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Gutted Wren Studios is the organization that produces Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged. This series will consist of the original 42 episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam, along with several specials and even the lost "Doan's Island" episode that was never dubbed in English. Gutted Wren Studios likes to set their own standards high and it often shows in most of their work.


Gutted Wren Studios was officially formed in June of 2009, but the idea originally started in Febuary of 2009. It all started with a small conversation between two of the founding members; Matt "Shaz" and Chris "Sheldon". Matt had the idea of trying to start up his own series, and had originally desired to do a Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged. But a quick trip to Youtube found that someone had already beaten them to the punch. Without watching any of their content, the idea was quickly abandoned and slowly faded into obscurity. However, in April of the same year, Matt was once again bit by the Abridging bug and wanted to make his own series. He knew he really couldn't handle the project by himself, so he enlisted the help of Chris once again.

The two of them bounced ideas back and forth for a few weeks, with Chris being hesitant the whole time about this project. Their ideas bounced all over the place on which series to try and ruin. Some of the original ideas seemed promising, like Wangan Midnight Abridged and Betterman Abridged, while some didn't make it passed the suggestion stage. However, Matt kept coming back to Gundam Abridged. So in early May, brief work began on, at the time, Betterman Abridged. The project was immediatly scrapped when Matt went back to actually WATCH the original Gundam Abridged. By the end of the first part of the first episode, both Chris and Matt felt ill. It was at that moment that Matt's mind was set on saving one of the most famous icons in anime from Abridging Hell. And lo, Matt raised his hands upon high and proclaimed " WE ARE GUNDAM ABRIDGED!"

Or something like that...

Gutted Wren Studios (at the time it was Gutted Wren Productions) set forth to make their first episode. Enlisting the help of Dan (Ravage) and Skye (Revy), they quickly hammered out their first episode, then released it in June of 2009. Itatchi1989 soon joined the team shortly after episode 1.

Unfortunately, with 3 scripts written, the project has all but been abandoned do to scheduling conflicts with the members of Team Four Star.


GWS sets their standards high, through no fault of Shaz. Since he's in charge of most of the project, editing falls into his lap. He uses a copy of Ulead Video Studios (Corel Video Studio 12) for all of his video editing. It's not the most powerful editor out there, but he didn't see the reason in buying/finding a copy of Sony Vegas if he could use Ulead in the same manner. The team switched from Ulead to Adobe Premiere Pro in early October of 2009, since this new editor was easier to work with after some practice. All the footage up to Episode 7 is taken from DVD rips of the current production Boxset of MSG, which can still be found on Amazon. The footage from Episode 8 onward is from the Japanese Remastered DVD Boxset, which can best be found in its fansubbed version from Zeonic Corp.

The audio department falls on both Shaz and Sheldon's shoulders. Sheldon does most of the recording and nit-picks with his trained ear on voices, and Shaz mixes and edits all the audio together. Both team-members use Audacity, a very useful piece of freeware that is the backbone of the project. The recording itself is done using two different microphones: one is an 8-year old broken Plantronics USB headset (which caught fire and is now dead) and the other is a Guitar Hero World Tour USB microphone. Both produce good sound quality and both have their own uses. The headset was used if recording in a mobile location, while the microphone is set up on a stand in Ravage's basement. At this time, their recording location varies on what's available at the time. The studio is roughly contained in Shaz's backpack that he uses for college. It consists of a folding mic stand, the microphone itself, his laptop, a folder of their previous scripts, the GWS flashdrive collection, and any reference materials needed for the next episode. The audio studio is, in fact, so mobile that it can be set up anywhere and recording can begin in a matter of minutes. An actual permanent location is in the works.

The sound effects are courtesy of the original Gundam, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., freesound.org, and from an old Sierra game called "Starsiege". Almost all the sound effects in this game are usable in any Mecha anime, since it's a mecha game. You can still find this 15 year old game on Amazon and eBay for $10.


Opening 1: Fly Gundam(Psychedelic Dance Mix)

Opening 2: Amuro Forever - Andrew W.K.


