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MegaMan Abridged
Created by ZionKraze
Cast TBC
Episodes 5
Link Youtube Playlist


The series started on July 18, 2007 on the LukoKraze account on YouTube. It was created by ZionProwler on a separate account so that his ZionProwler account won't be suspended. The LukoKraze account was suspended by Shogakukan Production Co. Ltd (claiming a Copyright Infringement) on November 14 2007.
His new account ZionKraze was created on September 25, 2008 when Shogakukan Production Co. Ltd had his second episode removed and has since then has had use it as his main account. The series has the cast of SpirtKitten (does all the female roles so far), KHF also known as UlitmateUKFFFan (does half the males) and ZionKraze (does the other half of the male voices, as well as edits and writes).