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Megaman Abridged follows half of the 90's cartoon plot, which involves Dr. Light, Megaman, and Roll who fight against Dr. Wily's evil robot creations. In Megaman Abridged the plot follows Dr. Light, Megaman and Roll who fight to stop Dr. Wily from using his evil robots to make Robot Porn movies (This is how the plot in the abridged series is slightly changed).

Production[edit | edit source]

Opening Creators

Cast[edit | edit source]

Most of the voices in the series are done by Zeromaster, including Megaman, Dr. Light, Roll, Dr. Wily, Protoman, Cutman, Gutsman, and Brightman

Guest Stars:

  • Dco247: Fire Man (ep. 1)
  • Sarutobi66xxx: Ice Man (ep. 1, 14)
  • Cheesemanjoe: US Government (ep. 2)
  • Setsunaangel99: Frisby Man (ep. 4)
  • Borinyukami: Dr. Pedo(phile) (ep. 4)
  • Takahata101: Dust Man (ep. 6)
  • Chad676: Captain Patty O'Stereotype (ep. 5), Arthur Peizworthy III (ep. 6)
  • YamatoBushi: Sonic the Griffhog cameo (ep. 6 & 7)
  • Toonlord: Zoro & Usopp cameos (ep. 7), random flyer (ep. 11)
  • KaiserNeko: Leader of the Lion-men (& cowriter) (ep. 7)
  • AngelElric: Star Girl (ep. 7)
  • Princeroy: Wood Man (TreeMX) (ep. 9 & 10), Woodman (ep. 14)
  • ZionKraze: Toadman & Auto (ep. 10)
  • LordQuadros: Snake Man (ep. 11)
  • Chimerayuri: Dr. OOMLOT (ep. 11)
  • RogueAbridger: Spark Man (ep. 12)
  • FullmetalChao: Windmill Man (ep. 12)
  • Vivimage2000: Gemini Man(ep. 12)
  • Chicknwings: Bama Man (ep. 12)
  • RayneElric: Hypnotised Lady (ep. 12)
  • XBeetxAbridgedX: Crystal Man (ep. 13)
  • PillowVPillow: Asian Ambassador (ep. 13)
  • Sehanort: Air Man (ep. 14)
  • LoliWithAnExcaliborg: Mr. Zero (ep. 14)
  • KamiOfBarrels: Mrs. Consuela (ep. 14)
  • TheFourteenthNumber: White 90s Kid (ep. 14)
  • ThroneofCipher: Brock Sampson Bot (ep. 14)
  • CanadianJutsu: Megaman X (ep. 15)
  • WhiskerFear: Spark Mandrill (ep. 15)


  • Takahata101: Stalker (G-Gundam Abridged) (ep. 4),
  • Borinyukami: Brago & Sherrie (Zatch Bell Abridged) (ep. 6)
  • Khenpoe: Ichigo (Bleach Khenpoe Abridged) (ep. 4, 11)
  • Lanipator: Hate Fish (Yu Yu Hakusho) (ep. 5)
  • Cheesemanjoe: as himself (ep. 5)
  • XLight09x: Coby (One Piece) (ep. 6)
  • YamatoBushi: Sonic the Griffhog (ep. 6 & 7)
  • Spax3: Sonic (ep. 7)
  • CanadianJutsu: Deidara (Naruto Abridged) (ep. 8, 11)
  • Shadic23: as himself (ep. 9)
  • AstOnok: as himself (ep. 10)
  • Semisoma1: Ichigo & as himself (Bleach Soma Abridged) (ep. 10)
  • BigAlTheRantMaster: as himself (ep. 12)
  • Unwardil: Lame-goat (ep. 12)
  • SoDA/SystemOf_ADork: as himself (ep. 13)
  • IsnaneSavant: as himself (ep. 13)

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

Protagonists[edit | edit source]

Megaman: Dr. Lights creation; In every episode he goes around thwarting Dr. Wily's evil Robot plans. He can copy abilities of different robots, which he calls "Illegal downloading" when he does it.

Dr. Light: Dr. Light is the scientist of the team; He normally helps rebuild Megaman, If Megaman gets hurt.

Roll: Roll is the girl of the group, and usually tried to help, but is denied by Megaman. She is robotic just like Megaman and has a hand that turns into different things, one being a vacuum.

Antagonists[edit | edit source]

Dr. Wily: Dr. Wily is the evil scientist that makes robots for his evil biddings. He is normally trying to use his different robots to help him with his robot porn movies, or to kill off someone who reviews his Robot porn movies as bad.

Protoman: Protoman is Megaman's brother and Dr. Wily's lackey. He is seen fighting Megaman whenever the other robot lackeys fail to defeat Megaman.

Cutman: Cutman is one of Dr. Wily's creation, He uses the phrase "Waka Waka" When he uses his cut attack. Or at other times he'll use a lame cut phrase when he attacks.

Gutsman: Gutsman is another one of Dr. Wily's robots. He usually says things like "I'm Gutsman, bitch!" which is his catch phrase. He has a very ghetto-style attitude.

Brightman: Brightman is another one of Dr. Wily's robots. When he attacks, disco music plays and he blinds his enemies using the light bulb on his head.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

Episode Air Date
MMTAS Episode 1



Jul 29, 2009

MMTAS Episode 2 Feb 6, 2008
MMTAS Episode 3 Feb 14, 2008
MMTAS Episode 4 GUEST STAR SPECIAL!!!! Feb 24, 2008
MMTAS Episode 5 Mar 30, 2008
MMTAS Episode 6: There's Something About Sonic May 4, 2008
MMTAS Episode 7: Curse Of The Fabulous, Popular Kitty-men Aug 29, 2008
MMTAS Episode 9: WHERE MY TWIGGAS AT?!?! Jan 17, 2009
MMTAS12 - LAMEsauce Jun 11, 2009
MMTAS 13 - MEGAMAN in the seriously Feb 28, 2010
MMTAS 14 - Stay Cool Dog! Jul 7th, 2012
Megaman The Abridged Series Finale May 27, 2013

Common Themes[edit | edit source]

  • Bicycle Porn: One of Dr. Wiley's robot porn movies. Within the abridged series, it is memetically considered the worst porn ever made. Several episodes begin with live-action inserts of video-reviews of the porno.
  • Written by Jeffrey Scott: Zeromaster makes a note that most of the worst dialogue and plot-lines from the original cartoon series come from the episodes written by Jeffrey Scott.
  • Gutsman's Ass: Episode 8 is dedicated to the "Gutsman's Ass" Youtube Poop created by Kajetokun, and it becomes a running gag that shows up several times in the following episodes
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