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MugiwaraMikey is the creator of EastBlueStudios' One Piece Abridged. A parody series intended to shorten the One Piece series while maintaining the balance of the original series and putting in extra comedic material to draw in fans of the original series, or non-fans. In May 2005, long before he started OPA, he started toying with Windows Movie Maker to find out that he could record audios. He did a test dub using footage from Sonic SatAM, which was uploaded to his first account "ZenkaiKenny". He continued doing re-dubs of the Sonic series, and became known by YouTubers. After a year of re-dubbing, TV Tokyo suspended his first account due to the dubbed footage of Sonic X. Afterwards, he created a new account titled "MasenkuuKenny", and reuploaded most of his dubs, and made newer ones. A year later, TV Tokyo once again suspended Mikey's account. A few days later, he created "ZenkaiKenny0", and re-uploaded most of his dubs as well as more footage. After months of uploading, he took a short break and uploaded a video about him leaving YouTube. Fans were upset by this, and downloaded videos he had made and reuploaded them to YouTube for further fans to watch while Mikey was away. In 2008, over a year later, BlackarmsStudios creator Dusk Golem had been to make a video hinting to Mikey's return to YouTube. 2 weeks after that video, Mikey's new account was created. It was titled "MugiwaraMikey". He uploaded dubs for well over a year, until he was once again suspended. His current account is "MugiMikey" .


While Muigi used to dub over video games, anime, and cartoons, he has since moved on to full-blown parodies featuring original animation. He is best known for his Sonic X re-dubs, which featured very crude, and often juvenile humor. Muigi would often (and still does into an extent) incorporate burping, farting, and sex into his jokes.


On October 19th 2015 Mugimikey, TheOnlyFlorence, and DBZSonic launched a patreon to help them out with the various of project they are working on! Please support them on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/MugiMikey?ty=h!

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