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LunarMelody13 is one of the most prevalent  solo abridgers in the abridging community. They are most well known for their witty writing and D.N. Angel Abridged, which can be found on youtube. 

About LunarMelody13[]

Fun fact, many of LunarMelody13's viewers are unclear as to his or her gender. LunarMelody13 voices both male and female characters on a regular basis and confuses many on a regular basis. 


LunarMelody13 first began abridging with the group WAHStudios along side Starfang14 and klutz951. Even though LunarMelody13 uploaded episode 1 of DN Angel Abridged first, it was actually started as practice on the side to better contribute to the groups Winx Abridged.

The first time LunarMelody13 decided to branch out was by attempting to audition for a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess abridged series. As it turns out, there was no audition process. Instead, LunarMelody13 was simply assigned four roles at random. However, the series never took off.

LunarMelody13 has auditioned for roles in other series, but one in particular didn't go so well. At first, after auditioning for Sailor Uranus in an abridged version of Sailor Stars, the role was discovered to have already been filled. However, LunarMelody13 was offered Sailor Uranus in a fandub project by the same channel. LunarMelody13 soon learned though that the role had been given away to someone else without notice. The channel has since been deleted and with it the fandub episode that featured LunarMelody13 as Sailor Uranus.

LunarMelody13 is also a member of ShippudenSquad, voicing a couple side character here and there.

There was an effort between LunarMelody13 and a friend under the screen name jstone25 to abridge the series Dragonaut: The Resonance. You can still find the group channel created for the series, known by the screen name WeHazDragons. They succeeded in posting their first episode (which has since been removed for copywrite). The series fell through when they had to part ways with one of their pivotal voice actors, CaitlinDaniellle (spelled as her YouTube screen name), for reasons that will not be disclosed. What is disclosed is that the separation was in no way her fault, the group parted on good terms, and that WeHazDragons sincerely wishes the best for her and hopes this unfortunate but necessary departure will not reflect poorly on her reliability or cooperation as a voice actor. The series is currently out of commission with no foreseeable chance at revival.

Recently, LunarMelody13 was involved in the start of a new abridging group now known as OneForAllMedia. Contributions to this group are primarily writing and voice acting. 


  • DN Angel Abridged - Virtually all characters
  • Winx Abridged - Tecna, Darcy, Kiko, Sky, Riven, Nut, Grizelda, Wizgiz, Palladium
  • Naruto Shippuden Abridged - Sasuke, Temari, Kabuto
  • Digimans 02 Abridged - Flamedramon
  • Magic Knights Middle-Earth - Alcyone, Zagato, Gustoff, Ferio
  • Tiger & Bunny Abridged - Blue Rose


  • Abridging DN Angel was actually not LunarMelody13's idea. A friend had wanted to abridge it with the aid of LunarMelody13 as a writer. The original plans fell through, but the scripts were never deleted. When LunarMelody13 began abridging with WAHStudios, the abridger was motivated to utilize the scripts and produce the series alone.
  • LunarMelody13 is not the first to abridged DN Angel. However, so far it is the closest abridgement to completing the series. (2012)
  • The first episode of DN Angel Abridged has been completely blocked on YouTube for years now. LunarMelody13 has chosen not to challenge this or reupload the episode out of embarrassment of the poor quality.
  • LunarMelody13's name comes from three parts. Melody is the name given to the main character of a novel this abridger was writing at the time the channel was created. "Lunar" was a description added based from LunarMelody13's love of the moon, and 13 was and remains to this day LunarMelody13's "lucky number".
  • As a member of OneForAllMedia, LunarMelody13 is frequently "shipped" with fellow member ZoidsBN0. Both parties are disturbed by the thought.