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Senna, Ganryu, Benin, Riyan, Bou, Jai, Mue


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Movie Overview[]

The movie is not yet completed. Please see the parts descriptions.

Parts and part descriptions[]

Part 1

The movie opens with Ichigo and Rukia chasing down and destroying a roge Hollow, then excorsizing the spirit of a young girl. Soon after, Rukia tells Ichigo not to be so frivilous with his body, and uses an ambulance nearby that's taking his body to illustrate why. They get a call about a disturbance, and run anti-climactiquely to the source, to find hundreds of white-cloaked spirits. A young girl named Senna soon appears, and attempts to destroy them with the Card Sleight "Aeroga", but Ichigo Card Breaks her. She knocks him back, and she performs the spell. She introduces herself afterwords as Senna, and Rukia takes to feeling she is hitting on Ichigo, and confronts her about it violently. From that point, Rukia stops refering to Senna as Senna; she calls her by any name she feels the need to at the time, commonly "That little bitch" or "That little hussie". The words "That Little" appear commonly when she talks about her. Rukia's unfounded jelousy of Senna continues as Rukia leaves to get a restraining order places. Senna runs away, and asks Ichigo to catch her or she's not going to stick around. Ichigo immediately stops chasing her, and meets up with Matsumoto and Hitsugaya, who take Ichigo to Urahara's. It is here Ichigo expresses great confusion in Rukia's reaction to Senna, while managing to bluntly state why. Hitsugaya gets the last line, insulting Ichigo.

Part 2

The Second part opens with Bear(who Urahara addresses as "an old friend of Semisoma1's") from .Hack//Here's your SIGN explaining what's going on, using Urahara's notepad as a calling device. Ichigo states that he has no idea who Bear is. Bear explains that when fandomes exist in a tangible form in presipise worlds between the World of the Living and Soul Society, and that these fandomes occasionally manifest themselves as real objects sometimes. He goes on to say that the fandomes of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have mixed, and returned together, likely as something like Kingdom Hearts mixed with the Holy Materia. He explains that the White-cloaked creatures are Nobodies, as well. Ichigo is sent to the town later, and attends a party that Senna apparantly set up. She attempts to steal Ichigo's heart by performing for the crowd, but serves to only annoy him and almost get herself killed. To show her what "real fun" us, he sticks up a random store. Senna takes off for a minute, and Ichigo becomes distracted in critisizing the live entertainment. When he stops, Senna had taken off. The scene ends with "Just Bleach", Bleach Soma Abridged's opening theme, playing breifly by the live band. Senna finds herself in a graveyard, thinking about how her parents were killed in a riot caused by someone saying Dymex was a worthwhile character. She is soon attacked by Jai, accompanied by Bau, Riyan, Benin and Mue. Ichigo saves her, and they retreat. Senna stays at Ichigo's house that night, and Ichigo warns his family not tell Rukia for fear of him dieing. The next day, Ichigo urges Senna to run away. He soon finds himself helping a spirit find it's way home. After the fact, members of Soul Society appear to take back and kill Senna, apparantly all being bribed by Rukia to kill "The little hussie", who she knew was in his room. The team consists of Ukitake, Renji, Soifon, Rukia, Hitsugaya, and other miscillanious Soul Reapers. Only Soifon and Hitsugaya's bribes for being there weren't explained. As they are about to fight, Renji forces Ichigo to sing with him like he promised in episode 16. After this, Rukia and Ichigo get into a quarrel about Ichigo letting them take Senna, and Hitsugaya once again steals the last word by telling someone off.

Part 3

Part three immediately starts with the enemies attacking the Soul Reapers, and stealing Senna. Ganryu reveals that they are Square-Eniz employes who were exiled from Soul Society, and they want to take Kingdom Hearts back with them. As they are about to leave, Ichigo confronts them and demands her return(for some reason he's unaware of). Ganryu effectivly deals with Ichigo, and vanishes. Orihime later heals Ichigo, and Urahara explains that a dimension has appeared between the two worlds. When Ichigo wakes up, he leaves to go find Senna. Rukia confronts him about her, jelous as always, and when prompted gives an extensive speeche that scares the crap out of everyone who hears it about her intentions for Senna. Except Semisoma1. Who is unashamed by the fact that it turns him on(probably good, since Rukia represents his girlfriend). They proceed to ride a ferris wheel, and even locate the entrance to "The Northern Crater". Ichigo dives in, despite Rukia's protests. In the crater, Ganryu explains that Senna's existance as "Kingdom Hearts" will destroy the world of Bleach, so they have come to use it to destroy her before she destroys it. He then explains that every member of their team has the power of an internet meme of franchise character, but doesn't mention Benin. In Soul Society, Rukia interupted a captains meeting to request Ichigo's rescue. When she mentions wanting to use the Giant Flaming Chicken stick to destroy the dimension afterwords, Yammamoto quickly jumps at the chance. The part ends with Renji saying he was going with Rukia to save Ichigo, and comparing saving Senna to saving a Bount.

