Abridged Series Wiki

Mario4356, A youtuber who joined in June 14, 2007 and started posting his abridged series of Legend of Zelda. It was later revised into TLoZFSoT Abridged via using In-game Actor Spawning to remake the series, along with the whole title of the original that he was abridging to begin with.

Early Childhood Life[]

He didn't have much of a childhood. Mostly spent it on the computer learning code because school never really taught much, so he was self-educated and with that he decided to go into designing, animation, directing.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Abridged (LoZOoT Abridged)[]

Started making the first few in the summer and posted them one after another starting on August 7, 2007.

The first 10 episodes were very rushed with the little time that he had to do each one with a few days time and had help from voice actors like:                                                        

  • ZeldaGameGod, Whom also abridged zelda.                                                   
  • Abridgedman100x, Abridges Ben10.
  • Oldskool97, Co-writer also voice acts.
  • Lucidlyconscious, Whom did Link to the past abridged.
  • NoahesFrio, Did some voice acting and abridged Wind Waker.

Legend of Zelda Abridged: Season 2 (CUT)[]

At the end of 2007, Season 2 was being plan for awhile. Mario4356 and Oldskool97 were in the middle of bringing in new people, while Oldskool was doing the planning. Mario, on the other hand was too busy as he soon figured out how to spawn ANY actor in ANY place via code. This would prove very useful as he was able to spawn multiple links just by simple code hack.

During this time of tinkering with actors, Mario was also getting used to the comedic value of youtube poop and memes, and with that he pitched an idea at Oldskool.

"What if we changed it to 'four swords ocarina of time abridged' giving it a new perspective of the actual Zelda Series and in turn make a series out of it?"

This idea changed A LOT. Giving link more of a power ranger feel to the series and having a different respected abridger for a voice actor for each of the links.

Sadly in 2009, Some voice actors became to busy. Few moving out of their own homes not returning for over a year. Another voice actor who did malon, sadly died in an accident. This led to serious issues as they couldn't afford to wait just to make edits anymore.

The series was completely cut on 2011 until they could figure out what to do.

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Of Time Abridged (LOZFSOT Abridged)[]

Most of the voice actors had to be removed to start over. Making the decisions and calls on who was in or out was difficult. In terms of an abridged story of the actual zelda series being rewritten with a comedic short term value.