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NS/DBZ Crossover was a Crossover of Naruto Shippuden and Dragonball Z headed by Chidori328, Sasukedude and Twilightwolf183. It ultimately failed.

Episode 1 Cast[]

  • Naruto/Goku/Chiyo/Hidan---Sasukedude
  • Vegeta/Kisame/Kakuzu/Tobi/Anouncer---Chidori328 aka Chipmonk3288
  • Deidara/Newscaster---TwilightWolf183
  • Sasori----SquirrelyProductions
  • Sasuke/Krillin/Piccolo/Gaara----Dude2556
  • Konan----monsterchild556
  • Kakashi-----MckaskleX
  • Sakura---HarpiegirlSazuka
  • Android 18--Zangya
  • Hinata---gaaraalone19932
  • Itachi---Kite Stonewater

Episode 2[]

Many of the cast had litterally ran 2 months late and it wasn't until much later that a rough unfinished version of episode 2 was released..just to show what it could've been. Episode 3, the final episode..was canceled.