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Main and minor characters in Bokegaeru Productions' Sgt. Frog: The Other Abridged Series

Main Characters[]

Keroro Platoon[]

  • Keroro (voiced by TheSmashBro) - The sergeant of the Keroro Platoon which was sent to Pekopon in order to conquer it. Despite his attempts, he continuously fails to conqer the planet. He appears to not like the people who surround him, especially the male Pekoponians, though he appears to be attracted towards the females.
  • Tamama (voiced by Sgt. Eagle) - The private second class of the Keroro Platoon. He is most notable for having a very strong and noticable crush on Keroro. He sometimes takes it too far and his crush could be described as "stalkerish". He tends to come close to sexually harassing him and swooning over anything that Keroro gives him.
  • Giroro (voiced by TheSmashBro) - The corporal of the Keroro Platoon. He is the most serious and compitent member of the platoon. He also shows traits of being pure evil, for he enjoys hurting and scaring others and mutilating cute things. He also enjoys imagining people in deadly situations.
  • Kululu (voiced by SpeedJolt) - Sergeant Major Kululu is the head of communications in the Keroro Platoon. His body is yellow in colour, with orange headgear that includes two headphone-like white pieces over his ears. His forehead and belly mark is a filled spiral. He also wears glasses with spirals on them. Although he is of a higher rank than Keroro, he is not the leader of the Platoon due to his unpleasant and unnerving demeanor, which has given him the nickname of 'Yellow Devil'. Kululu is renowned to be enigmatic, deceitful, and downright evil, lazy and has a habit snickering at the beginning and end of a sentences. Kululu's expertise lies in his high-level technological prowess, including hacking and inventing, and has designed and created most of the gadgets and weapons used by the platoon. Being the least emotional of the Keroro Platoon, he is almost never seen being moved to tears or smiles by any events, though at the same time he rarely, if ever, panics when something goes wrong, likely due to the multiple dangers from his own inventions outweighing it. Although he smiles while being beaten or beating and or tricking (causing pain) to others.Whenever he clicks a button he says "clicky-poo"
    • Introduced in Episode 9
  • Dororo (voiced by MagicianM) - Lance Corporal Dororo is the latest of the platoon to appear. His body is medium blue with light gray ninja-like headgear and mouthpiece. His forehead and belly mark is a four-pointed shuriken and he always carries a sheathed knife on the back. Then known as Lance Corporal Zeroro he graduated from the Keron Military Academy under the rank of Lance Corporal. After serving alongside Zoruru in an elite assassin squad, under the command of Captain Jirara, he was assigned as the assassin of the Keroro Platoon alongside Keroro, Giroro, Tamama and Kululu. They were given the mission to conquer Pekopon (earth). After crash landing on Pekopon, Zeroro was rescued by ninja-in-training Koyuki Azumaya. Wishing to follow the way of the ninja, Zeroro changed his name to Dororo. His reunion with the rest of the platoon does not start well, since he just appears to resign because he no longer shares their invasion objectives. He tells Koyuki that life with her and the peacefulness of earth brought him a new perspective of life. As Dororo, his goal is to save the world, but he stupidly helps the platoon defeat people who are spying on them for a newspaper. As Dororo, he is a kind and meek soul, but his skills in stealth and speed-based attacks are unrivaled. He spends most of his time training, reading, or spying on the actions of Keroro Platoon and others. Dororo is often forgotten by the rest of Keroro Platoon, causing his psychological trauma switch (something created from similar childhood incidents of comic abuse and neglect, most of them Keroro's fault such as merry-go-round of death or supposedly losing an arm) to turn on, making him sit in a corner and cry. Also, Dororo will not participate in plans that are potentially harmful to people's feelings or well being, the nature, etc. He was a childhood friend of Keroro and Giroro and Pururu as a child and still looks up to his leader and the corporal but they both seem to forget his name. Giroro seems to remember him more than Keroro but almost never has Kululu (Kururu in Japanese) harmed him or caused his trauma switch to turn on like the others do.
    • ​Introduced in Episode 13
  • Angol Mois (voiced by Shadowkitten91) - The king of terror sent to Pekopon to destroy it. She has been a close friend of Keroro since she was very young. She is rather spoiled, as her father is very rich. She also like partying at dance clubs with her friends, and possibly has a drinking problem.


  • Natsumi (voiced by ShadowKitten91) - A popular teenage girl who has, unfortunately for her, taken Keroro into her home, though she enjoys putting him to work. She is also somewhat of an adrenaline junky, enjoying and getting excited by putting herself in dangerous situations and putting her life on the line.
  • Fuyuki (voiced by TheSmashBro) - An outcasted, nerdy, preteen boy. He enjoys having an alien living in his house despite the alien not liking him very much. He also shows an unusual attraction to his sister Natsumi, who is somewhat unaware of this.
  • Aki (voiced by ShadowKitten91) - The loving single mother of the Hinata family. More details will be added as the character develops.
  • Momoka (voiced by Narusasu) - The rich girl on the block. She's has more money than anyone can imagine. She has a huge crush on Fuyuki, which she has kept secret from him. In fact, until recently, she has not even spoken to Fuyuki.
  • Koyuki (voiced by Narusasu) - An aspiring teenage ninja.Koyuki Azumaya is a kunoichi who enters Natsumi's school as a transfer student. Drawn to Natsumi by what she only refers to as a "familiar scent", the two girls soon become best friends. While she does wear her civilian clothing when in public, she always keeps on her ninja uniform in case of an emergency. Her skills as a civilian and a ninja are exceptionally outstanding and her athletic ability even rivals that of Natsumi, making her one of the most physically powerful characters of the series. Despite having amazing powers and a troubled and strict past, Koyuki is very carefree, optimistic, and eccentric, but believes in what is right and protects her friends with all her might. Unfortunately, her tendency to utilize her ninjitsu maneuvers to accomplish the most mundane of tasks often draws much unwanted attention. Koyuki's Keronian partner is Dororo. She finds and rescues a stranded Zeroro (now Dororo) from a bear trap and teaches him the ways of the ninja, which unwittingly leads to the dissolving of her ninja clan, giving her a chance at a real life in the city. Sharing many interests and the same positive attitude, Dororo and Koyuki have the most stable and cohesive relationship of the five Keronian/human child pairs. He trusts Natsumi to teach Koyuki to live a modern life. Koyuki has a crush on Natsumi, though that is more evident in the manga than in the anime.She has a small but growing crush but because she isn't used to people she may not know what a 'crush' actually means or is and what 'personal space' is. 21:32, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

Minor Characters[]

  • Saburo (voiced by SpeedJolt) - An extremely popular teenage dreamboat. More details will be added as the character develops.
  • Omiyo (voiced by DezzJew69) - A ghost girl who haunts the Hinata house. After Keroro moved into her room (the Hinata's basement), she became very interested in him and wanted to be like him, even going as far as stealing Kermit the Frog's voice actor's voice.
  • Paul (voiced by Chayification) - Momoka's English butler and bodyguard. He is a very skilled fighter and war veteran as well as a loyal servant to the Nishizawa family. He seems to be somewhat embarassed about his menial job, at times feeling shame for being something like a butler.
  • Paul's Mustache (voiced by TheSmashBro) - Paul's oversized facial hair which has grown a mind of it's own. He is very determined to take over Paul's mind and body for his own evil purposes. Paul often has arguments with it, though he has admitted it makes good company.