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Created by pzykosiz
Cast Piyo

Jenna Long (jva25)

Run Dec 17, 2017 - Ongoing
Episodes 1
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MaidZ is an abridged parody of Kaichou Wa Maid Sama created by Pzykosiz under the Youtube channel IAmPzykosiz. The series is created using Vine length sketches, and spanning multiple episodes. It roughly covers the main plot points of the series, exaggerating the characters, and throwing in some extra randomness for shock value.


Writer: pzykosiz
Editor: pzykosiz
Voice Actors: Piyo, FourOhFourVA, Jenna Long (jva25), LittleMsMeister


  • Piyo as Misaki

Misaki is much like she is in the original show, but has more of a tendency to snap at female characters as well. Most of her lines are yelling

  • FourOhFourVA as Usui

Usui is the apathetic male lead of the series, who generally teases Misaki. While his advances on Misaki are relatively tame in the original series, he is portrayed in much more perverted light

  • Jenna Long (jva25) as Satsuki

Satsuki is the overenthusiastic manager of Maid Latte. Her character doesn't change much, but she may be a bit of a cougar

  • LittleMsMeister as Suzuna

Misaki's younger sister, not much shown of her in the series so far, but she seems to enjoy pornographic magazines

  • Everyone as Extras

Mainly dumb background characters that don't influence the plot.

Episode List[]

Thumbnail Episode Air Date
Misaki splash 2

MaidZ thumbnail

Episode 1 - Glory Whole Dec 17, 2017


  • This is Pzykosiz's second abridged series, after Accelerated MINT
  • The angry eyebrows from Accelerated MINT make another appearance in the first episode
  • Only the word "fuck" is censored. Other words such as "ass", "bitch" and "cunt" didn't seem to work for comic effect
  • The opening song consists of the last word of the original series theme song.