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02/18/2011 - 11/12/2012




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{TNS} Naruto Shippuden Abridged is a parody created by JXSonic298 and Aprettyaverageguy. The two have attempted many series before, but could never get it to work out. Eventually, JX came up with the idea to try a Naruto Abridged Series, which APAG hesitantly agreed to. The part one series came to a close when both JX and APAG decided they would rather parody Naruto Shippuden instead. After adding a few new members to the team, the series took off, until after episode 16. It was one of the furthest and most consistent NSA out there; releasing an episode almost every month.


Although JX and APAG started as a two man series, they eventually decided to add a few more people to bring the characters to life and make the show sound more realistic. After the release of episode 4, the team held auditions on Voice Acting Alliance, and a new cast was introduced with the release of episode 6 and 6.67. As of now, the cast list is as follows:

  • JXSonic298: Naruto, Gaara, Hiruko, Chiyo, Rock Lee, Pain, Kisame, Kiba, Shino, Yamato, Orochimaru, Izumo, Black Zetsu, Minato, Kakuzu.
  • Aprettyaverageguy: Kakashi, Might Guy, Deidara, Sasori, Kankuro, Tobi, Choji, Sai, Kabuto, White Zetsu, Hidan, Tenten (Season 1).
  • ElkaChan: Sakura (Episodes 1-4), Tsunade.
  • JoeyKat: Sakura (Episodes 6-Present), Hinata.
  • Dragoon4002: Neji, Sasuke, Obito.
  • MHLUNA24: Shikamaru.
  • nightwing2199: Danzo, Asuma.
  • TheAtticus: Jiraiya, Chiriku.
  • spiritkitten: Ino.
  • AMTModollas: Itachi, Yugito.
  • asianTWOPOINTOH: Tenten.

There have been a few occasions where an actor could not perform the role...these times include...

  • Episode 5: JXSonic298 as Itachi
  • Episode 10: JXSonic298 as Tsunade
  • Episode 11: JXSonic298 as Tsunade
  • Episode 15: MHLUNA24 as Asuma

As with many abridged series, there have also been guest star(s)...in this case one. As episodes go on the list may get bigger...

  • Faulerro: Random Ninja in NSA9

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 Feb 18, 2011
Episode 2 Mar 15, 2011
Episode 3 Apr 20, 2011
Episode 4 N/A
Episode 5 Aug 20, 2011
Episode 6 Aug 25, 2011
Episode 7 Sep 10, 2011
Episode 8 Sep 30, 2011
Episode 9 Oct 30, 2011
Episode 10 Nov 21, 2011
Episode 11 Jan 24, 2012
Episode 12 Feb 12, 2012
Episode 13 Apr 13, 2012
Episode 14 May 12, 2012
Episode 15 Jul 15, 2012
Episode 16 Nov 12, 2012