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LordQuadros as of 2019.

LordQuadros is an abridger and voice actor, best-known for his Metal Gear Abridged series and his portrayal of Solid Snake. He has been engaged to fellow abridger and voice actor Whip0fAlchemy since December 31, 2011.


Main Projects[]

One-Shots and Potential Pilots[]

  • ROTR Logo.png
    Riders of the Robeasts - A parody of what Neon Genesis Evangelion's localization might be had it been handled by the likes of 4Kids Entertainment, DiC, or Nelvana.

Group Projects[]

  • Nadesico TPS - Mr. Prospector, Admiral Misamaru, & Scripting
  • G-Gundam Abridged Two-Shot - Chibodee Crockett, George DeSand, Romario Manini, Announcer, & Editing

Other Appearances[]