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Episode 4
Season 1, Episode 4
Created by Vegeta3986 & MasakoX
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  • 0:00 - 0:11 James Bond theme.
  • 0:40 Mermaid Melody??
  • 1:12 Music from Naruto.
  • 1:17 Illegal Immigrant work means work that nobody wants to do.
  • 1:21 4Kids
  • 1:40 Game show
  • 1:53 Sea World is a chain of ocean life based theme parks. This references makes more sense later.
  • 2:23 Ritilen (Misspelled) is a medication for people with ADD.
  • 2:27 Prozac is an anti-depression medication.
  • 2:43 Flashbacks occurr often in Naruto, to which this refers to.
  • 3:11 Kage Rangers refers to the Power Rangers. The music played after that is from the original series of Power Rangers.
  • 3:33 Many fanfictions depict a relationship between Anko and Kakashi.
  • 4:06 Refers to the difference between the image of a good ninja in Naruto to a real life ninja.
  • 4:53 Disney probably refers to Disney World in Orlando, FL. This explains the Sea World reference because there is a Sea World in Orlando as well. The two parks compete over tourists.
  • 5:27 Endor probably refers to the forest moon in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.
  • 5:39 Puffy Pajama Pants refers to MC Hammers, the as with the music.
  • Eyecatcher: