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Abridging, Voice Acting Editing, Writing, AMV's, Custom Frames

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8 Years


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MoonDreamofA (Also know as Duchess) is a female abridger and voice actress. She has been active in the abridging-community since 2011.

Early YouTube Life[]

Before starting abridging, her channel was originally dedicated to the "fanimation" world (creating your own anime series through drawing programs and voice overs).

Later on, she scrapped the fanimation portion of her channel and moved on to become an aspiring AMV editor. Finding a balance between abridging and AMV editing, she continues to edit episodes and AMV's (even creating the opening's for other abridgers).

2012 - Beginning Abridging[]

Late July of 2012, MoonDreamofA decided to try her hand at voice acting on a whim. Immediately searching for audition sign-ups on Youtube, she landed a role in every abridged series she auditioned for. Her first audition was for the roles of: Tsunami, Tenchi, Ayeka and Mommy for the series "Pretty Sammy Abridged" by FaerieApprentice. MoonDreamofA was then chosen to play the part of Mommy and Tsunami, as well as Tenchi, who she auditioned for as a joke. The series has yet to air, and casting is still open.

Her second audition video was for a "ToraDora Abridged" by SilentSerenity10 as Minori and Ami. The result has yet to be posted.

The third audition video was for a series called "Love Hina Abridged" By MrNeonSoul as Naru, Shinobou and Kaolla. Landing the parts of Naru and Kaolla, the series made it to episode one, then was promptly cancelled for rewriting.

The fourth and last series she auditioned for was "Hidamari-Sketch" by TalimOBS as "The Land-Lady". Squarely landing the role again, yet the series has not aired.

Later on in August, she was invited to star in an "Inyasha Abridged" by ThatOneAbridger as Kagome. She accepted the offer without hesitation. The series was later cancelled again. She was at the same time, invited to play as Misa in AwesomeChroniclesUK's (aka Rellik) "Death Note Abridged".

After auditioning for many abridged series, she started her own called "Moran Host Club" (An abridged/ment of Ouran High School Host Club; it was later cancelled as a series and made into a one-shot). The main cast included:

  • Jonathankun100 as Honey
  • HollowofDawn as Hikaru and Kouru
  • FlorenceLee92 as Kyoya
  • EnterXcaliborg (aka Lolliwithanexcaliborg) as Mori
  • Duchess (MoonDreamofA) as Haruhi

Scripting and editing all of episode one herself. The first episode was released in January of 2013.

Through holding auditions for Moran Host Club, she met SD2production; being an abridger as well and a talented and aspiring voice actor, he invited her to appear as Asuna and "Cooking Mama" in his abridged series "Sword Art Online Abridged". She also appeared as "Pants Hater" shortly for the Sword Art Online Christmas Special. Along with SD2, Jonathankun100 invited her to play the part of Yuki in his "Vampire Knight Abridged". Both Sword Art Online Abridged and Vampire Knight Abridged have their first episodes released but have since then been put on hold.

Taking after PurpleeyesWTF's Fanfic Mode episode, she created her own using various characters from abridged series she appeared in: Ryuk, Rem, Misa and Light from AwesomeChroniclesUK's Death Note Abridged; Asuna from SD2productions' Sword Art Online Abridged, Yuki from Jonathankun100's Vampire Knight Abridged, and Ichigo Momomiya from a small attempt years back at her abridged series, "Mew Mew Power Nya!", and added in Haruhi from her Moran Host Club. She had created small Mew Mew Power/Tokyo Mew Mew One-shots in 2011 but had not been officially called an abridger at that time.

Along with her abridged series, she has created several one-shots. The first was "Back-To-Test One-shot", Starring MrNeonSoul, FlorenceLee92 and herself. The second was a Fan-Fic Ment called "Because, Fanfic" (styled after PurpleEyesWTF's "Fanfic Mode: None Piece- Episode 5/ Code MENT 14.5").

Just before the end of 2012, she was whisked in to a Skype group chat working on a "Tiger and Bunny Abridged". Slated to play 2 roles in the series, she was happy to be aboard the OneForAllMedia team!


