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This article is about Lupin the 3rd abridged by KaiserNeko.

Lupin III Abridged
Lupin 3rd abridged title block
Created by KaiserNeko
Run 28/02/2008 - 14/01/2010 (?)
Episodes 8
Link https://archive.org/details/kaiser-neko


Lupin III Abridged is the first abridged series made by KaiserNeko. He chose to abridge Lupin III in specific because he won a DVD of the first six episodes in a contest, enjoyed it, and it was the series that stood out on his DVD rack. It was notable at the time for having a high quality of editing, with KaiserNeko being experienced in using Adobe Premier, Photoshop, and Audacity. In his April 2008 interview with NathanGraves989 (1), KaiserNeko noted that it was critical to used uncompressed video material and virtual dub mod to re-encode episodes (with .wav files for audio).

After the removal of the episodes from YouTube, Kaiser decided to end the series with episode 8, making it exclusive to Megaupload along with all the prior episodes, but due to the seizure of the website, all the episodes were thought to have been lost until someone uploaded them to YouTube.

Guest Stars[]

  • Takahata101 - Stalker (ep. 4), Dr. Scrude (ep. 5)
  • Cheesemanjoe - General George W. Shrub (ep. 5)
  • Unwardil - sheriff (ep. 8)

Episode List[]

Episode 8 was originally uploaded to megaupload.com, making it's original post date difficult to trace (date noted is the first time it was posted to youtube).

Episode Air Date
Episode 1: Lupin...With Open Bar Feb 28, 2008
Episode 2: Landmaster Lament Mar 4, 2008
Episode 3: And Not One Holocaust Joke Mar 11, 2008
Episode 4: That's Not Fog Over Loch Ness Mar 20, 2008
Episode 5: Don't You Wish You Had A Dolphin Army? Apr 5, 2008
Episode 6: Yes, There's a Death Metal Cover Apr 18, 2008
Episode 7: Worst Abridged Ever May 7, 2008
Episode 8: Untitled Jan 14, 2010 (?)



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