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ThePRPD's Neon Genesis Evangelion The Abridged Series

Created by

ThePuertoRicanPizzaDude (ThePRPD)





Neon Genesis Evangelion The Abridged Series by ThePuertoRicanPizzaDude is the fourth one to be done. The first episode originally uploaded on September 8th, 2008.


After watching Neon Genesis Evangelion it had become ThePRPD's favorite anime. After his viewing of the series he had been curious if an abridged series based on Neon Genesis Evanfelion had been done. At the time there had been two abridged series based on Evangelion but neither had gone passed two episodes. Instead of waiting for one that was really good to come out he had decided to make one himself. He did not have a very flexible voice and was terrible when it came to doing female voices. Since he did not want to resort to using an audio editor pitching to pitch his voice to sound more femminine and try to change it to match other characters he went to the VoiceActingAlliance forums and held a casting call for roles. During the wait for more auditions ThePRPD had made two promos in time. The first promotion video involved Gendo Ikari and Kozoh Fuyutsuki. This was based on episode 11 and involved Kozoh being a "jinx". This was uploaded on July 15th, 2008. The second promotional video had uploaded on July 21st, 2008 and involved Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami discussing whether or not Shinji "believed" in The Abridged Series. Shinji gives a negative response and is slapped by Rei. Episodes had been released monthly with the exception of episode 7 and nine. In the first four episodes of The Abridged Series ThePRPD used "full end credits" in the style of the original series. This had caused issues in trying to keep the episode under 11 minutes and as of episode 5 ThePRPD changed the style of the end credits. Each song that is heard in the end credits changes each episode.

Cast Throughout the Series[]

  • ThePRPD voices most of the characters on the series. He voices Shinji Ikari, Toji Suzuhara, Kensuke Aida, Kozoh Fuyutsuki, Gendo in the first four episodes, random students, various NERV computers, most of the angels, and The Admiral.
  • Aena (credited as Phoenixe, her YouTube screen name, in the early episodes) voices Asuka, Ritsuko, Hikari, and as of episode 5 Maya.
  • Usagi as of episode 5 voiced Misato.
  • DukeRobear (YouTube screename) voices the generals who appears in episode one and later appears in episode 11, Makoto Hyuuga, and Shigeru Aoba.
  • NikkiKora (YouTube screenname) voices Rei Ayanami as of episode 6 and Yui Ikari. She will also voice Mana Krishima in an upcoming abridged series spin off titled "Girlfriend of Wax".
  • Tyler1337Admin voices Gendo Ikari as of episode 5.
  • master_lloyd voices Kaji.
  • Mippa (see former cast members) voiced Misato Katsuragi and Maya Ibuki.
  • Sangovengence (see former cast members) voiced Rei Ayanami.

Former Cast[]

  • Mippa voiced Misato and Maya in the first four episodes.
  • Sangovengence voiced Rei for the first 5 episodes.

Cast Replacements[]

  • Around episode 5 due to an issue behind the scenes, the voice actress who voiced Misato Katsuragi and Maya Ibuku, Mippa, decided to quit voicing and had been replaced with Usagi and Aena accepted the role of Maya.
  • Due to issues in her personal life Sangovengence could not voice Rei. NikkiKora went from being backup to full cast member.
  • Since ThePRPD was not satisfied with pitching his voice Tyler1337Admin, who is also a friend of ThePRPD, auditioned to be Gendo and received the part.

Guest Appearences[]

Over the course of the series there have been guest appearences.

  • Episode 4: Wraith10 who does a Yu-Gi-Oh! 5ds Abridged Series, MasterWGS who is involved in a lot of Abridged Series related projects and is best known for his Pokemon The Abridged Series, and furiousreviewer who is a former friend of ThePRPD.
  • Episode 7: furiousreviewer.


Episode One was made using Windows Movie Maker. As of episode 2 all editing was done with Sony Vegas pro Video 8. All audio editing is done in Audacity and Sony Vegas.

ThePRPD has written every episode. Fellow cast member Aena(Phoenixe) wrote most of the "Asuka's Evangelion" scene for episode 8.


The main opening is set to "Thesis of a Cruel Angel" by Yoko Takahashi. The opening is reduced to 45 seconds and parodies to the subliminal messages of the original opening can be noted.

  • In the first episode ThePRPD included the whole opening of Evangelion. In a F.A.Q. video, that has not been re-uploaded even on ThePRPD2 account for unknown reasons, ThePRPD stated that he wanted to try changing things but realized "it was kind of stupid during the process of making episode 2" and that it was also the reason why episode 1 was divided into two parts.
  • In episode 6 a shortened opening set to the main theme of EVA: Re-Take.
  • No opening was shown in episode 5.
  • Episode 9 had a very short opening. The reason for this is due to youtube's 10 minute 59 second video limit.

Appearance of ThePRPD's NGE TAS[]

  • The I.D. Card Scanner scene in episode 5 made #35 in Cassius614's "The Life Abridged: Spring Countdown".
  • Episode Nine is mentioned in Imphic's "The Week in Abridging: August 2-August 8".

YouTube accounts[]

ThePRPD has hosted his series on three accounts. His current YouTube account is PRPDthe3rd. His first was "ThePRPD" and his second was "ThePRPD2". His new backup account is "ThePRPD4Eva".