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Whipmed, LeapingBass, IvanMan64, TheShuler


Whipmed, Ivan LeRoy

Overview[edit | edit source]

MorningRamen is a collaborative parody YouTube channel started by Whipmed and LeapingBass. Since then, the duo has expanded, including IvanMan64 and other guest parodists. They are best known for creating MorningRamen's Naruto Abridged.

History[edit | edit source]

In the summer of 2015, Whipmed and LeapingBass created MorningRamen. Their goal was to create a Naruto Abridged parody that didn't suck butts. In August of 2015 they released their first Naruto Abridged episode. They hated it. But as time went by, they grew to hate it even more!

Projects[edit | edit source]

MorningRamen's Naruto Abridged


MorningRamen Podcast

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