Part 4

Part 5

Characters Introduced[]

  • Senna
Previously voiced by BlackSilkNinja, will likely be voiced by BrookeLynn
Senna appears as a runaway Soul Reaper who originally was seen using Aeroga, a Card Sleight, as her Zanpakuto ability. She acts happily, and in a somewhat self-absorbed mannor, and loves attention from everyone, especially Ichigo. She quickly learns about Ichigo and Rukia's relationship, but feels no less inclined to flirt with Ichigo(much to both Rukia and Ichigo's discontent), and even goes as far as to admit her affection for him over a loudspeaker at a public gathering. She is wanted by the antagonists of the film, and due to Rukia's numerous attempts to take her like and kill her she is also wanted by the protagonists. She is revealed to be the combined fandomes of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, materialized physically. Rukia's nicknames for her are "That Little Hussie" and "That Little Bitch", as well as basicly anything else insulting.
  • Ganryu
Voiced by Semisoma1
Ganryuu appeared in part 3. His voice went through a dramatic transformation in just his few sentences, and the result has been compared to Xemnas. Ganyru introduces himself as the head of the team of exiled Square-Soft employees who want to destroy the threat Kingdom Hearts presents, so he tries to destroy Senna. He states that to help them along the way, all the members of his group took powers from franchise characters. His power was that of the Green Lantern, due to his ability to create weapons from a Green Glow. He displays complete control over Nobodies. He seems to be generally cocky and abusive towards his subordinates.
  • Jai
Previously voiced by Williamdorf, will likely now be voiced by LordQuadros
Jai was the first of the antagonists to talk, or take actions. He is introduced attacking Senna, and very directly telling her his intentions to take her back to Ganryu. Benin and Riyan both scold him for being too direct. As he attempts to be nice to Senna, Ichigo interupts and cuts off his arm. Ganryu reveald that Jai is infused with Jenova cells from FFVII, and Jai also notes that this means he can regenerate his body and put it back together.
  • Benin
Voiced by WhipofAlchemy
Benin is the only female antagonist, and holds an apparantly sexist opinion towards men and handing things by fighting. Her role as of yet has been breif, only consisting of one line where she assists Riyan in scolding Jai. She doesn't seem the type of character to talk much, of in very long-winded sentences. She is the only character that Ganryu does not mention has a gimmick.
  • Riyan
Previously voiced by CanadianJutsu, will likely now be voiced by Semisoma01
Riyan seems to be the more uplifted of te antagonists. He jumps on top of attacking Jai for confronting Senna, saying he should offer her candy instead of trying to capture her. He gets defensive when Benin lumps all men in together with fighting, countering that his way of doing things was about candy. Apart from being Scottish, not much else has been explored about his character. Ganyu reveals that he takes on traits of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun.
  • Bau
Bau has appeared, but has no lines, will not have a voice actor or normal lines, and will not be playing a signifigant role in the movie. Ganryu notes he is a basebal player. This gimmick was a cop-out.
  • Mue
Previously voiced by Zeromaster, will likely now be voiced by Dco257
Mue has had no scenes that involve character interaction. Ganryu notes that he takes on traits from Leroy Jenkins, as seen from him in battle.

Songs used(Non-Bleach OST)[]

Songs that have been used that aren't part of the Bleach OSTs in the movie are

  • Wing Stock - Ashley McIsaac
  • Men in Black - M.I.B. OST
  • Move Your Dead Bones - Dr. Reanimator
  • One Peice- 4Kids Opening
  • No Matter What - Music to Duel By
  • One-Winged Angel - Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Down With The Sickness - Disturbed
  • B.T.'s Theme - .Hack//SIGN
  • I've Got Some Falling To Do - Lemon Demon