The current staff consists of:

  • ShazMyBot (Matt): Grandmaster, Director, Producer, Head Writer, Voice Actor (Amuro, Bright, Kycillia Zabi (1/2), Gene, Denim, Slender, Narrator, Extras)
  • SheldonDelanoKiller (Chris): Producer, Writer, Audio Consultant, Voice Actor (Kai, Ryu, Dozal Zabi, Kubota Family, Captain Paolo, Big Jon, Marker, Oscar, Extras)
  • Ravage (Dan): Executive Producer, Writer, Continuity Consultant, Voice Actor; (Char, Gihren Zabi, Akoos, Tem Ray, Extras)
  • RevyMoonshine (Skye): Voice Actor; (Frau Bow, Sayla, Mirai, Kycilia Zabi (2/2), Christine Mackenzie, Hamon (2/2), Extras)
  • Itachi1989 (Pat): Voice Actor; (Hayato, Garma Zabi, Wakain, Extras)

Guest Stars[]

Many special guests have appeared, including:

  • 2old4toys: Lt. Gottam (ep. 3), Himself (500th Subscriber Special), Medium Jon (ep. 15), General M'Quve (ep. 16-18, 20)
  • Axel555: Lt. Reed (ep. 5-9), Mayor Ichenbach (ep. 10), Little Jon (ep. 13-15)
  • Jjkaybomb: Lt. Matilda (ep. 9), extras (ep. 10), Hamon (1/2)(ep. 12, 16, 18), Ash & Misty (ep. 12), Maatilda Ajan (ep. 14)
  • LordMoonstone: Coach (ep. 9), Degwin Zabi (ep. 10-12), Canadians (ep. 14), Stetch (ep. 19)
  • SamTheGreek: Pope Zero (ep. 9), Degwin's Chair (ep. 10)
  • Unwardil: Captain Goto (ep. 9), Ramba Ral (1/2) (ep. 12, 16-19), General Revel (ep. 18)
  • Jurpentine: Icelina Ichenbach (ep. 10 - 12), Extras (ep. 21)
  • Animeguy118: Shiro (ep. 12)
  • Xerostyle: Gato (ep. 12), Delaz (ep. 12 & Not 14), Kou (Not 14), Tohez (ep. 17, 20)
  • Nowacking: Kamaria Ray (ep. 13)
  • Tae: Extra (ep. 13)
  • Master WGS: Canadians (ep. 14), Gyan (ep. 17, 19, 20)
  • Cheesemanjoe: Kukuruz Doan (ep. 15)
  • Takahata101: Ramba Ral (2/2) (ep. 20-21)
  • Ezekieru: Extras (ep. 21)


Season One[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1: It's Dangerous to Gundam Alone Jun 23, 2009
Episode 2 (Side A): Suddenly cookies; THOUSANDS OF THEM Jul 13, 2009
Episode 2 (Side B): A new pair of pants, Ensign Jul 13, 2009
Episode 3 (Side A): Watch me pull a Musai out of my hat, Rocky! Jul 28, 2009
Episode 3 (Side B): I am too old for cake Jul 28, 2009
Episode 4: A Non-Exchangeable Hope Aug 21, 2009
Episode 5: I'll have my Zaku over-done, sir Sep 4, 2009
Episode 6: Enjoy our new flavor; BLUETYPE Oct 10, 2009
Episode 7: You're Invited! Oct 28, 2009
Episode 8: "Yarr, they be creepin' up on me!" Nov 28, 2009
Episode 9: See Gundam. See Gundam Fly. Fly Gundam, Fly! Jan 27, 2010
Episode 10: Fate's Fabulous Flaming Finale Jan 27, 2010
Episode 11: Wanted: Dead or Alive Feb 21, 2010
Episode 12: Lets start a War. Start a Nuclear War. Feb 21, 2010

Season Two[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 13: Empty Nest Syndrome Jul 25, 2010
Episode 14: Calm like a Bomb, eh? Nov 14, 2010
Episode 15: Cast Away II: Wilson's Revenge Jan 22, 2011
Episode 16: That's SO Sayla! Jan 29, 2011
Episode 17: The White Base Redemption Jun 30, 2011
Episode 18: Super Mecha Rocket Slime vs. Mecha Godzilla 2.0 Aug 6, 2011
Episode 19: No-Zaku Down Jan 27, 2012
Episode 20: I Did it My Way Feb 26, 2013
Episode 21: Dine In, Take Out. Apr 6, 2013

Crossover Special[]

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Characters:

Homeworld 2 Puppeteers:

  • ShazMyBot
  • SheldonDelanoKiller
  • LordMoonstone
  • Jurpentine
The Best of Both Worlds (part III) Air Date
Episode Not 14 (side a) Sep 5, 2010
Episode Not 14 (side b) Sep 6, 2010