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Mew Mew Power: Unnecessary Censorship is an edited version of Mew Mew Power meant to mock 4Kids' unneeded editing for the show. It centers around Zoey Hanson, who is chosen by Elliot Grant to 'fight' monsters. Meanwhile, she tries to escape the affections of a seductive alien named Dren.

The series never actually mentions any of this, it is only alluded to through timed censor beeps.


Zoey Hanson is a normal, everyday girl trying her best to seduce Mark, a popular boy at school. But an earthquake awakens new powers, giving her a revealing costume and heightened flirting senses. Zoey is tasked to find other girls who can do this and seduce monsters using their powers. She eventually finds Corina Bucksworth, a beautiful girl who is obsessed with dancing, Bridget Verdant, a smart girl who likes to read fan fiction, Kikki Benjamin, a strangely mature girl who seemingly can't be killed, and Renee Roberts, a model for Victoria's Secret.

She soon finds out the creator of the monsters, Dren. He is attracted to Zoey and wants to marry her, much to her outrage.


Large changes to the plot are made, such as removal of several 'unneeded' scenes and the adding of some words taken from other scenes. The show itself doesn't get voiced-over-it merely has sentences removed and replaced with beeps or sounds.

Many of the changes are merely done by lowering the sound of certian time points in the episode, and replacing it with censor beeps. Exampels of this are...

Original: I guess it won't hurt to relax on a bench for a little while.

Edited: I guess it won't hurt to BEEP on a bench for a little while.

Sometimes, it works a little TOO well, and with a well placed beep, "You gotta fight that monster" seemngly sounds like "You gotta **** that monster", when it is in truth the former speaking.

Transformaton sequences are also changed. They are shorted to extreme measures and almost all of them follow a pattern: activation, pendant, pose. The music and sound effects stay the same.

Even the eyecatches and the title seuqnce itself don't stay away from editing. Some scenes in the OP are switched with earlier scenes, and the logo and eyecatches all are edited with the words "Unnecessary Censorship" underneath the title.


Zoey Hanson - A young girl who is attracted to men, and can get annoyed easily. She is very outspoken and swears a lot.

Corina Bucksworth - A dancer in training, and very beautiful for her age. She tends to wear strange outfits, even when she's not a Mew.

Bridget Verdant -

Kikki Benjamin -

Renee Roberts -

Elliot Grant -

Wesly J. Coolridge III -




Mew Mew Power - Unnecessary Censorship Transformations and Attacks-0


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