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Most Offensive Videos

Years Active:

2002 - 2014

Most Offensive Videos was a content creator who started in 2002, specializing in gag dubs of classic Peanuts specials. Said dubs which are full of extremely vulgar & racist humor are the basic definition of Not Safe for Work. His content was known to predate LittleKuriboh & YouTube content, using the format of abridging but simply labeling it as a parody. His current status is unknown, but considered retired due to not posting for well over 10 years.


Most Offensive Videos had been producing comedy parodies on the internet. What apparently originally started as a VHS Video holiday card for a few friends in 2002 with "A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa" (similar to Trey Parker & Matt Stone of South Park Fame), quickly turned into an overnight viral video phenomenon on the internet, with collective views in the hundreds of millions. The holiday parodies have shocked & entertained audiences worldwide, while influencing mainstream comedy in film as well as television. Most Offensive Video's content seemed heavily inspired by a lot of black comedians such as Redd Foxx & Rudy Ray Moore (AKA Dolemite).

Despite being banned & deleted from every major social/video hosting network, Most Offensive Videos continues to fight for his online existence, & for their place in Internet/viral video history thanks to the dedicated legion of fans who continue to share the back catalogue of videos, as well as help promote his unique brand of comedy.


  • A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa [2002]
  • A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa Redux [2003]
  • It's Martin Luther King Day Charlie Brown! [2003]
  • Suck My Big, Black A** Charlie Brown! [2003]
  • Rudolph The Five-Legged Reindeer [2004]
  • How The Grinch Stole Kwanzaa [2005]
  • It's The Great Dolemite Charlie Brown! [2006]
  • It's Mothaf***in' Ramadan Charlie Brown! [2006]
  • A Silent Night In Paris [2006]
  • Beware of the Easter Ni**a Charlie Brown! [2007]
  • Fanta Claus is Comin'... [2008]
  • Jackie Robinson Is The First Black Baseball Player Charlie Brown! [2010]
  • The Fat Albert Kwanzaa Special [2014]