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This page is a list of content known to be missing or lost. Any help or information in locating this content is appreciated. This list is a work in progress, and will take change over time.

Missing Episodes[]

This list is for specific episodes of a series that are missing or lost. Please add new entries in alphabetical order in the format: |- |Name |Series |Episode number/name

Creator Series Episodes
2GS Bootlegged 2GS Boot Legged Abridged The Movie Part 11
A Man Destined To Be King Zoids Zero Episode 14
Abridged Nation Avatar The Last Airbender Episode 2
Allen The Gamer Failed Knight Episode 2 Part 1
Badberry Pokemon Episode 1 Part 1, Episode 2 Part 2
Blood Yokai Studios Mushi-shi Episode 1
Butler On Baker Street Black Butler Episode 2
CT Akutabi Deadman Wonderland Episode 5
Chimerayuri Sasa Make Me Gay Yo Episode 1
Chromeglass & Eric O Doom Pokedubs Episode 4 Part 2
Demon Grocery Store Lelouch of the Abridged Episode 11
Dexterboy Bullshit Evolved Episode 13
Digimon Camper's Guide Digimon Episode 1
FanDubridge Bleach Episode 1
Fatmanfalling RWBY Volume 5 Episode 4, Volume 7 Episode 4
Faulerro Naruto the Abridged Movie Part 1
Flamealchemist35FTW Ben10 Episode 4, 5, Finale Part 1
Freddy McMahon Transformers Geewun Redone Episode 3
Grimmjaw Date A Live Worst Dates Part 1
Haltura Band Pokemon Episode 1
Hiro No Hero Dragon Ball Super Episode 1-4
Homicidal Teddy Bear Tomo Chan Episode 1-5
Joyride Entertainment Goblin Slayer Episode 1
Kazumi Sexy Channel Negima Episode 4
Khenpoe Bleach Episode 5
Kira Kennedy Beast Wars Episode 4
LeRoygendary Hajime no Ippo Episode 12
The Lighthawk Force Tenchi Muyo Shorts 2, 3
Mahou Troupe Meduca Meguka The Animation Episode 1
ManicWednesdayVA Highschool of the Dead Episode 1
Master Hirano Tokyo Ghoul Episode 2
Mutendo64 Xioalin Showdown Episode 2
Naruto51234521 Naruto Shippuden Episode 1-6, 8, 10
Oreimo VA Watamote Episode 3
Otaku Lover Fangirl Angel Beats Episode 1-12? (May only be episode 13)
Otaku Lover Fangirl Clannad Episode 2-13? (May only be episode 1 and 14)
Pale Shield Code Abridged Episode 17
Parody Works Sailor Moon Episdoe 22, 24-27, R16
Pokemon Advanced Abridged Pokemon Advanced Episode 1, 11
Potato Hedgehog Senran Kagura Ninja Flash Episode 2, 3
Raw Tofu Meduki Guki Episode 1
Re-Bridged Productions Hunter x Hunter Episode 6
Revel House Bungou Resevoir Dogs Episode 2
Ryo Viga Azumanga Daioh Episode 4
Sam The Greek Samurai X Episode 7
Sepherix Yugioh GX Episode 35
ShamanStick Shaman King Episode 2, 3, 7, 10, 11
Shawn Sanders Black Note Episode 4/5
Shawn Sanders Samurai Champloo Episode 1
Shawn Sanders Shikabane Hime Episode 1
Shawn Sanders The Sacred Blacksmith Episode 1
Soggy Tuna VA Not Another HXH Parody Episode 1
StarfishVA One Piece Episode 1
Team AARU2 Corpse Princess Episode 1, 2
Team Big Boys Ghetto Arthur Episode 13
Team Devil Kitty Gundam 00 Episode 15
Team SRA Speed Racer Episode 11
Team Xaro Mermaid Melody Fandub Episode 1 Part 2, 3
The Scent Persona 4 Episode 2
Throne Of Cipher Code Geass Episode 5-7
TokuTenshi Wedding Peach Episode 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12-17, 25, 27, 28,
Watchtower Studios Batman Beyond Episode 1
xLight09x Peacemake Kurogane Episode 16, 17
Yusho Productions My Kingdom Academia Episode 3
Zeromaster Megaman Episode 2-13
Zeromaster Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 1-6

Missing Series[]

This list is for full series that are known to have existed, and can no longer be found. Please add new entries in alphabetical order in the format:

|- |Creator |Series

Creator Series
My Toaster Is Stupid Clorox (Bleach Parody)
Nowacking Bobobobobo
Scourgemaster Shuffle