not only is it the Second episode, but also serves as a Holiday Special. It is the first episode of Nisekoi Abridged to use the Series logo as a watermark.


Ruri criticizes Onodera for not doing anything about her 'situation'; Onodera recruits Raku to work for a weekend at her family sweets shop before the Christmas holidays; a Typhoon makes landfall... making Raku's escape IMPOSSIBLE!

The episode has been viewed over 9000 times within 3 months of its posting.

Episode 3 - "Popularity Issues"[]

On October 18th, 2014, quarantine419 uploaded an update video to the channel, announcing that the draft script for Episode 2 had been completed. Currently, it is undergoing peer review and revisions. quarantine419 has also announced that neither he nor sydsnap would be able to record until November.

Unfortunately, after contacting Sydsnap about recording, quarantine419 decided to push the episode tentatively titled "Popularity Issues" to become Episode 3, due to Sydsnap's unavailability until January. The episode is slated for release in early to mid 2015 (March - May range optimistically).

In February 2015, annibr parted ways with the cast of Nisekoi Abridged. DriatanVA was recruited as a new cast member to fill the role of Ruri Miyamoto.

The episode was released on September 25th, 2015.


Chitoge is trying to understand why she's not super popular at school, so she consults the people she hangs out with the most. Raku tries to figure out what their fathers were thinking in forcing him and Chitoge to date, while continuing to struggle with his newfound inner personality.

Episode 4 - "CLICK. STEP. RESTART"[]

A fourth episode is in early editing stages. A majority of lines have been collected, but due to factors outside of the editor's control (primarily paid-work related factors) the release of the episode has been pushed back.

DBSteele Media has stated that he went through 12 DRAFTS of the script before he was satisfied with the results.

Synopsis will be made available when the episode is uploaded.

Episode List[]

Episode Upload Date Viewing Status
Episode 1 (Original) March 30, 2014 Copyright Claimed: Banned.
Episode 1 April 25, 2014 Public
Episode 2 December 20, 2014 Public
Episode 3 September 25, 2015 Public
Episode 4 2018/2019 Not Yet Released