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My Name Is Mircea Inc. is a fictional company founded by DrMircow to distribute his videos on YouTube.


Early Works[]

DrMircow founded My Name Is Mircea Inc. in September 2008 to upload his own videos on YouTube, after being inspired by Bagonaf's videos. Its first project was entitled My Name Is Mircea and a few trailers were uploaded on the channel, but was ultimately cancelled due to the lack of ideas, work-force and equipment at the time.

After a few weeks since the cancellation, My Name Is Mircea Inc. announced a new project entitled The Irate Mircea Show which was a parody on Irate Gamer. The show ran for two seasons, with approximately 13 episodes produced. It was by far the most popular project, with video views exceeding over 60,000 views. However, the show was generally received mixed reviews by the YouTube community. The fans and people who understood the meaning of the show (which was to mock Irate Gamer) generally enjoyed watching it, although those would didn't, they would trash it. The show was sometimes criticised for its poor sound quality, editing and some of the low-brow jokes, although that was the purpose of the show once again.

The Video Game[]

Besides making just Youtube videos, My Name Is Mircea Inc. was also known for making a fan-based video game entitled The Spook's Apprentice: The Video Game, based on the book with the same name, which started around April 2009. For a period of time, the company was posting walkthroughs from the game until an official trailer was released, which gained almost 15,000 views on YouTube, making it the most viewed video on the channel. As a result, two demos were uploaded as well; the second one being more of patched demo. The game stirred some hype from fans of the books, resulting in many people asking about the release date of the full game or whether the game was endorsed by the author of the books.

Other Videos[]

Along the main projects, My Name Is Mircea Inc. was making small videos too, which were not related to any of the projects. For example, Where The Hell Is Mircea? was a video with DrMircow and his friends dancing around different locations.


By the start of 2010, My Name Is Mircea Inc. started becoming less active on the Internet, with fewer videos being uploaded on YouTube and having less interaction with the community. Therefore, the company went into hiatus. There were many reasons behind that, including DrMicow's lack of new ideas and projects becoming redundant. Even though the company had a few hiatuses in 2009 as well, the one in 2010 was fairly long and worrying.[1]

Main article: Abridged Brothers

However, while the company was not making any new videos, DrMircow started a collaboration project with Bagonaf Studios and Spajatalious Incorporated (later joined by Alano Guy and Jason) entitled Abridged Brothers. By that time, DrMircow was inspired by LittleKuriboh's abridged series which resulted in this collaboration. Initially just an experiment, Abridged Brothers' first project entitled Batman: The Abridged Series was a success and since then DrMircow devoted his work on the collaboration project.


On 2nd March 2011, DrMircow decided to reboot/revive My Name Is Mircea Inc. As a result, the original YouTube channel was terminated, meaning that all the previous projects were cancelled as well. A second channel with a different username was created.[2][3] The reason for that was that DrMircow felt that he needed to change the purpose of the company, so he decided to specialise it in making abridged series, after the success of Abridged Brothers' Batman: The Abridged Series and its spin-offs. He also wanted it to move away from the old projects, and that was the reason for the account termination. Its first official project after the reboot was Men In Black: The Abridged Series, followed by the one-shot Spider-Man: The Abridged Series. Its latest work is the mini parody series Green Lantern In.[4]

On 25th July 2011, an new unknown project was announced through DrMircow's Twitter account which later was revealed to be The Adventures of Tintin Abridged. [5][6]

On 11th October 2011, a brand new project was announced on DrMircow's Tumblr page, involving a mini-series.[7] However, the initial concept of the project was dropped in favour of the one-shot The Room Abridged, which was ultimately uploaded on 22nd Janury 2012.


Main Projects[]

Completed Projects[]

One-Shot Projects[]

Collaboration Projects[]

Former Projects[]

  • The Irate Mircea Show
  • The Spook's Apprentice: The Video Game


  • The company was founded after DrMircow got inspired by Bagonaf's own videos.
  • The name of the company was inspired by the sitcom My Name Is Earl.
  • The "Inc." part of the name was inspired by the Gorillaz song, Feel Good Inc.


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