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TheSakuraTV The Home Of Death Note Abridged[]

MasendanX though it was finally time to create an abridged series where he voiced all the characters but since he only started the pilot was not edited well or voiced well however he wanted to continue the series no matter how people felt about the series up untill episode seven he decided if it was ever going to progress he was going to need help so he asked around and managed to find HavekReekel, Santeg101, Musicvidnut666 and Tommygunner121. The series started to get a bit more popular where it was then rated by several abridgers including MasakoXtreme who played Goku and Gohan in TeamFourStar. HavekReeel immidietly left the series which then he was replaced by Tommygunner121 which viewers says that it was time for a change so he then appointed Soowaba who was now the voice of Light Yagami and sometimes Matsuda. The Abridged has numerous phases throughout the first season saying the series will be cancelled after the first season due to its popularity. Death Note season two has finally been launched with two new voice actors Shadowapple and Gamefan who replaced MasendanX doing Chief Yagami and Ryuk. TheSakuraTV youtube channel seen the end for two voice actors Musicvidnut666 and Santeg101 who MasendanX praise immensly as he says the two best voice actors were Soowaba and Santeg101. TheSakuraTV also has numerous voice demo's other than the abridged series which he said he will do a new one each month.

Voice Acting Cast and Past Voice Acting Cast[]

MASENDANX - Rem, Jelous, Near, Wateri, Ryuk. Chief

SOOWABA - Light, Matsuda,

SANTEG - L, Wateri, Demigawa

SHADOWAPPLE - Chief Yagami

MUSICVIDNUT666 - Misa, Sayu, Lights Mom

TOMMYGUNNER - Light, Aizawa, Mogi, Matsuda



DragonBall Z Yo! Goku Son And Friends Return[]

MasendanX uploaded a trailer to his up comming project DragonBall Z Yo! Goku And Friends Return fan dub which MasendanX played Oolong and the Narrator however he commented saying if he did the dub again he could voice a lot more including Vegeta, Goten and Trunks. The trailer got quite a lot of views and the dub itself got a lot of possitive feedback from views.


MASENDANX - Oolong, Narrator, Gure


VILOTPROWER - Videl, Chi-Chi

CRAZYJORDAN249 - Goten, Abo, Cado



MRWWFANITUDEFAN - Vegeta, Roshi, Yamcha

SOOWABA - Gohan, Hercule, Tarble, Steward

ZIGZAG - Trunks

AbrigimationFTW and Other projects[]

MasendanX created a new youtube account to start a fresh new abridged series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX , Pokemon and Beyblade abridged but will only involve 4 people KoolKieth, XdasherX and MasendanX himself but still in search of a fourth which he stated he wanted a girl voice actor however voice casting will start with Yu-Gi-Oh! GX abridged series as the cast has been confirmed but need to do voice checks on the character which will be confirmed a week before the first episode.

MasendanX has other projects he voices

Character Who For Series
Gunner TateyFuzz Desolation
Asakura Yoh TheBladeSharks Shaman King Abridged
Syrus AbridgimationFTW Yugioh GX Abridged
Chumley AbridgimationFTW Yugioh GX Abridged


MasendanX is a deviant artist Lamepie who draws random characters


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