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09/01/2008 - 01/05/2019


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After creating Legend of Zelda: The Abridged Series, Adamwestslapdog naturally created its sequel. It follows Link attempting to stop Termina from being destroyed, and, more importantly, find the poptarts.


Fourteen episodes have been released thus far, as well as a two-part Valentine's Day special (The Valentine Day special and April Fool's Day special, both in 2010). The release rate of the episodes has slowed considerably since episode 10.

The theme that plays during the title sequence is "Full Moon" by Sonata Arctica.

Guest Voice Actors[]

Unlike Adamwestlapdog's previous Zelda series, Majora's Mask Abridged features several guest voice actors for side characters.

  • Cassius614 - Old Lady (ep. 7)
  • Whip0fAlchemy - pirate leader (ep. 9)
  • Flyingbandicoot - other pirate (ep. 9)
  • SamTheGreek - Sam the Giant (ep. 9)
  • Nowacking - Tetra (ep. 10)
  • Nevet1212 - Alien (ep. 10)
  • AngelElric - Lulu the singing fish lady (ep. 11)
  • CardboardLawyer - The Lakeside professor (ep. 11), Kafei (ep. 14)
  • Ezekieru (credited as "Eazycrow") - The "YOUR MOM" toad
  • Gnitmonger - Giantina Von Sultryvoice (ep. 11)
  • Unwardil - Dr. Professington McScientist (ep. 12)
  • Gahooly - Pamela (ep. 12)
  • Vegeta3986 - The skeleton King/General/guy in a chair (ep. 12)
  • Cage500 - the 500th member of C.A.G.E. (ep. 13)
  • LordQuadros - Twinmold (snake creature) (ep. 13)
  • WatanukiProductions - Lastone McFinalgiant (ep. 13)



Much of Link's character is retained from the prequel. He on many occasions acts very unheroically and stupidly (for the former, performing a "surprise bomb attack" on his opponent in a duel; or for the latter, not realising the moon's increaslingly imminent impact, believing it to be the sun.)  It is revealed in this series his family name is 'Inpark," his full name referencing the band, Linkin Park.


A fairy who Link ignores whenever she tries to tell Link that her name is not "Navi." And as it unfolds throughout the series, Tatl points out obvious solutions to simple problems that Link fails to see, eventually sucking them in to extensive yet unnecessary side-quests with strange characters like the Deku Princess and Tingle- the most hated man on Earth.

Skull Kid[]

The antagonist of the series, who stole Link's Ocarina (which Skull Kid presumes is a cheese grater,) and his Rent-A-Horse. He previously appeared outside of continuity in the Halloween Special for the first series. He has "a throat that sounds like it enjoys pain."

The Happy Mask Salesman[]

The original owner of Majora's Mask. He is clearly insane from carrying cursed masks around for so long. Throughout the series he tries to get people to learn the "Song of Healing" which consists of him singing "Shake your penis", while shaking his penis.

Episode List[]

Air Date
Episode 1

Sep 1, 2008

"in todays episode Link goes looking for navi before being mugged by skull kid"
Episode 2

Sep 25, 2008

"in todays episode link meets a disturbingly happy mask salesman, see's a sad tree, pops a balloon and looks through a telescope"
Episode 3

Dec 24, 2008

"in this episode stuff happens...and junk"
Episode 4

Feb 6, 2009

"in todays episode Link rescues a monkey...or not"
Episode 5

Apr 10, 2009

"in todays episode link plans for life as a ghost, meets a giant and bottles a princess"
Episode 6

May 28, 2009

"in todays episode link escapes from the Deku palace, meets the Deku butler and Tatl finds out his last name"
Episode 7

Jul 3, 2009

"in todays episode Link enrages a fanboy, helps a sweet old lady and meets....HIM"
Episode 8

Sep 9, 2009

"in todays episode Link does something silly"
Episode 9

Nov 5, 2009

"in todays episode stuff happens and junk"
Episode 10

Jan 28, 2010

"in todays episode Link decides to head straight for the great bay to meet the 3rd giant...but somehow ends up fighting aliens at Romani Ranch"
Episode 11

Sep 1, 2010

"In todays episode Link eats his way into trouble...then eats his way back out again"
Episode 12

May 18, 2011

"In todays episode Link goes to a tourist resort, rolls down a mountain and helps a skeleton get a tan."
Episode 13

Oct 2, 2012

"In today's episode link goes into a temple, fights a boss and meets a giant...I think we can all agree that we're treading new ground here"
Episode 14

Jan 5, 2019

"In today's episode link dies"

Common Themes[]

  • Link's new catchphrase, "It looks so sad..."
  • Link insisting in calling Tatl "Navi," a fairy from his previous quest.
  • Deku Scrubs being referred to as "Grass Type Pokemon".
  • The Happy Mask Salesman's madness; and his lyrics to the Song of Healing, "Shake your penis."
  • The Goron Mask is referred to as "Chuck Norris".
  • Tatl hating sidequestss.


  • A fan-made "fanale" was published on Jul 22th, 2018 by a fellow Abridged maker Zachary (a.k.a. Cardboardlawyer), who had guest appearance in this series, made an alternative ending episode of this series, half a year before the real episode 14. The link is here: Fanale