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Oct 19, 2006 - June 10, 2018


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Naruto the Abridged Series is a parody of the anime series Naruto and was the second abridged series created. It shows the characters in ways most people see them, such as Naruto having ADD, Sasuke being emo, and Sakura being useless, all for comedic effect. There are also recurring themes not found in the anime, such as the one foot tall brick wall, Clucky and The Log. It also mentions other anime such as Sailor Moon, Pokemon, One Piece, and Inuyasha.

History[edit | edit source]

MasakoX's E"X"it[edit | edit source]

In 2011, MasakoX the co-creator and voice actor, left the production of Naruto The Abridged Series, for personal reasons (while some say it is because the series has ran it's course, some speculation leads to people thinking that Vegeta3986 was hard to work with, which was why some believe led to his departure from the popular group known as TeamFourStar). His voice roles were replaced by ZeroMaster as well as his role as editor. Since his leaving, there have been only 2 episodes produced and production seems to have been slowed down, though ZeroMaster said that it would continue, and a new channel has been sited for future uploads.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

Season 1: The Zabuza Arc[edit | edit source]


Naruto Abridged Season 1 360p-0

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 Oct 19, 2006
Episode 2 Oct 25, 2006
Episode 3 Nov 2, 2006
Episode 4 Nov 10, 2006
Episode 5 Nov 18, 2006
Episode 6 Dec 6, 2006
Episode 7 Dec 29, 2006
Episode 8 Jan 21, 2007
Episode 9 Feb 13, 2007
Episode 10 Mar 9, 2007

Season 2: The Chuunin Exams Arc[edit | edit source]

Episode Air Date
Episode 11 Mar 27, 2007
Episode 12 Apr 17, 2007
Episode 13 Jun 2, 2007
Episode 14 Jun 25, 2007
Episode 15 Aug 6, 2007
Episode 16 Sep 25, 2007
Episode 17 Oct 27, 2007
Episode 18 Dec 14, 2007
Episode 19 Jan 27, 2008
Episode 20 Apr 2, 2008
Episode 21 May 23, 2008
Episode 22 Aug 16, 2008

Season 3: Tsunade/Sasuke Retrieval Arc[edit | edit source]

Episode Air Date
Episode 23 Mar 4, 2009
Episode 24 May 2, 2009
Episode 25 Mar 3, 2010
Episode 26 Apr 23, 2010
Episode 27 Feb 27, 2011
Episode 28 Mar 7, 2011
Episode 29 Mar 16, 2011
Episode 30 Apr 22, 2011
Episode 31 Sep 3, 2011
Re:Abridged 31 Sep 7, 2013
Episode 32 Jun 10, 2018

Movies[edit | edit source]

Movie Air Date
Movie 1 May 20, 2011
Movie 2 May 28, 2012

Common Jokes[edit | edit source]

  • Sakura being useless (and everyone hating her for it)
  • Sasuke's emoness
  • Naruto and Sakura both being obsessed with Sasuke
  • Sasuke wanting to kill Itachi because he stole the last Klondike Bar
  • Naruto being stupid or having Attention Deficit issues
  • Mentioning (and making fun of) other anime
  • People/objects evolving like Pokemon
  • Random violence
  • Things that happen offscreen
  • The Rower (the man who rowed Team 7's boat in the Land of Waves) turning up at random times
  • 4Kids's censored versions of various anime
  • The Log (actually the logs used in substitution jutsu) being a character that scares everyone off (and being Sasuke's main rival)
  • Characters (or the creators/voice actors) breaking the 4th wall
  • The Computer and "Napkin" deciding opponent match-ups
  • The Hokage and ANBU being stupid/incompetent
  • Lee being Canadian and frequently ending his sentences with an exaggerated "eh"
  • Neji's catchphrase "most heinous"
  • Tenten never getting any screentime (always getting cut off before she can say or do anything)
  • Temari and Hinata dating the show's creators (Vegeta3986 and MasakoX, respectively)
  • Everyone--Neji in particular--mispronouncing "Byakugan" as "Bye-a-kyoo-gan" (often annoying Hinata)
  • Ninja easily seeing through each other's disguises
  • Kakashi's obsession with animals especially saying "Moo" whenever he shakes a carton of milk. Naruto later discovers that Kakashi loves to shake a carton of milk because it plays the 'Make Out Paradise' book on tape as read by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Orochimaru and occasionally other characters wearing odd T-shirts (most famously the "I am Naruto" shirt)
  • Overly dramatic and unrelated episode openings or omake
  • Gaara of the Funk (consists of someone saying "[Blank] of the funk", disco music playing, and a voice repeating what that person just said, though it also once said "Naruto's a douche.")
  • The Sand siblings and those they battle playing a music-related game (DDR for Gaara, Guitar Hero for Temari)
  • The sand siblings' (Gaara, Temari and Kankuro) many uncles (Kankuro will say "Uncle [Blank]!!" in a whiny voice and other characters will tell him to shut up)
  • Iruka saying "Ah, Touché" or getting angry when someone steals that line from him.
  • Random interruptions in the middle of fights, speeches, or flashbacks (often for advertisements)
  • The creation of Naruto's summoning, Clucky the Chicken, who was a spam contest. Clucky might apear as a regular chicken or as a Giant Summoning. (He defeated Kabuto and Orochimaru)
  • Neji and Kiba acting and talking like Bill and Ted (from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure & Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey)
  • The fact that ninjas should never attack while the other character is having a flashback or monologue (or even during advertisements)
  • Shino's love of bugs
  • Shikamaru falling asleep at random times (often in the middle of someone, even himself, saying something)
  • "That's not supposed to bend that way!"
  • "Oh, my spine!"
  • The small block that the Konohamaru Crew hides under being a character called the One-Foot-Tall Brick Wall
  • Random flashbacks (which most characters, other than the character having the flashback, hate)
  • Botched or blunt explanations of the ninja world
  • Orochimaru wanting his "Will Smith shower scene"

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