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4/8/11 - 11/18/14


United States



Mattroks101 is the creator of Baccano! Teh Abridged Series!, the Mattroks101 Abridged interviews, Electric Anime Batman and was a past admin of this site.


Mattroks101 started making montages on youtube back in 2008 but it wasn't until 2011 that he started making anime related videos. In January of 2011 mattroks101 started making AMVs and in May of the same year he created Baccano! Teh Abridged Series.

Baccano! Teh Abridged Series![]

Creator, editor and main voice actor. More info on it can be found here.

Electric Anime Batman[]

Electric Anime Batman or EAB is a solo project by Matt. It was originally a oneshot but Matt kept making new episodes for it when he was bored.

Majikoi Abridged[]

Channel link

Majikoi Abridged is a project started by Mattroks101, TruthOrDeal, Scourgemaster93, and QuizGuruR (of AnimeLawyers) in February of 2012. Mattroks101 writes, and voices a bunch of characters.

School Rumble Ruined[]

Channel link

Mattroks101 writes and voices in it.

A Brief History and Discription of the Project[]

A project created by TehRumblePack. The group was started on Abridged Forums by users Mattroks101, QuizGuruR, ArkaKun, TruthOrDeal, and DEEsidia. After creating a oneshot, most of the group either quit or fell off the project, leaving only Truth, Mattroks and Quiz to make School Rumble Ruined. The group started work on School Rumble Ruined with TruthOrDeal, Mattroks101 and QuizGuruR writing, and QuizGuruR editing. The first episode was released in September 2012.

Guilty Crown Abridged (By Lavaros)[]

Mattroks101 was the editor of this series, however due to being so busy with real life Matt couldn't finish it. Jpace92 then took over as editor.

Keroro Abridged[]

Video editor. Info can be found here .

Ouran Host Club Abridged[]

Was credited as co-director. This particular abrided series was created by NeoZectt (who is the man who created Baccano! Teh Abridged Series! logo) in August of 2011. However it died after 1 episode.

One Shots[]

Mattroks101 Abridged Interview[]

On November 14th 2011 Matt finally got up the courage to start doing interviews of abridgers. He had been wanting to do this a while but hadn't had the nerve. Inspired by the likes of Chicknwings and NathanGraves989 Matt set out to interview abridgers he wanted to see interviewed.

Though the videos are not availible to the public anymore, they are still unlisted on youtube, and can be found here .

People interviewed:

  1. DeathlyMuffins
  2. LordMoonstone & Master WGS
  4. ShinigamiEater (Kuu-Chan)
  5. LoliWithAnExcaliborg
  6. ThroneofCipher
  7. Dr. Mircow
  8. AnimeLawyers
  9. RebornZombie (Rebbie)
  10. Scourgemaster
  11. Wryyyyzard
  12. Runawayturist
  13. Arkakun
  14. FairyTailAbridge
  15. TheSmashBro & Sgt. Eagle
  16. Uraby210 (There is an alternative interview with Uraby that guest stars Munjeej as well, but it was never released)
  17. DemonGroceryStore
  18. Cairrie and Stuart
  19. Transformingmorpher
  20. G15Manitou
  21. Arriest
  22. ZeroMaster (Interview edited by TruthOrDeal)
  23. Zero-Q
  24. 1KidsEntertainment, xJerry64x and Nowacking
  25. LightingCrabz
  26. Matt & AstroEater
  27. Dotvob
  28. FalconFlyer69 (John)
  29. OoziHobo (Interview edited by TruthOrDeal, originally the 24th interview but had to be redone)
  30. WalterMartinBoyle (InitleDbridge) (not availible on youtube, was only availible on an audio hosting site that was taken down.)
  31. FoulFangedFiend (not availible on youtube, was only availible on an audio hosting site that was taken down.)
  32. Chicknwings (never uploaded) 
  33. Purpleeyeswtf (never uploaded) 
  34. 6SeptaG (never uploaded)
  35. Dejay and Mr. Skoringo (never uploaded)
  36. Stephan (never uploaded)
  37. TwoGuysand1More (never uploaded)

Around summer of 2013 Matt stopped doing abridged interviews.

Voice roles[]

Mattroks101 despite claiming to not be a great voice actor has appeared in various other abridged series. Including:

Matt has also voiced in non abridged related videos including:

Other Info[]