Entering 2013, she made a sub-category, combining MENT and the idea of "one-shot" to create MENT-shot, and even Meh-shot; MENT-shot being a short, hyper one shot, and Meh-shot being an even shorter MENT-shot with half-hearted editing.

Duchess uploaded "INFINTE BRO DOWN!!!" and "Because, Yuno I Know" and "Fruit Naked-Denpa Onna Meh-shot" as her start to the sub-categories. These three videos managed to round up 50-70 subs in a few days. Later in the week they managed to gain 1,500+ views.

Continuing on into 2013 she asked the assistance of LunarMelody13 (in-charge of D.N.Angel Abridged) to do a remake of SD2Productions and Jonathankun100's "Black Rock Shooter Abridged" where she voiced as the deadly loli, Black Rock Shooter.

Near the beginning of Fall in 2013, Duchess met BuddyVA and Grimmjack69, who both gave her roles in their signature series. 

Continuing into fall, she became acquainted with Hawk Abridging and psnyomi133 who both cast her in their main series as main characters.

Voice Range and Skills[]

Often being compared to DriatanVA, she is sometimes mistaken as the wild and talented voice actress. Even being compared to Laura Bailey.

MoonDreamofA's range wide. She is capable of higher-pitched voices for characters such as fairies, children and loli/moe girls, medium-toned characters such as older-women and parental-figures, all the way down to monotone/depressed and tomboy-ish characters. She is also perfectly capable of serious roles.

MoonDreamofA is rising like an eagle into the world of abridging and voice acting!


Self-Made Projects - Roles[]

  • Moran Host Club Abridged (Creator,Director,Writer and Editor) - Voices Haruhi
  • Back to Test One-Shot (Director, Writer, Editor) - Voices Hideyoshi and Minami
  • Because,Fanfic One-shot (Creator, Director, Writer, Editor)- Voices Ryuk, Light, Rem, Misa, Asuna, Yuki, Ichigo/Zoey, Haruhi
  • Minami-KK One-shot (Creator, Editor, Writer)- Voices All-Characters
  • Black Rock Shooter Lunar Duchess Revamp (Editor) Voices Black Rock Shooter, Yuu and Mother
  • Kamehame-On! (Creator, Writer, Editor) Voices All Characters
  • Tenpa Toppa Gurren Lagann MENT-Shot (Creator, Editor, Writer) Voices Simon, Yoko and Genie Mech.
  • Magic Knights: MiddleEarth (Creator, Co-Writer, Editor) - Fuu, Inova, Extras
  • INFINITE BRO DOWN!!! Meh-Shot (Creator, Editor, Writer) All Voices
  • Because, Yuno I know... (Creator, Editor, Writer) All Voices
  • Fruit Naked-Denpa Onna Meh-Shot (Creator, Editor, Writer) All Voices
  • Chop-Bits: Cooking with Chii (Creator, Editor, Writer) All Voices
  • Meh Shorts (Creator, Editor, Writer) All Voices
  • Hyouka Meh-Short (Creator, Editor, Writer) All Voices
  • Madoka Magica One-Shot (Creator, Editor, Writer) All Voices
  • Mechs-Bians Meh-Short (Creator, Writer, Editor) Himeiko and James
  • Chop-Bits: Make A Soda (Creator, Editor) All Voices
  • CLANNAD After-Shot (Editor, Creator, Writer) - Nagisa, Sanae and Ushio
  • CLANNAD Fandub: Drunk Nagisa (SD2production and MoonDreamofA) - (Editor) Tomoya and Sanae
  • Erotic FanDub with MoonDreamofA by SD2production (Illustration enhancement) - Maid
  • CLANNAD Fandub (SD2production and MoonDreamofA) by SD2production - (Editor) - Tomoya
  • Wurf 'N' Spiesh! Wuan Shawt (Creator, Editor, Writer) - Holo
  • Puella*Pardoy (Writer and Editor) - Madoka
  • Nanananana Shorts Ep. 1 Right 'Round the Red Ranger's House (Co-Creator, Co-Writer, Editor) - Nanana
  • Barbie and the Talkers [Parody] (Creator, Writer, Editor) - Barbie
  • Hikaru's Quest! Free! Short (Creator, Writer, Editor) - Nagisa, Haru, Mokoto, Ren, Rin, Narrator
  • Adventure's Bizzare JoJo's [500 subscribers Special!] (Writer, Editor, Creator) - Jonathan, Zeppeli, Speedwagon, Erina
  • Akame Ga Fuck You! (Co-Creator, Co-Writer, Editor)- Tatsumi, Leone, Mom, Aria (Girl), Jirachi

