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July 28, 2009 - November 18, 2014


9 Episodes
+ 1 Movie


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Ninjabridge is an alternative YouTube account for LittleKuriboh. The account is primarily used to host his parody series called "Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show" (often called "the Naruto Spoof" for short). It is also used as a fallback account to host more risky videos, material unrelated to Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, or to host episodes while the main account is down.

The Ninjabridge youtube channel also contains LittleKuriboh's infamous "troll videos", in which he makes fun of the rest of the abridged community, notably Team Four Star, Box of Danger and Chicknwings. His videos led to the creation of popular parodies of these personalities called Turkeylegs (Chicknwings) and The Dangerous Box (Box of Danger). The latter now has a site which also hosts the episodes of the Naruto Spoof.


Naruto The Abridged Comedy Spoof is an abridged parody of the anime series Naruto, and is also a parody of Naruto Abridged by MasakoX and Vegeta3986. The series was created by LittleKuriboh as an April Fool's Day prank in 2009, where he pretended to be abandoning Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged to make his own Naruto Abridged Series. The series is updated irregularly between updates to his main series and latter episodes feature the voices of many other famous abridgers, including a role played by MasakoX.

Voice Actors[]

  • LittleKuriboh: Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Hokage, Iruka, Hinata, Gatoh, Mizuki
  • Takahata101: Itachi, the Rower
  • MasakoX: Tazuna
  • Lanipator: Zabuza
  • blackrose1m: Narrator, "Gilligan", Konohamaru
  • KaiserNeko: Haku
  • Nowacking: Tsunami

Guest Cameos[]

Episode List[]

Image Episode Air Date
Ninjabridge Episode 1 1 - PILOT NO JUTSU July 28, 2009
Ninjabridge2 2 - SKIPPING NO JUTSU July 27, 2009
3 fanserice no jutsu 3 - FANSERVICE NO JUTSU~!

November 16, 2009

BOWIE NO JUTSU~! 4 - BOWIE NO JUTSU~! March 16, 2010
Mqdefault-3 5 - MILKSHAKE NO JUTSU~! April 6, 2010
Mqdefault-2 6 - WEEABOO NO JUTSU~! March 20, 2011
Mqdefault-1 7 - FARTABET NO JUTSU~! June 25, 2011
Mqdefault8 8 - ENNETHING NO JUTSU~! July 30, 2012
9 - FENG SHUI NO JUTSU~! November 18, 2014

Running Gags[]

  • Naruto has a smoking habit.
  • Sasuke is emo and has constant internal monologues, saying that nobody will ever understand the pain he feels.
  • Sasuke refers to members of his family as "Sasuke's father" and "Sasuke's brother" instead of calling them by their names.
  • Iruka is obsessed with One Piece.
  • People making fun of Joe Hokage's name.
  • Nobody likes Sakura.
  • Clucky the Chicken.
  • Kakashi refers to himself as David Bowie and often breaks into song, but he denies it when called David Bowie by other people.
  • A lot of words have Ninja added before them, mainly by Iruka.
  • Naruto is extremely fond of the Rower for no apparent reason and frequently overblows the Rower's importance to accomplishing things and his comedic value, with the Rower frequently dismissing these claims.
  • Naruto hates and kills narrators.
  • Naruto has a homosexual attraction to Sasuke.
  • Naruto says "no jutsu" when he references something. (i.e. "Diarrhea no jutsu!")
  • Anything is better than watching a Mermaid Melody fandub.
  • Naruto frequently compares bad things to the movies The Godfather and Elf starring Will Ferrell, as well as comparing them to each other, saying that they're both overrated and basically the same. He also frequently misattributes the film that Will Ferrell stars in.
    • These two running gags have been combined into one at the end of episode 8, where Naruto imagined a Mermaid Melody fandub starring Will Ferrell, stating that it was "the worst pain imaginable".
  • People will almost always be bribed by some paperclips and a Subway coupon. The only exception to this seems to be Sasuke, as he refused the bribe when Naruto wanted him to play Duke Nukem Forever and in a Christmas short when he determined that these were not sufficient Christmas gifts to receive from Sasuke's brother.
  • Sasuke's unable to pronounce the word "anything" correctly, pronouncing it as "ennething" instead.
  • Ninjas can't pronounce nuclear.
  • The Hokage often refers to things he doesn't like as "retarded", pronouncing it "retaaaaarrrdid".
  • The Hokage has a shotgun.
  • Iruka constantly wants to converse with "Joekage", often getting into his house, much to the Hokage's annoyance, and at times, anger.
  • Naruto adds unnecessary amounts of suffixes to other people's names, especially with Kakashi, calling him "David Bowie-sama-sensei-senpai-san-sama! ...kun!" when he first meets him.
  • Iruka is a huge fan of and has big respect for Turkeylegs and his Ninja Community Awards, elevating him even above the Hokage.
  • "Meet the Spartans on Blu-Ray" is referenced by Iruka on several occasions.
  • Anytime Bill from Accounting is mentioned, a brief clip of him falling out a skyscraper window while screaming is played, his name previously being "Chad from Accounting".
  • Iruka gets extremely angry whenever someone asks him for money.
  • Iruka hates Bleach.
  • Sasuke often swears revenge on other people as follows: "Damn/Curse you, (name). I shall get you back... somehow..."
  • Naruto saying "(object) is full of shit!"
  • Naruto flubbing his lines and having to start again.


  • The "Master Ninja Theme Song" is from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode "Master Ninja I" from Season 3.
  • LittleKuriboh voices a number of Ninjabridge characters in Pirates and/or Ninjas, a non-canon crossover by PurpleEyesWTF, featuring Luffy from None Piece.

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