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Martin Billany


February 3, 1983 (age 39)


United Kingdom


Voice Actor, Editor, Scriptwriter



Martin Billany, widely known as LittleKuriboh, is a voice actor, editor, writer and abridger. Regarded as the "father of abridging", he is the first-known abridger.

LittleKuriboh is the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series, a parody of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.


LittleKuriboh created Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. Despite the videos being well received, LittleKuriboh was not listed among the top subscribed channels, although his popularity was high enough to earn a spot.

YouTube eventually began taking down some of LittleKuriboh's videos for copyright infringement, causing him to set up new pages and an account on Dailymotion. In response to the first Abridged Series episode being taken down, he posted a live performance of Episode One of the Abridged Series. Using no clips to avoid copyright infringement, the video was of himself voicing the entire episode, and this allowed fans to see what he looked like for the first time. Shortly after creating the Abridged Movie, LittleKuriboh had his account suspended on YouTube. Messages were sent to YouTube to have his account returned. Soon afterward it was, and LittleKuriboh was moved to the top subscribed.

As an April Fool's Day joke, in 2008 LittleKuriboh announced the cancellation of The Abridged Series.

Aside from "Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series", LittleKuriboh also does voice acting in the machinima "Eden: The Zhang Chronicles" and has lent his voice to the "Naruto" abridged series. Most recently he was the narrator for episode 4 of Dragon Ball Z: The Abridged Series; this was the first time he has provided a guest voice and the cameo isn't specifically referred to. He appears to narrate the series, also appearing in episode 5 and stated he will continue to if the makers want him. Later, he then became a permanent part of TeamFourStar as Freeza and the narrator. LittleKuriboh also voices Sugoroku Mutou in Project YGO's fandub of "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters". He has also made a cameo appearance in Go Go Parody Rangers the movie, where he plays one of Evan Splooge's rat henchmen. He is also a creator of a second Naruto the abridged series called "Naruto the abridged comedy spoof series show".

LittleKuriboh guest starred as Yami Yugi in the first episode of Vegeta3986's and MasakoX's Naruto: The Abridged Series.

LittleKuriboh guest starred as Shanks in None Piece. Shanks was basically portrayed as a drunken slob who Luffy hung out with for no apparent reason.

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  • LittleKuriboh often makes playful jokes at the expense of his fellow abridgers (not that they don't give them back.) It's amusing, since his real life persona is very timid and withdrawn. Here are a few examples:
    • There have been several knocks and references toward Vegeta3986's and MasakoX's Naruto The Abridged Series in many Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged episodes.
    • Later as an April Fools joke, LK also did his own version of Naruto Abridged. (Complete with jokes blatantly stolen from Yu-Gi-Oh abridged and Yami coming up at the end exclaiming "Why is everyone on this show a f%&king ninja?"). He is now up to the eighth episode in this series.
    • He created a "How to create an Abridged Series" video making fun of the stereotypes often used by other abridged series creators, but in reality was more often making fun of his own series.
    • He also started the joke of creating "The War of the Abridged Series Creators" creating "attack videos" toward Lanipator and hbi2k with each party trading blows. In most of these videos LK assumes the role of English dub actor Dan Green, the voice of Yami, and speaks using a plush Yami doll.
    • He mocked Team Four Star's slow update rate during an Eminem parody video, "Without Yugi".
    • He pokes fun at Team Four Star's rising success versus his own ("We're about half as popular as Team Four Star. Hmmph.) in Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Episode 41. (The previous episode actually features Takahata101 reprising his role as Nappa.)
  • Several abridged series/abridgers refer to LittleKuriboh as their inspiration.
    • In the pilot to Lanipator's Yu Yu Hakusho: The Abridged Series, an extra is heard quoting Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged by exclaiming, "In America!". (In the remastered version it is changed to 'guhroogamesh'.) Also, the driver who hits Yusuke Urameshi drives recklessly while saying "Ha! Ha! Ha! I love LittleKuriboh."
    • In the sixth episode of Megami33's Sailor Moon: The Abridged Series, Serena admits she can't afford a cat-shaped clock because she spent her money donating to LittleKuriboh. Also, in "Episode 36/37", he was the last person mentioned in a PokeRap parody song about Abridged Series producers Sailor Venus had slept with.
  • LittleKuriboh's account is frequently taken down by YouTube for weeks at a time before overwhelming fan response leads YouTube to put his account back up.
  • LittleKuriboh guest starred in the Nostalgia Critic's review of Ponyo. He beat up the Nostalgia Critic with a baseball bat for making fun of the movie and Hayao Miyazaki. He later appeared made a cameo appearance in the Critic's Top 11 Strangest Couples.
  • He later returned for the Nostalgia Critic Valentines episode.
  • LittleKuriboh does not actually play Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • He plans to finish the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, but is unsure if he will touch GX or 5Ds
  • LittleKuriboh is Not a Brony, but has poked fun and done a few gags related to the fandom.