Others' Projects - Roles[]

  • Sword Art Online Abridged by SD2production - Asuna and Cooking Mama
  • Bamboo Blade Abridged by SonCurran (DancingMonkeyTeam) - Yuuri Ando and Satori 
  • Vampire Knight Abridged by Jonathankun100 - Yuki
  • Death Note Abridged by AwesomeChroniclesUK - Misa, Wedy
  • Tiger and Bunny Abridged by OneForAllMedia - Kaede Kaburagi, extras
  • Poopy Excorsist by BuddyVA - Shiemi
  • Gimmjack's "Fucking" Birthday (Co-creator and Writer) W/ BuddyVA - Mafuyu and Minatsu
  • Future Card: BuddyFights Abridged One Shot by BuddyVA - Student 2
  • My Bride Is A Mermaid Abridged by Grimmjack96 - Sunseto
  • Space Dandy Short #3 - Captins Log by Grimmjack96 - Mamitas
  • Kill La Kill Shorts #11, #12 by psnyomi133 - Nui Hirame
  • Kill La Kill Shorts #13 by psnyomi133 - Ryuko
  • Nobunaga The Fool Parody Short by Hawk Abridging- Joan of Arc
  • Spacy Dandy Parody Shorts by Hawk Abridging - QT
  • Puparody by Xcaliborg- Yume
  • Log Horizon Abridged by EarthEagleGT- Akatsuki
  • Girls Und Panzar Abridged by AngeldagdagVA - Nishizumi Miho
  • Macross 7 Abridged Episode 2 by Macross Abridged - Orphaned Boy
  • ISAbridged Episode 1 by Survivalguy21 - Houki Shinonono and Chifuyu Orimura
  • School Daze Episode 2 by ZerSigner - Kotanoha
  • Slayerz The One Shot by ZeroSigner (on DailyMotion) - Lina Invers
  • Free! Sponges! Parody! Swim-Short by SD2Production - Guo
  • Attack on Titan Abridged: Ep. ZERO (00) by ReverseSoda (DancingMonkeyTeam) - Armin
  • 1- Fate Cero by Omnibenificial - Green Haired Lady
  • X-men Abruged Episode 3 by spritestuff - Storm
  • Pokemon Origins Abridged: Episode 2 by Cornstomper - Ghost Lady and Raina
  • Pokemon Origins Trainer Red by TheInsaneBadGuys - Channeler
  • Soul Eater Two Shot by Transformingmorpher - Liz
  • Noragami Abridged Episode 1 by Mahou Productions - Mayu
  • Sword Art Online II Abridged - Kirito Gets SoulFood by Mahou Productions - Asuna
  • Tales of the DMWA Episode 2 by Mike Dillon - Maka
  • No Game No Life Ment (Abridged Parody) by Mahou Productions - Card Game Woman
  • ToraDora - The Truth Revealed ~ FANDUB by jocochey- Taiga
  • Abridged+Vampire Episode 10- Audit by DragonMasterAssociation - Tsukune's Mom
  • Abridged+Vampire Episode 10- Audit: InBooth by DragonMasterAssociation (Rendered) - Tsukune's Mom
  • TAC Parody - Death Note:tas - Episode #10 - The Climax [Part 1] By AwesomeChronicleUK - Wedy
  • TAC Parody - Death Note:tas - Episode #10 - The Climax [Part 2] By AwesomeChronicleUK - Wedy
  • Himegoto Minisode by OriemoVA - Unko and Albertina II
  • Lonely Empire's High School of the Dead Abridged series part 1 Just Like the Movies by Lonely Empire - Rei
  • Akame ga Kill! Abridged! by TheSchmuckSquad - Sayo
  • Mirai Nikki An Abridged Series - Naoko Kurusu (Mrs. Detective)