Kirran Somerlade


Writer, Editor, Musician, Voice Actor


Kirran Somerlade, commonly known by his username LordMoonstone, is an editor and writer for TeamFourStar. He is also one of the lead hosts and director of TeamFourStar Gaming.


LordMoonstone is the creator of Bustgunner Abridged and Fuuma no Kojirou Abridged. He has also collaborated with MasterWGS on Trunks is History, Cereal Killers, The Mighty Tree and lastly Gravitation Abridged. While not abridging, he mainly did numerous Let's Plays on his channel. TeamFourStar eventually added him to their team, where he currently manages the TFS Gaming sister-channel for TeamFourStar and hosts nearly every single session. Additionally, he also serves as a webmaster for the TFS website.

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Writer/Editor/Voice Actor
Characters: Noriko Takaya, Kazumi Amano, Koichiro "Coach" Ohta

Fuuma no Kojirou AbridgedEdit

Writer/Editor/Voice Actor
Characters: Kojirou, Asuka Musashi, Tanaka

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