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Mobile Suit Abridged: Gundam Wing is the title of Operation Meatier's abridged series based on the anime New Mobile Report Gundam Wing.

MSA:GW is a direct parody with most characters remaining relatively unchanged. While some major plot events are rearranged and altered, the show mostly sticks to the original events from the source material. The series has also spawned a spin-off video series titled "Sowing Discord," at least one of which was intended to be canonical with the main show.


  • (x / x) means that character has been voiced by different people
  • Name means an important/major recurring character
Cast Member Characters
staindgrey Wufei, Cmd. Bonaparte
LuckyBlue Trowa, Dr. Wily
Paprika_Jack Heero, Dr. Scholls, Pagan
AstridBootyGod Relena, Catherine
Death_Scythe Duo, Ringleader, Duke Dermail
Egamar Quatre, Mueller
FlaminFogelman Zechs, Gen. Septum
momobobo Noin
Mugen026 Treize
Android 21 Lady Une
irisdragon Sally, Relena's Friend
NotSoHeavyArms The Interns
FireBird Rasheed, Dr. Seuss, Vice Foreign Minister Darlian
Dice, Otto, Walker, Alex
ponchoparty Dr. Pepper
Box Dr. Dre, Miser


Theme Songs and Eyecatches[]

MSA:GW uses "Just Communication" by Two-Mix, the theme song for the original show. However, every episode's eyecatch is made individually for that episode with a new cover of the original song every time from episode 2 forward, Grey has also confirmed that the second half of the series the openings will use the same format of every episode is a new cover but using the song Rhythm Emotion also by Two-Mix also used in the second half of the show. The songs used are linked in the end screen of the episode in which they're featured.

They also include their disclaimer within the eyecatch itself via written text, rather than before with spoken word as most abridgers do. It says, "This is a not-for-profit parody. Rights to New Mobile Report: Gundam Wing belong to TV Asahi, Sunrise, Viz Media & Bandai Namco." In the series's first four episodes, however, Viz Media was replaced with "TOKYOPOP" mistakenly.

Next Time On[]

At the end of every episode, MSA:GW replicates Gundam Wing's next episode preview complete with the song "Code Name Heero Yuy," as used in the original show. These previews, however, are rarely indications of what will actually happen in the following episode, and are instead used as a way to tell isolated punchlines using footage otherwise not in the episode. The "next time on" for episode 7, which used a Discord interface to simulate a conversation among four of the main characters, was what spawned the spin-off "Sowing Discord" videos. This is also included with an april fools prank video called Heero's playlist where Paprika Jack Heero's VA sang popular songs to coinside a joke that Heero would ethier normally Sing during scenes or play music over his PA system. And Finally Grey and Blue started a Bi montly Q&A for operation Meatier but more primarily for OpMeatier's abridged series Mobile Suit Abridged Gundam wing and Dragon Ball Goku Time.

Unlike the original Gundam Wing, in which Heero voiced every preview, each of MSA:GW's episodes' "next time on" segments is narrated by a different character. Currently, the characters who have voiced a "next time on" are:

  • Episode 1: Relena
  • Episode 2: Heero
  • Episode 3: Duo
  • Episode 4: Trowa
  • Episode 5: General Septum
  • Episode 6: Quatre
  • Episode 7: Wufei
  • Episode 8: Zechs
  • Episode 9: Treize

Operation Meatier's TIBA entry and season one announcement video also featured "next time on" segments, both voiced by Heero.


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Ongoing Jokes and Differences from the original series[]

Main Article: Operation Meatier: Ongoing Jokes and Differences from the original series

List of Episodes[]

Season One[]

  • Ep.1 "The Shooting Star She Saw on the Sea Shore"
  • Ep.2 "Noin's Loins: The Zechs Machine"
  • Ep.3 "Goodbye My Darlian: Oz's Une-Finished Business"
  • Ep.4 "Party Foul! Heero's Big Trip-Up"
  • Ep.5 "Oz's Plan Comes Full Circle, and It's a Revolution"
  • Ep.6 "Wufei Crosses Swords with Treize (He Doesn't Measure Up)"
  • Ep.7 "The Gundams Get a Second Chance... and Heero Bombs It"
  • Ep.8 "Premeditated Murder: Relena Gives It a Shot"
  • Ep.9 "Trowa Gets Punched in the Face. That's it. That's the title."
  • Ep.10 "Battle in Antarctica! Zechs & Heero Break the Ice" (unreleased)

Sowing Discord[]

  • Sowing Discord v.1 (I need a Heero)
  • Sowing Discord v.2 (All According to Plan)
  • Sowing Discord v.3 (Girls Night) (Patreon Voted Video)
  • Sowing Discord V.4 (Once More With Feeling)

Side Episodes[]

  • MSA:GW Toonami Anniversary Episode


  • Operation Meatier and Mobile Suit Abridged both began with their entry into TeamFourStar's Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon (TIBA) contest, though they did not place and didn't come back to the series until a year later.
  • All of the Doctors in the show are given names that reference recognizable "doctors" in popular media. However, their names are never said with "Doctor" preceding it, except for Dr. Dre in episodes 3 & 4.
  • LuckyBlue and staindgrey, the co-creators, co-directors and co-writers of the show, are brothers who bonded watching Gundam Wing when they were younger.
  • The series is titled "Mobile Suit Abridged: Gundam Wing" because the show's creators wanted to leave the door open to abridging other Gundam series in the future under the same title.
  • Operation Meatier and Mobile Suit Abridged also have another parody series DragonBall Abridged: Goku Time. However, that series was taken down from youtube by Toei right before they could release their second episode. The Creators stated they have not given up on the series and are looking for a new place to upload new episodes